Chapter 56 - Family

Chapter 56 - Family

A Chapter by thuaners

The gang was walking through the bustling market.

"Get your fresh fish here!"

"Fancy some new jewellery?"

"I have bongos! If you need a bongo come here!"

"Wow, this place is cool," said Pip, "I wonder if they sell interesting ocarinas here?"

Narteb was looking around and enjoying the moment; the morning sun felt warm on his face.  He observed the Kuman people, going about their business and realised that they weren’t that different from the people back home.

“Hold up, guys.”

Narteb felt a hand upon his chest.  It was Skaife.

"I don't want to alarm anyone," she whispered and leaned in close to Narteb’s ear,"But I think someone is watching us."

Narteb's immediate thought was how much he liked Skaife's hand on his chest and that she smelled really nice.

"Watching us?" said Pip, a bit too loudly.

"Shh!" said Skaife.

"Why would anyone be watching us?" said Narteb, “Hey, Bethany, do you owe people some money or something?”

"Oh, did I forget to mention I have a bounty on my head?" said Bethany with a grin.

"Duck!" said Skaife.

Narteb, Pip and Bethany all scattered and leapt to the side.  Narteb noticed something go whizzing past them.

Skaife scanned the area to discern where the attack had some from.  In a split second her instincts told her it had come from a dark alleyway nearby and she immediately sprinted towards it, drawing her shortsword.  She rounded the corner and saw a teenage boy curled up on the ground, laughing.  He had blonde hair very much like her own.  It took a moment for her to register who it was. It was not someone she was expecting to see in Kuma.

"Denny?" said Skaife.

"Oh, you are good," laughed the boy.  And he bounced onto his feet.  He had grown a lot taller since she had last seen him.

"Someone you know?" said Narteb.

Narteb, Pip and Bethany had followed her into they alleyway.

Skaife nodded and launched herself at the tall skinny boy, with the warmest hug.

"Yes, I know him," said Skaife, "Everyone meet my little brother, Denny."

Denny waved and gave everyone a big grin.

"Sorry about shooting at you before," said Denny, and he pulled out a wooden peashooter, “It was just a little pepple, it wouldn't have been fatal.   I was aiming for Skaifey."  Denny couldn’t help but notice the cute Bethany and winked at her, and while he was checking out her legs he noticed she was in chains.  "Are ankle chains a new fashion I'm not aware of?" Denny said.

"Yes," said Bethany, "I want to get wrist ones too but I can't afford them yet.”  She chuckled and moved some of her hair behind her ear, “No, actually it's a long story, but I don't have the key for these, so I have to wear them for a little longer."

"Ah!” said Denny, his eyes widening, “I can help you with that.  I need to practice my lockpicking anyway."  He knelt down at Bethany's feet and pulled out a leather scroll from his tunic.  He unravelled it and inside were all manner of thin metal lockpicking tools. He took a few picks out and started fiddling around with the lock around Bethany’s legs.  At some stage he had a lockpick in his mouth.  Whether or not this was necessary, nobody was quite sure, but it sure made him look the part.

"When did you learn how to do this?" said Skaife, "Or more importantly, what are you doing in Kuma?"

Denny muttered something incoherently, but you couldn't really blame him as he was rather focussed on the task at hand (plus he had some lockpicks sticking out of his mouth).

And then…


It was the most satisfying sound!  Especially to Denny and Bethany.

The chains were unlocked!

"My hero!" said Bethany, and she kissed him on the cheek.

Denny blushed.

“Don’t mention it,” he said, “Actually no, tell all your friends.”

"What are you doing in Kuma?" said Skaife.

Denny carefully put his lockpicks away and then with a big grin said, "I'm following in your footsteps sis!"  He proudly rolled up the sleeve of his tunic and revealed a tattoo on his wrist.

It was a Blue Rose.

"No!" said Skaife, "Don't tell me you've joined the Blue Rose!"

“I have,” said Denny, looking confused, "But what’s wrong?  You are in the Blue Rose as well.”

"I left them," said Skaife, "And you should leave too.  They are not good, Denny!"

"They've been good to me," said Denny, "I'm not leaving.  I didn't know you left them."

"Come with us, Denny," said Skaife, "I'm helping my friend-"

"I'm not going anywhere," said Denny, "I'm a mission here in Kuma.  Plus I made an oath.  You should come back to the Blue Rose.  Captain Atlantia always talks about you. We can do missions together!"

"No," said Skaife, "Leave them.  Come with me."

Denny looked at his sister and turmoil swirling inside him.  Finally, his face darkened and he said, “Goodbye, Sis.  It was good seeing you again.”  And without another word, he turned and vanished into the crowded market.

Skaife stood there silently.  She wanted run after him, but she knew her little brother well enough to know it would do no good.  Finally, she turned to the others and said, "Let's continue on with our journey."

They all nodded and resumed their walk through the market, Bethany leading the way.


© 2019 thuaners

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A Chapter by thuaners