N&M: Chapter Nineteen

N&M: Chapter Nineteen

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter Nineteen

Hunting and Being Hunted


            Leaving Darius and Haley was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Okay, second hardest thing, first was leaving my family. I had to catch up to them. Otherwise more people would die and it would all be for nothing. I was going to let that happened.  I constantly looked up into the sky. Between the trees, I could see the sky, but not them. However I could still hear her fighting the harpies.

            “Get off of me, you winged b*****s.” Kayla yelled. I followed her voice as I could hear noises coming from behind me. I had a feeling that it wasn’t someone trying to help me. Whatever it could be it was moving fast. I ignored the sound and kept pushing through. I leaped over fallen logs and moved through trees. Her faint voice was starting to fade in the distance.

            I slid down a muddy hill when three blurry figures jumped over my head. They landed in front of me. Standing before me was a girl and two guys. They only looked a few years older than me. The girl was the shortest of the three and was extremely beautiful. I’ve never seen a girl like her before. She looked like a French model with a doll like face. She had short flat black hair and big grey blue eyes.

            She stated “Aren’t you a cutie?” She smiled at me while the guys next to her started growling lowly.

            He was huge muscular African American with bald head and light brown beard. He had orange brown eyes that made him look less like a man. The last guy had a tall muscular lean figure, had short dark wavy brown hair. He looked so familiar yet his pale green eyes were throwing me off. Then I heard Kayla’s scream and it snapped me back into reality. Not willing to play around, I started running again. I jumped over them and continued through the forest. They quickly gave chase.

            Each of us was running as fast as the wind. We ran through the forest. It was like an obstacle course. Trees were always getting in the way, puddle of mud we had to step, and rocks to trip on. We reached a field of wild flowers. I looked up and saw Kayla still be carried by the harpies. I had them now. I found my perfect ladder. I ran up a sturdy tree and quickly climbed up it. Once I reached the top, it started shaking, and then falling back to the ground. I jumped off, and grabbed hold of another tree.

            I started jumping from one tree top to another. With every jump I was getting closer to Kayla. I pulled out my sword and threw at one of the harpies. It soared through the air, but it was blocked. Like a whale jumping out of water, one of my pursers jumped out of forest. With one swift movement, he deflected my blade. I didn’t have time be shock as his two friends jumped up and tackled me.

            It was like I walked right into a trap. I found myself being pushed back into the forest. Not willing to go down, I summoned my sword back into my hand. I stabbed the guy in the shoulder. He screamed in pain before releasing.  Then I drove my knee into the side of the girl. She grunted, but didn’t let go. Worse she held on even tighter. I kept hitting her as we got closer to the ground. She wouldn’t let go. Then out of no way, she bit me right on my neck. I never pain like that before.

            “Bitched” I said grabbing her by her hair which wasn’t a lot. I pulled her off of me and then kicked her away. I grabbed hold of nearby branch and climbed up it. The girl gracefully landed on top of one across.. My blood dripping from her mouth, as she stood in my way once again

            She smiled “I’m sorry, baby. I though you like it rough.”Then she lunged at me, but I dropped down with my back on branch. I placed my legs high in air catching her. Then I pushed her off into the opposite direction. It was one way to clear my path. I bounced off the branch onto another. I quickly rose back on top of the trees. Kayla was getting farther away. The only way I could get to her was to fly. Unsure, didn’t have much of a choice. I leaped into the air. With my strong legs, I jumped higher than ever before.  I was the only one as big guy leaped from the trees after me. His claws were ready to stab me.

            Another figure leaped out and tackled him. I watched as Darius grabbed hold of the guy’s chest and smashed him through tree. I refocused on trying find a strong wind. Sadly, there was none. I began to pummeled back onto the earth.  I hopelessly tried to reach for her. I crashed through tree branches before hitting the dirt. I was in a lot of pain, but I didn’t let it slow me down. I got up and started back up again.

            “You are a simple creature,” light voice said. I turned around to see Wolf girl watching me, “How pathetic it must be to be the son of Zeus and can’t fly.”

            She started moving around in circle. I remember of wolves circling their prey. I prepared myself for anything.

            She smiled “Don’t worry you want have to live with the shame for long.” She started running at me. I could her wolf-like fangs and claws. I wait for her to get close and then I punched her right in the face. It knocked her back as she grabbed her nose. It was bright red.

            “You son of b***h, you broke my nose!” she screamed out in anger.

            I replied “You were asking for it.” She charged at me with a fit of rage.  She was fast, too fast. She swung at me, but I jumped out of way barely. As soon as I hit the ground, she kicked in the chest. I had a hard time breathing for a moment. She pushed the attack as I kept moving dodging every blow. I tried to hit her, but she grabbed my arm. She pulled me to the ground.

            Then she got on top of me and thrusting her claw at me. I grabbed her wrist stopping her. I punched her in the face, but it only made her angrier. She started snapping at me, so I head but her.

            “My fang…” she said before I kicked her off of me. I got back up and started running at her. I punched her three time, but she started dodging them. She was graceful like a dancer. I found it hard to pin her down. She just kept moving around me in a circle. She dodged another one of my punches and then hit me. I staggered back for a moment.

            Now our position had switched, I was now on the defense. However before she could even throw a punch, a silver chain wrapped around her wrist. Then she was pulled away and smashed against a rather large boulder. Then Haley jumped down and faced me. She looked anger yet little bang up. I rushed over to her. She quickly grabbed my collar and pulled me down to her level.

            She said “How could you let them take her. When I done with her, I kicking your a*s.” Even with the tough girl attitude, she sound did very weak. Then she pushed me away and pulled herself up. Wolf girl approached us still holding onto the chain. Haley pulled the chain again. The girl was pulled toward us. Haley and I both punched the girl sending her back. Haley pulled again, but the girl stood her ground. It started a tug of war, the girl pulled harder and Haley was sent to her.

            Haley was helpless as she flipped over the girl’s head. She landed behind her and kicked the back of the wolf girl’s leg. Then she dropped her elbow making the girl crashed to the ground. She wrapped her chain around girl body making sure she wouldn’t go anywhere.

            She turned to me “Now for you. You better think of way to save Kayla.” I immediately started thinking. Kayla predicted I was going to fail to save her. Maybe she left me something to find her. Then I recalled her giving something. I started going through my pocket hoping I threw it in there. I pulled a little piece of paper.

            The note read: Don’t come after me.

             The words looked old like it had been written maybe a couple days ago. She saw this coming. She was right after all. I couldn’t save her. I balled up the note and tossed it aside.

            “Why would she write this?” Haley questioned pacing back and forth. “Why wouldn’t she want us to find her?”

            The wolf girl laughed “Because, she knows that the end is close. These nothing you can…” I punched her knocking her out. Then I started walking away.

            Haley said “Where do you think you going?”

            “I’m going to fin Darius. Hopefully he will be able to track Kayla. So you can stand there like an idiot or you can help me save your best friend.”

            She sighed “Okay, but how we going to find Darius anyway?” She was getting on my nerves with all these questions. I knew she had a point in all of it, but I ready didn’t need that.

            “I am making it up as I go along.”

            In the distance, I heard familiar voice said “I’m right here.” We turned to find Darius in a headlock from the big African America. Right next to him was the other younger man. “Hey, do you mind getting me out of there. He’s very smelly.”

            The man growled, but the other guy silence with just a look. I didn’t really know who the leader was. If I had to guess I would say it was the skinny guy. He then turned to us and clapped his hands.  He looked serious like a politician or an ambassador. He walked over to us and smiled.

            He announced “Mr. Stevens, Miss Bennet yes I know who you both are. It seemed that we are in a rare moment. You have my sister and I have your traveling companion.”

            “I guessing you want to trade,” I said. The man nodded in agreement, “Well, why would I want to do that?” He looked at me surprisingly. “What is stopping Darius from breaking free?”

            The boy said “My brother Jared will snap his neck.” In a blink of eye, Darius flipped Jared off of his back and put him in a tight headlock.

            “Now we have your brother and sister. What can you offer us now?” He smiled as he looked upon his two siblings. I could see a glint of compassion in his eyes. He really cared about them.

            He sighed “I know what you won’t, but it will do you no good.” My mind raced could he possibly know where Victor. That is the only thing I want.

            “Just tell me where he is?”

            Jared spit out “Don’t tell him anything, bro.” The boy silenced him again with other one of his looks. I pulled out my sword and rise it high above the girl’s head. I didn’t have to say anything. He got the picture.

            “Can you do it? Can you really be that cruel? Look at her. Does she look like a dangerous creature?” We looked at each other. Minus the eyes, she looked like a normal person expect very beautiful. I dropped my sword. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t kill her. I couldn’t kill anyone or anything unless I absolutely have to.

            “That’s going to get you killed,” he said moving slowly toward me, “Victor is cruel and bloodthirsty. He would slaughter a whole village to achieve his goal. Even he has powers that the rest of us can only dream of.”

            I said “Yeah, but I still kill him.” I felt a strong wind blew and then he moved right in front of me. I didn’t even see him move. He was so fast.

            He said “Can you really? Let’s find out!” He pushed me into the forest. He was unbelievable strong. I caught hold of a tree and dropped down to a lower branch. “Good, you move very well.”

            He appeared before standing on a branch across the way. We lunged at each other. I attacked with my sword and he with his claw. It clashed against each other. Our movements were swift, I never move so fast before. We bounced off branches as we attacked each other. We hacked, slashed, and parried each other. Even thought we were only fighting for minutes, it felt like hours. I was surprised when he kicked me in the face. I was knocked to a tree only to spring back into battle.

            I found him waiting for me. As soon as I got close enough to attack, he fell back off the branch. He started pummeling with a grin on his face. I followed him. I pushed all my weight into my front. I dived faster to get close to him. We hit the ground long before I got the chance to attack. Our landing kicked up dust and dirt everywhere. When it was all clear, I found myself alone.

            “Well interesting, in a fair fight you could actually beat Victor,” he said through the trees, “However Victor won’t be fighting fair.” I tried to follow his voice, but it was no way. “Are you trying to find me?”

            It was coming from me. I quickly turned around, but once again found nothing. I heard laughter all around.

            “This is how Victor will fight. Not like a man or wolf, but like a snake. He will only strike at your most weakness.” He pushed me from behind. I quickly regained my balance and prepared to attack. He disappeared again. I grew tired of this game.

            “But you should know all of this. You fought his before in your dream.” He tried to hit me again, but I was ready. I quickly turn around and there he was. I hit him in the chest and smashed him to ground.  “Yes, he told us about your previous encounters.”

            He smiled “Yeah, we know all about that. We also know how this is going to end. Victor is going to kill you.” He jumped back to his feet and started attacking. I parried his attacks.

            “How do you know all of this?” I asked

            He said “The seers that we have captured have all said the say the same thing. You are going to die and door will open.” He then kicked me knocking me back.

            “Then why are you helping me?”

            He smiled “Because I love a human woman. I cannot picture living in this world without her. When Fenrir is released he will kill every human. He will not spare anyone.”

            “I didn’t realize you wolves could fall love.”

            He laughed “Back before Victor took control we were a little more humane. Now we are nothing, but a bunch of zealots cinching on a god who doesn’t care about us.”

            “Then why go through it? You are so strong. Why aren’t you stopping him?” I knocked into a tree with a powerful kick. Before he could even dodge, I charged at him. I placed my sword inches away from his neck.

            He replied “He is stronger than I am. Hell he is probably strongest wolves in this continent. The only one who can defeat is you. I know you don’t believe in fate, neither do I. So defeat him, Alan Stevens and save this world.”

            I moved my sword away, and he smiled before knocking me to the ground. “Don’t trust Victor, he is after all the descendent of Loki, the trickster god. He’s an Alpha and people will follow him to the death. It’s his greatest strength and his weakness.”

            We both stood up from the ground and he continued “You kill Victor and I trust the rest will fall with him.”

            “Then you will come along the big savior to pick up the pieces. I am not a stupid man.”

            He said “No stupid, but still quite foolish. Yes with Victor gone, I will be the leader of the pack. We go back to old ways. We will no longer attack people. Your family will be safe as you leave us alone. It will be like we were never there you have me word on that.”

            I said “Good, then when this is all over I never want to see again. If you break you word I will break mine. I will hunt you down, and kill you. Then I kill your whole pack and scatter your ashes to the wind.”

            “You can be quite scary when you want to be.”

            I replied “So I have heard.” I held out my hand. He grabbed it and shook it. This was the beginning of our alliance. I just wondered how long this was going to last.

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It seems what she said was true. Awesome chapter. . Now go back and clean up the grammer.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Awsome chapter I love it so far keep up the great work

Posted 9 Years Ago

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