N&M: Chapter Six

N&M: Chapter Six

A Chapter by .quan.011.

The Plot thicken as Alan Stevens Gain Allies to fight back this invisible enemy.


Chapter Six

Demigods and Their parents


            Riding with Mr. Banner was weird. He drove through the dimly lit street while I changed in the back. The sun was coming out, starting a brand new day, and I had already killed a man. Even thought it was in self defense, I still felt wrong about it. Mr. Banner didn’t seem to mind sharing a vehicle with a murder. He stared silently in the road. I put on my shirt and then looked at the gladius next to me.

             This sword saved my life from that crazed doctor. I lifted it up and ran my hand down its blade. I was expecting it to still be sharp. Instead it was surprisingly dull as I ran my hand down its blade. But it just got finished slicing through a man, I though. Then the sword collapsed into a gold stick.

            “Are you okay back there?” Mr. Banner said from the front seat.

            I replied truthfully “No sir, I am freaking out back here. What the hell in going on? What was that back there?”

            “I told you already. They were testing you, and congratulation you passed. Now they know that you’re a demigod. They are coming to kill you now.”

            I said “A what? Look, you are crazy and I am out of here.” I sled the other side of the car. I heard clicking noise. I tried to open it, but it was already locked.

            “I’m sorry, but I can’t let you go. It’s too dangerous for you. Best thing is get out of the city. Not before we make a little stop along the way” he said.

            I couldn’t believe it. Just a few minutes ago I was attacked by some crazy a*s doctor and now I had been kidnapped by my science teacher. He was not favorite teacher anymore.  I started hitting the door with my fists and then my feet. I tried to kick it open. It was too strong as it wouldn’t move no matter how hard I hit it.

            “Would you please stop doing that already? You are still weak from all the drugs they pumped into you.  Anyway we are going to pay your little friend Darius a little visit.” Mr. Banner said keeping his eyes on the road

            I asked “Why?”

            “Because he’s a demigod like you and his life is also in danger. I have no doubt that wolves will come after him next.”

            I said “Demigod? You saying I’m a half god, and Darius is one too.” I started laughing so hard. It was the best joke I heard all day.

            “I’ll tell you everything later, you have my word.” he said. We drove little while longer before arriving at Alexis’s nightclub. Mr. Banner stopped the car right out front. The club was all ready closed with its lights out. He got out of the car and turn to me.

            “Don’t do anything stupid while I’m gone.”

            Then he ran to the door. I watched him literally almost beat the door down before it opened. Then he busted into the club. The door closed behind him leaving me alone in car. I went over to the driver and hit button to unlock the door. Only it didn’t responded. I looked around trying to find anything I could use to escape. I didn’t have my cellphone on me. Then I saw a green light shining from passenger seat. I leaned over and reached to it. It was cellphone, just what I needed.

            Idiot! I thought as I grabbed it. Now I call someone for help and I knew the perfect person. I dialed the number. I knew it by heart after twelve years. I called my dad who was mostly likely already looking me at the time. Unfortunately, I got was the busy signal so I had to left message for him.

            “Dad, this is Alan. I have been kidnapped by Mr. Banner, yes the science teacher. I’m at Alexis’s nightclub right now. He’s trying to get another kid, Darius. I don’t know what he wants from us.” The phone then beeped and cut off ending the message. Then I got another weird feeling in my head. I grabbed the stick which started glowing transforming back into a sword.

            I started searching around the car for any sign of anything. I couldn’t see them, but I could feel them. They were out there watching, planning on the best way to get to me. I remembered something I saw in the movie. I thought if I hotwire the car. I could get away. I moved to the driver seat, ripped open the side of the steering wheel, and started playing some wires. I tried to find the right wires, when something bumped into the car. It nearly tipped the car over. I looked out of the window to see a pack of grey wolves.

            One of the wolves started running toward the car. It crashed through one of the side window. Its jaws snapped at me as I moved to the back seat. I started swing my sword wildly at the wolf. I didn’t hit anything as I was too afraid until I started calming down. The wolf’s head moved closer to me. I kicked its nose and then stabbed it right between its eyes. The wolf stopped moving and its head fall to the seat. I turned to the window and broke it with my elbow. I crawled out of it. Another wolf leaped on top of the car. I could feel the weight shift. It went for my head as I tried to get up.

            I swiftly turned around and swung at it. The wolf leaped out of the way. Another wolf attacked me from behind. Its claws dug into my back. I turned around to attack that wolf, but he ran off. Another wolf lunged on me. This one pinned my arms to the ground. The wolf was too heavy. I couldn’t get him off of me. I could feel its warm breath on my face. I started wiggling around trying to free my arm. It was about to give the killing blow. One of my arms popped free and punched the wolf in the side of its face. The wolf was knocked off of me.

            I got to my feet and prepared to attack the wolf. Another wolf appeared ready to take its place. From behind me, there was another wolf landed with its fangs showing. I was trapped with no way out. Then I heard a familiar voice screaming and saw Darius leaped on top of the wolf in front of me. Then he stabbed the wolf in the head before jumping off. It collapsed to the ground dead. Darius landed beside me. His hand was covered in blood and couldn’t believe what I saw.

            “Did you just kill that wolf with a butter knife?” I asked him.

            He looked at me, “Yeah, it’s a lot easier than it looks.” He turned to wolves. “Now, you wolves are on private property so please f**k off.”

            The wolves started growling at him and their fangs. Then one of the wolves started charging at him. Darius just looked unafraid as he started running to it. He then slashed the wolf across its side. The wolf’s blood started spilling out as it fell to the ground.

            “Anyone else want a shot at me? What about you timber wolf, you want some?” he said aggressively. The other wolves went to their pack member, help him up, and then slowly back away. “That’s what I thought.”

            I just watched as he took deep breaths to calm himself down. “Okay, I’m back so tell me. What the hell was that all about? Why were those wolves attacking you?”

            Then I heard clapping coming from the nightclub. We started to that direction to see Mr. Banner standing at the doorway. Under one of his arms was Alexis was knocked out and wearing some pajamas. I could see anger return to Darius’s face. His eyes started changing colors. His left eye changed to golden orange like the sun. His right eye became a silvery blue like the ocean. Mr. Banner

            “Put her down right now” he ordered Mr. Banner.

            Mr. Banner said “Certainly, I was just making sure the lady was safe. You are so much like your father, son of Horus.” He placed her on the ground and back away. Darius walked over and picked her up into his arms. “We don’t have time for this. We must go now.”

            “Sure you were.”He said before carrying her into the building. I couldn’t tell Darius didn’t really trust him. I other hand just survived third wolf attack. I didn’t have a choice, but to trust him. I followed him and Mr. Banner through the door into the emptied bar. Then he left us there to take Alexis through another door. I guessed the led to her bedroom. I stared around the room.

             Everything was put away; the chairs were up on the table, and all the alcohol were messing. I guessed Alexis locked it all away to keep Darius from drinking. After a few minutes, Darius returned with his bag. He wasn’t too thrilled.

            “Okay, I’m not going where until someone tells what is going. What were those wolves? Why were they attacking Alan? I need answers, people.” He said leaning on one of the table. Everyone b

            Mr. Banner repeated “You both are in danger. We must leave the city now.” Darius just looked at him like he was a crazy man. “Don’t look at me like that. You and your loved ones are in danger.”

            “Hold on, you didn’t say anything about my love ones being in danger” I said to Mr. Banner. He looked at me as if he just said something wrong. “My family could be killed because me.”

            He said “That’s why we are leaving. If we leave right now, the wolves will chase us. They will leave your families alone.”

            “That wouldn’t work. They would used against us,” Darius said putting on a black leather jacket, “Let’s kill the damn creatures. Alan has his sword and I have my fists. I say let’s hunt these things down.”

            Mr. Banner shouted “Don’t be foolish!”  He calmed down. “You have only fought the runts of the litter. There are lot more stronger wolves out there. If you want…You know what screw it!” He clapped his hands together and a bright light shined from it.

            Next thing I knew we weren’t in the club anymore. Instead I felt the rush of the wind through my face. It felt good as I stood up from the ground. I stood up to the edge of the rooftop. I knew we were on the top of the Willis Building, the tallest building in Chicago. I looked down at the streets full with people that were the size of ants. I turned around to see Darius lying perfectly still on the ground.

            “Are you alright?” I asked him rushing over.

            Darius replied “I was until you woke me up.” Mr. Banner walked over with his hands in his pocket.

            “Thank you gentlemen for making me use my power that took me centuries to gain.”

            I asked “What do you mean power? Did you do this?” He nodded his head and began walking to the door. Darius and I looked at each other. Darius got up, and we followed him to the door. We walked through the door entering a strange huge room filled with different kinds of weapons, from swords to spears. I looked at my sword and wondered it was created here.

            “Where are we?” Darius asked looking at one of the spears hanging on the wall.

            Mr. Banner said “We are at an old abandon base from the first war between the monsters and demigods. It hasn’t been used from centuries ago.”

            “What the hell is it doing here if that’s old?”Darius asked twirling the spear. I was amazed at his skill with the weapon.

            Mr. Banner replied “It moves around now and then. Only appearing when a demigod really needs it. Sit children and I will tell everything you wish to know.”

            Darius and I took seat on the ground while he remained standing. I felt like I was back in kindergarten.

            “I think I know some of what going on. We are demigods, half god and half human. I’m guessing that why these wolf creatures are trying to kill us.” Mr. Banner nodded his head and looked very impressed at my assumption.

            Mr. Banner said “They fear your power.” I looked at my sword. “No Alan, they are not afraid of the sword, but the man who wield it. You have great power in your power, and you too Darius.”

            “What the hell are these wolves are, because they are a lot bigger than normal ones.”

            Mr. Banner said “These wolves are descendants of the wolf god Fenrir. They do his bidding. They are more powerful than any human. As both of you have seen you are match for their runts. With a little training you can become stronger enough to face the rest of pack.”

            “If they are so superior then why haven’t they conquered the world yet?” I asked him.

            “Because of the curse, they can’t that take wolf form around humans. This makes them weaker, but even untrained demigod can fell from their might.”         

            That’s explained why the doctor couldn’t wolf out. The nurse was nearby. Darius looked at him calculatingly. I wondered what he was thinking, but I kind of guessed he thought this was complete bull s**t.  Just a few hours ago, I would be thinking the same thing.

            Instead he asked “Mr. Banner, do you know who my parents are?”

            “Your father is Horus, the god of war and the protector of Egypt. Your mother from what I have heard was detective in London Police Department. She moved back to the states only few days before you born.” He said walking to a cabinet and opened it. He pulled out an array of swords from simple short daggers to large long claymore. Then he pulled out a pair of rusty scissors and handed it to Darius.

            “The day you were born, he forged this with his bare hands.” I watched the excitement drained from Darius’s face as he took the scissors and then he looked at my sword.

            He said “Dude, this is a pair of scissors and they’re rusty as hell.”

            “This coming from a man who slain a wolf of Fenrir with a butter knife,” Mr. Banner said sitting back down, “Just snap it in two”

            With ease, He split the scissors into two pieces right down the middle. The two parts started glowing. Then it transformed into two twin swords. They were made of bronze, as long as mine, but had a bit of a curve on the blade.

            ‘Cool!” Darius said twirling his blades. He ran off to play with them like a kid with a new toy. I turned to Mr. Banner who looked Darius with a smile on my face.

            I asked him “Mr. Banner, can you tell me about my father?” I watched as his smile slide off his face.

            “I’m sorry, but I cannot tell you. That’s something only your mother can do,” He said placing his hand on my shoulder, “Right now we must focus on problem at hand.  I have no idea what’s going on expect it something big. I just hoped it not another war. Those dark days….” He became silent.

            I said “I might have something that might help.” Mr. Banner looked at me with an interested look.

© 2011 .quan.011.

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What a great read. Kinda has the feel of lightning thef. But still different. Love both styles of writing. Now I am ready for round two.

Posted 9 Years Ago

I agree with word nerd this book is so amazing

Posted 9 Years Ago

AMAZING once again =]

Posted 10 Years Ago

Just do a good edit and and maybe beef it up with details? I thought it was wonderful other than that. Keep up the great work!

Posted 10 Years Ago

Grammatically you need to have a good edit, however the piece speaks to me and many other readers I imagine, it pleads to be shouted, well done, good read.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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