Chapter 45 - Repentance

Chapter 45 - Repentance

A Chapter by thuaners

            Clarence cleared his throat and read from Maruska's parchment.

            "Dearest Lena and Clarence, Although I have much I wish to say, I will try to be brief.  For many years I believed that Anton had abandoned me.  But now I know the truth.  He did nothing wrong.  It was Bastion who is to blame, for he orchestrated all the events and made Anton promise to leave, in order for me to be saved from a deadly poison.  In my blind jealousy, I travelled to the village he has been living in, and turned his wife to stone."

            Clarence paused after that part, his eyes widening in disbelief.

            "Have no doubt about that part," said Fog.

            Clarence nodded and then continued.

            "Anton came to Firgenduke to beg me to turn his wife back to flesh.  There is no cure that I know of.  But that does not mean there is no cure.  There are far greater and more ancient magicks in this world than the ones I am capable of.   Anton has a son, named Narteb.  He lives in Manangatang.  Please seek him out and give him this page from my spellbook, the page containing the details of the petrification spell I used.  Perhaps knowing this will help him find a cure for his mother.  I thought I was casting a spell that was irreversible, but someone once told me that nothing is impossible in this world to those who believe.  I hope this to be true.  I would go myself, but Bastion has made it clear that I am to stay by his side at all times.  Please do me this favour and seek out Narteb.  Tell him that he is the only hope for his mother.  His father will never again see the light of day.  With love, Maruska."

            "Turned to stone," said Lena, "And I thought I had problems!  You should leave today, Clarence."

            Clarence was torn.  "I am not leaving until you are better."

            "I can look after myself," said Lena, "Every day we wait is another day, Anton's wife is a stone statue.  His poor son.  We need to give him this information as soon as we can."

            "I will go," said Skaife.

            "No!" said Clarence, "This is not your problem."

            "My friend's problem is my problem," said Skaife, "I will take this message to this boy in Manangatang."

            Clarence and Lena began to protest but Skaife silenced them, "I have already decided.  I will leave immediately."  She went up to Anton and took the parchment.

            "Where is the spell?" said Skaife.

            Fog reached into her dress again and took out an oilskin pouch.  "The page from the spellbook is in there."  She handed the pouch to Skaife, nodded at everyone and then left.

Skaife placed the letter from Maruska into the oilskin pouch and then tucked it into her pocket.

            "Thank you, Skaife," said Lena.


            And with that, Skaife's life shifted in a totally different direction.  She was now headed to Manangatang to deliver a message to a boy named Narteb DiManlen.

            After she had left, Clarence suddenly realised something, and said sadly,

            "I suppose she won't be making that soup for us after all."

            Lena looked at the soup that Clarence had made for her.

            "Quick!" she said, "Run after Skaife and ask if she can make some soup before she leaves!  Narteb can wait a few minutes!"

© 2016 thuaners

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A Chapter by thuaners