Chapter 13

Chapter 13

A Chapter by Dr.Who.LOVER

Chapter 13 in Silent


After changing into my gray sweatpants and a purple tank top I went to my room and climbed into bed. I reached over to my bed side table and pressed play on my I-pod speakers. The volume was on low but if I stayed quiet I could still hear Alex's sweet voice singing "Lullabies"


Sweet, sweet goodbye. It could be for the last time and it's not right. Don't let yourself get in over your head."


"Hey!" my trance was broken by my sister’s voice. I opened my eyes and sure enough I saw Hailey sitting on my bed. "We need to talk!” I groaned all I wanted is to sleep. I propped myself up and sighed.

"Okay what's the deal with you and the new guy?" Immediately my gaze fell from her to my comforter. I began to pick at the loose strings just flapping around. "You like him don't you?" I shook my head no but I knew I was lying. "Oh c’mon I'm not blind I saw you two making googly eyes at each other at dinner." I felt my face go red. "I don't blame you he's so cute!" I was filled with anger but it quickly dissolved and fizzled away. What did I have to be mad about? It's not like I was Travis's girlfriend and even if I was I'm not the jealous type. "But anyway I think you should go out with him." Hailey hugged me and strutted out of the room. That night I couldn't sleep because I still felt his touch on my hand.


I was awake.

I didn’t want to be but I was awake. I looked over to my digital alarm clock.

4:30 AM.

Still two more ours till the rest of my house woke up. I lied still and tried to trick my mind back into sleep mode, but to no avail. So I got out of bed and went to my laptop on my desk. I opened it up and saw my mail icon was flashing. I opened my e-mail and saw I had a new message. It was from an email address I didn’t recognize,

[email protected]


The message read:

Wanna have breakfast? Meet me at I-hop on Saturday 9 am

And that was it. No name just the invite. I thought about who it was from, probably Blake or Scottie pulling a prank on me. Maybe Arianna or Janet or Alyssa. But the real question was, was I going to go. I closed my email and went on Facebook. And yes I did in fact have a Facebook. But only because Janet and Alyssa wanted to stay in contact a lot easier, I didn’t play Farmville or café world or all that bull s**t. Nothing. The next thing I went on was I logged in and began to listen to music, this was my back up website when my I-pod was dead. I went on Microsoft Word and began to work on my English essay that was due on Thursday. It was a fiction story about a girl who was trapped in a well and how she slowly begins to die. Again Mrs. Vanegan didn’t mind my dark writing, but she didn’t read my essays to the class. I worked on that for about 10 minutes finished and got bored. So I shut my laptop off and checked the time,


I grabbed clothes for the day, a towel my hair brush and went in the bathroom for a bath. At least today I would have time to straighten my hair and relax. I let the bath run, undressed and got in. The bath water basically put me to sleep and I accidently fell asleep.

When I got out my entire body was freezing. I dried off changed and finally straightened my hair. I checked the time,


My mom would be up by then and as if on cue I heard my mom begin to cook. I went downstairs and walked into the smells of bacon and eggs. My mom turned around and almost had a heart attack when she saw me.

“OH! Paige darling you’re so quiet, good that you’re up early would you mind helping me with breakfast, I’m making pancakes. Could you get the milk out for me?”

I went to the fridge and got out the milk. That morning I felt refreshed and cheery, a pretty odd feeling for me. As I helped my mom with breakfast my mind kept flashing to the email and a thought popped into my head,

Could the email have been from, Travis?


© 2011 Dr.Who.LOVER

Author's Note

Please ignore grammar and spelling. If theres anyhing else like double words or missing letters please tell me. I know it sounds awkward but it was the best I could do. Sorry! It'll get better I promise.

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SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Posted 10 Years Ago

I do hope it's from travis and not from one of the mean girl's trying to set her up! I just gotta keep reading to see i guess! ^^

Posted 10 Years Ago

Gosh, I wanted to keep reading! Haha, but this is taking an interesting turn, and I can't wait to see if she goes and if it's Travis waiting for her :) Maybe he can actually bring her out of her shell...

Posted 10 Years Ago

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