N&M: Chapter Eighteen

N&M: Chapter Eighteen

A Chapter by .quan.011.

Chapter Eighteen

Wolf Soldiers


            “Hey come on, get up.” Kayla said helping me from the floor. With the mirror gone, the room looked old and rundown like the rest of the church. Dust covered everything and fire was out. Then we feel a small shake. Kayla pulled me toward the door as the piece of the roof started falling down. I kicked the door open wasting no time with doorknob. We dived out of the room just as another big piece of roof fell to the floor.

            “Are you okay?” I said looking at her. She was covered in dust, but looked fine. I grabbed her hand and pulled her.

            She replied “Yeah, I’m fine.” She started dusting herself off.

            “We should get back to Haley before she started freaking out.” Kayla nodded her head and we headed down the hallway. “So what you said back about waiting for him is that true?”

            She didn’t look at me, “Yeah, it is true. My visions started when I was around six. By that time, my grandpa was already in charge of this church along with some of other fathers. Back then he was always so happy and careless. They used to call him the hippie pastor. Then I started getting these weird dreams of him arguing with something. Every night I dream of him fighting and he was losing.” She took a deep breath.

            “Then came dreams about him killing people, he first went after the other priests, then he started attacking some of his friends, and some random people. I saw it all, but …”

            “You didn’t tell anyone because people would think you were crazy. That’s a good enough reason to keep your mouth shut.”

            She snapped “It was a selfish reason. He was killing people. I should have spoke up and told people. If I did maybe my parents wouldn’t…” She became silent. I threw my arms around her as we continued down the hallway.

            When we reached the altar, Haley was sitting down, legs crossed, and looking very angry. I quickly removed my arm. Her icy cold stare was luckily not on me. It was on Kayla. I got out of the way and started heading to one of the broken window.

            “I thought you were here to protect me,” Kayla called out.

            I replied “Yeah, from anything expect her.” After that I could hear the girls arguing. I leaped onto the ledge and looked out of the window. The kids were still in school as the streets were deserted expected for a few adults walking them. They seemed happy as they laughed and smiled. They were unaware of the danger all around them. I found myself smiling, but it quickly faded.

            I knew we were probably safe until nightfall. Once the streets became clear, the wolves would come. We need to leave as soon as Darius gets back.

            “Any sign of Darius?” Haley said climbing down.

            I replied “No, I don’t see him.” I moved a little give her some more room. She sat right next me. I continued looking out of the window. I looked for all the places he could go. There were only three obvious places; two markets and a diner. It was kind of hard to watch all three buildings.

            She said “Having some problems?” She already knew the answer. She was just toying with me. “You try focusing on your senses.”

            I turned to her.  I couldn’t believe she was trying to teach me. I turned back to the window. Like she say, I focused my mind on eyesight. I guessed that it was another ability we demi-gods has. I could see all three building more clearly. I could even see the individual people walking out of the building. Then I started having this huge headache. I suddenly stopped and leaned back into the wall.

            “Oh, I forgot about that part. You were probably shouldn’t try push yourself.” Haley asked I almost forgot she was there.

            “Did Kayla tell you about the man in the mirror?”

            She replied “Yeah, she said you save her life back. I wished I knew what was going on. Is that why you walked away to face this thing?”

            I never thought of it that way. “That thing in mirror called me a nephilim.”

            “Half angel half man, that what use to call our kind in ancient. Although the nephilim were kind of jackass who thought they could do anything. Their divine parents were all fallen angels”

            I asked “What happened to them?”

            “To get rid of them, the Authorities our grandparents were sent to kill them. They were to protect to humanity from evil, you know the demons and monsters.”

            I said “So when this became our problem?”

            She smiled “When the monsters started outnumbering them, didn’t help that they were also fight among themselves. So to help them, they started mating with humans. That is how demigods were created. We fought the monsters, but a lot of them died.”

            “How do you know all about this?”

            She replied “My father Odin told me. He tells me everything and also trained me.”

            “Hold on, you actually talk to your father?” I asked trying not sound surprised. I couldn’t believe this Darius and I haven’t had any contact with our fathers.

            She replied “Yeah, of course he was a part of my life. He’s my father. He met my mother at rock and roll concert. They seem to hit off and next thing I happened.

            “Don’t seem too thrilled about it.”

            She grinned “I don’t usual talk about my problems.”

            “That’s fine. We talk about mines if you like, but it is very boring.”

            Haley was about to say something when we heard a noise coming from the roof. I quickly pushed my gladius out its sheath. I looked up, but saw nothing. Haley already jumped off the ledge and ran to Kayla. I continued look up as I heard more footsteps from above. I jumped down and like Haley I ran to Kayla’s side. Haley already had her spear and shield already out. We placed Kayla in the middle as we protected her from all sides.

            Suddenly the door blew opened and men wearing all back combat uniform rushed in. Without saying a word, they opened fire on us. Haley and I held up our shields. Gunfire echoed as the bullets hit our shields. None of them was able to penetrate it. When it became silent, we looked through our shields. The men were reloading their guns. Haley silently started running at them. She was so fast that the men didn’t have time to even pull the trigger. She knocked them around, throwing guy after guy to the ground, and I didn’t have to move inch. She took care of them all by herself. I could hear the grunts and pain the men were in, and I didn’t pity them.

            Crash! I looked up to see four more men in black dropping down from the roof. Reacting quickly, I swung my sword slicing one of the men’s rifles before kicking the soldier in the chest. Another soldier attacked me swinging its rifle at me. I ducked under it and moved behind him. I hit in the head with the hit of my sword. He fell to the ground.

            It was weird, I was fighting high tech soldier with sword and shield. I wanted new weapons. I heard Kayla’s scream and turned to see a soldier grabbing her from behind. Of course she was putting up a fight. I ran toward them and broke them apart. Kayla turned around and punched him right in the jaw. She must have a mean right hook, because he was knocked out.

            She was took hard breath. I didn’t have time to talk to as the last soldier tackled me. We crashed through one of the column post before falling to the group. He started hitting me, but his punches didn’t really hurt. I grabbed hold one of fist and began to squeezing it. He screamed as his bones crackling. Then I punched him in the face. He fell off of me. I got to my feet and started walking over to the others.

            “You guys okay?” I asked as Kayla was getting up. She simply nodded her head. Haley on the other hand was happy as she walked toward.

            She said “Nothing like a good fight to the blood pumping.” Her weapons turned into a chain. Then it wrapped itself around her wrist. “You don’t know how long I wanted to hit someone.”

            “Oooookay?” I said not wanting to truly touch the subject. I could literally some unlucky girl making Haley mad. Then Haley punching the girl in the face .From what my sister had told me, girls can be vicious. They would rather tease each other than have a straight fight.  She started walking toward the door.

            Crunch! Kayla and I turned around to see Haley picking up something. She took a closer look and then said “This is not a bullet. This is tranquilizer dart. Why would someone shoot us with these?”

            That was the million dollar question. She tossed me the bullet. It was small metal syringe.  I picked up one of the rifles and it wasn’t a normal rifle.

            “Blowguns,” I said. Whoever these guys are they weren’t sent to kill us. I didn’t know who they worked for, and I didn’t want to know. “We need to move now. Get to the car.”

            Kayla said “What about Darius?” I didn’t forget about him. I just didn’t have to worry about him. “He can take care of himself.”

             Then I heard more footsteps. I turned around to see Darius rushed into the room. He looked surprised at the huge mess we made. He was still holding a big brown paper bag.

            “I leave you guys for ten minutes and you throw a party without me.” He said passing Haley the bag. “So they came after you guys too?”

            Haley said “What you mean they attacked me too? You were attacked by these guys and you didn’t warn us.”

            He held up his phone. “I don’t have any of your number. I might also add I was kind of busy fighting two guys so…

            “Can we talk about this while getting out of this town?” I suggested then walked out of the church.

             It only took us a few seconds to get into the car and leave town behind us. Haley sat up front with Darius who was driving. I sat in the back with Kayla. She stared out of window looking very homesick. I knew the feeling very well. I missed my mom, dad, and even Anna. I couldn’t wait to get home and see them. To sleep in my own bed and to have my normal life back. All I had to do was stop these crazy people from releasing hell.

            As I thought about all of this when, an image of Victor suddenly appeared. The b*****d had invaded my dreams for months. He had been scaring the crap out of me. My anger rose, but I quickly push the thoughts of him away. I knew he would return. The only way I was ever going to have peace in this world is if he not to be in it. I pushed that out of mind too. I need focus on Kayla.

            So tell me, how did you and Harley meet?” I asked her trying to her mind off the homesick.

            She turned at me and smiled “We met in first grade. Phil Grant was pulling my ponytails. I kept telling him to leave me alone, but he didn’t listen. Well one day I had enough and I pushed him. He pushed me back. Haley didn’t like that so push him off the hill. This was before she had her superpowers. We were around twelve when this happened. She didn’t start developing her powers around the same time she tried out of her first cheerleading tryout.” There was a big grin appeared on her face.

            Then laughter rang from the front, Darius said “You’re a cheerleader. We should stop off at your house and get your little pompom.”

            Bang! I don’t know how many flips we did before we finally stop. Falling in and out of consciousness I noticed that the car was upside down. I turned Kayla who was still awake. Blood was tinkling out of her head mixing in with her black hair. She looked terrified. I reached over to her just to comfort her. To let her know that it was alright. She grabbed my hand and dropped something in it. Then she was pulled out of my hand.

            She screamed as I quickly unhook my seatbelt. I dropped to the roof and began crawling through the broken window. I got out of the car when I felt the painful blows of punches and kicks. All I could do cover my head with my arms. From the corner of my eye, I watched helpless Kayla was carried off by a couple of harpies.

            “Take her to Victor now.” A girly voice said. “Leave the rest to us.”

            I jumped up to my feet as a great wind blew around me. It blasted everyone else away leaving only two people. I looked up into the sky, but I didn’t see. Damn, we lost her! A part of me wanted to stay and help the others get out. However rescuing Kayla was sadly more important. 

© 2011 .quan.011.

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Very awesome indeed. Great thrill ride. But bad grammer. Wrong word usage and missing words here and. There.

Posted 9 Years Ago

Damn I hate that they took kayla I hope Alan finds her

Posted 9 Years Ago

Exciting. Thrilling, chilling. Keep it up. I hope to see more!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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