Chapter 42 - Shai'Susu

Chapter 42 - Shai'Susu

A Chapter by thuaners

         It was early morning and much of the town had gathered in front of Dead Man's Cove.

         Ten trumpeters blew out a bombastic tune to begin the ceremony.  When they were done, they stepped back, and King Bastion stepped forward.

         "We are gathered here today to celebrate the execution of a traitor to the Crown," said the King, "Anton DiManlen is his name and many a heinous crime he has committed against us, far too many to list here today.  Let it be known that many years ago I, the benevolent and kindhearted King that I am, spared his life and banished him from the Realm.  As you can all see, he has returned and thus I am forced to the grisly business of an public execution.  Bring forth the traitor!"

         There was a murmur among the crowd and then a big man was escorted up onto the wooden platform next to the King.

         "Here is the traitor," said the King, "The villain!  Let us be rid of him once and for all!"  He turned to the crowd, "You may now throw things at him!"

         There was silence.

         "I said you may now throw any eggs and tomatoes and the like at him!"

         Still nothing from the crowd.

         This was unheard of!  Folk generally loved coming to executions to throw things at the evil-doers.

         Suddenly one person spoke up, it was an old lady.  She shouted, "Thank you, Anton!  I have not forgotten the time you saved us!  I am alive because of you!"

         "Hush!" said the King.  He did not like this at all.  Everywhere he went, people loved Anton.  It made him furious!  Did they love this traitor more than their own King?  Bastion glared at one of his soldiers and by a tilt of his head, indicated that they should take this old woman away for a bit of questioning.

         "That's enough of this," said the King, "We shall delay no longer!  Summon the Beast!"

         Also on the wooden platform was a gigantic golden gong.  A big, brawny man went up to it and gave it a big hit.


         The sound reverberated towards the sea.

         "Escort the traitor to the position!" cried the King.

         Soldiers took Anton, who's hands were bound behind his back, up some stairs and then along a long, narrow plank that extended over Dead Man's Cove below.  There was probably a twenty metre drop down into the water.  It must be noted here that the soldiers had clipped themselves via a chain around their waist to a metal pole that went the length of the wooden plank.  Their prisoner had no such safety.  When Anton had reached the very end of the plank, he stood there, as the two guards blocked his path back, spears pointed at him.

         There was a murmur among the crowd now.

         "Shai'Susu is here!" someone called out.

         In the water was a big dark shadow that glided into the bay.  It was huge!  It circled beneath the plank Anton stood upon.

         "Now," said King Bastion, "Witness the Glory of the Sea, the Great Judge and Executioner of Tuscan, Shai'Susu as she devours Anton DiManlen, and I am rid of him forever!  Push him boys!"


         Everyone stopped and turned to look at who had called out.

         It was Lady Maruska!

         She was sweating and looked absolutely exhausted.

         "Do not kill him, Bastion, I beg you."


© 2016 thuaners

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A Chapter by thuaners