Dangling By Threads

Dangling By Threads

A Chapter by MaddyHi

Dangling By Threads
Chapter 28

That night we ordered chinese. We sat down, and had a nice family
dinner. Just the 3 of us. I explained more about Eli to Jill, and she was
really impressed. After eating for a couple of minutes, we hear a knock at 
the door. I open it, and see a soldier standing at the door. "Hello, are you Milly?"
The soldier asked. I answered, "Yes. I am." Then, I called Jill over to inspect what
was going on. "Hello, I work for the Navy, and I have came to tell you some
important information." He said. "Like, what?" Jill questioned. "Milly's father is
alive." I dropped to the floor in tears. Both my parents were alive. They were out
there somewhere. "How did you find us?" Jill asked. "I had researched some things, 
and your Dad had told me to look around beaches." He answered. "Why beaches?" 
Jill asked. "When you were little, your dad told me you loved beaches." He said. 
Beaches. I had always dreamt of the waves crashing on the shore, in a nice summer
morning. "He remembered." 

Yeah, I am now crazy. Did someone flip the switch, and my life suddenly
becomes a dream, come true? I have no idea. Just yesterday, I was being
attacked by a psycho, now I find out my Dad is alive? I have officially lost my
mind. Or did karma finally catch all my enemies? Hopefully.

The next day, Eli texted me, "Meet me near the park." I smiled. "What time?"
I texted back. "11:00," he replied. I looked at the clock, "10:23am" it read. I quick
straightened my hair, put on a nice sundress, and a pair of tan flip flops. "I'm
going to the park!" I shouted to Jill. "Alright, be careful!" She said. I ran down the steps. 
"10:54am," I read to myself. I barged through the door, and headed to the park. 
I walked slowly, and caught the wind in my hair. I saw him standing there with a 
checkered, red and white blanket on the green grass, and a nice woven basket. I asked,
"What is all this!" "Our picnic," Eli smiled. The morning light, glistened on him. 
"I have some good news." He looked at me. "Tell me!" I smiled. "Well," Eli said. 
"Come on now, we don't have all day?" I got excited. He looked me in the eyes,
"My cancer is gone." My eyes lit up. I hugged him, and almost spilled the pink 
lemonade. "Forever?" I asked. "And ever." He replied. I could never be this happy.
At least, I thought I couldn't. I had now discovered hope.

© 2012 MaddyHi

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