Dangling By Threads

Dangling By Threads

A Chapter by MaddyHi

Dangling By Threads
Chapter 27

Eli walked me home after our little ice cream feast.
He held my hand, and we talked about stupid stuff. We laughed, and
had serious talks too. As soon as I got to my hotel room, he let go of my hand,
looked me in the eyes, and kissed me. His soft lips were moist from the ice cream
and he was absolutely, charming. It lasted for a whole 2 seconds. What was so
special about it? It was my first kiss.

I saved my first kiss, for this boy, for 15 years. Just to kiss him. It was
the best thing in the world. My hands were shaking after it. I never felt
anything like it before. I slammed my door shut, and bit my lips. I could feel
he was still on the other side. I opened the door again, and he was still there,
but now, on his knees. "Milly, will you be my girlfriend?" He kindly asked.
He had a bracelet in his hands. It had hearts on it. It was beautiful. 
I looked in his eyes, and said, "Absolutely!" In song. 

I had a boyfriend. A cancer patient boyfriend. He was so perfect though.
I never thought this would come true. Everything is turning right. Later that
night, Sadie and Jill got home from the beach all day. "Well, you look extra
happy, sweetie!" Jill smiled. I smiled back, and looked at the ground. 
"Well, I'm not single anymore." I smiled. "Milly! Who is this wonderful boy?" Jill
said excitedly. "Eli. He is the most amazing boy. He, -" I stopped. "He what?" Jill 
asked. "He.. He has.. he has cancer." I stuttered. "Awe, Milly.. It doesn't 
matter. Only if he respects you." Jill hugged me. "I know. I just, i feel bad."
I stopped hugging her, and grabbed a tissue. I started to tear up, thinking of
how long he has to live. "Milly, he is fine. I assure you he will be! Doctors have
amazing ways of curing people. I promise you, he will be okay," Jill curled her lips.
Sadie came over and asked me, "Is he your Prince Charming?" I stopped. The
cutest thing has just seeped into my ears. I grabbed Sadie's hands, and said,
"To me, he is better than Prince Charming." Jill looked proud of me. Everything
was going so right.. It was like a fairy tale, almost too good to be true.

© 2012 MaddyHi

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