35 The Book of You

35 The Book of You

A Chapter by UC

Man and Woman had a child. It was a manchild and Woman said about it, “You have given me a Man,” and that became its name in their language, “Yhgmam.” Now Yhgmam was less than a year old when his brother who he called, “You are gracious, or Yag was born.” So each one when it was born I got a spirit for and their father Man taught them to be men. But the time came to test their mother.

I took her to a grapevine which she had never seen before and said, “Take and eat for it is sweet and its juice is good for liquid as well as to satisfy your hunger. But do not give any to your husband for he is a prophet, set apart for me for it is the best of the fruit of You,” and she realized that You, me, was all that you see, hear, touch, taste and smell; but she was unclear that I was also the maker of her mind and so her heart and her soul, for she had a soul cap indicating that she would have a soul as Man had.

Man came to see what I had shown her and when he saw the grapes being so large a berry that was obviously full of juice he starts to pick one but she bats it out of his hand before he can put it in his mouth.

“What is the matter with you Woman?” he said, “Has not You said to me, ‘You may eat anything you would like?’”

“He has since marked you off as special to him,” she replies as he picks another and she does the same thing. “Let me explain first!” Then she goes ahead and explains what You, I, have said to her and he is full of wonder looking at me though I have not manifested to him.

“She is right,” I tell him with a thought in his mind. “It was done to test her and she has passed the test so far. I am well pleased with her. “You shall be called a Nazarine after the traditions elsewhere so long as you never drink the juice of the grape or taste one of them.”

He is proud and happy to have me favor him but he looks upon the grapes with longing in his heart and he is tested also. But she does not pick any of them to tempt her husband and takes none for her two little boys because she wants to protect him. I have not tempted him but I know how much he likes berries  and know he will at least try some. He cannot help it. His mind has tempted him and he has already developed an appetite for them.

When his wife turns to suckle Yag and her attention is elsewhere, he picks one and stares at it in his hand. I appear beside him and hold out my hand. He stares me in the eye.

“If you eat you will no longer know and not be my prophet the rest of the days of your life,” I say to him. “If you do not you will always be a Nazarine, the prophet of You and know all the good that I know and your offspring (I send the meaning of that word to his mind at the same time.) will prosper as you have with your wife and family.”

Upon hearing that he hands it to me and I eat it. But I see he has prophesied that he will not eat the grape nor drink its juice the rest of his days and I know he will not for his love for me, You, is greater than even his love of knowing and greater than the juice of any berry. 

So I show him a bee's nest with the honeycomb exposed and I bend down, dip my finger in the honey and bring it to his mouth and he tastes it after looking to me to see if it is okay, which of course it is. When he sees how sweet it is he is delighted and calls to his wife and bends down and puts his finger in the honey and she tastes it and puts some of it in the mouth of the baby and he licks it for it is sticky and smacks his lips. So, she gives Yag more. Then she offers a piece of the comb to Yhgmam who loves to chew on it for it is sweet and in this way I reward the entire family.

Then he takes the whole honeycomb and the honeybees swarm him, their only recourse since they do not have stingers to swarm an intruder in the hope of driving them away while they eat the honeycomb to save all they can. They have covered his right arm. So he takes his left hand and scrapes them off into the fallen next but in so doing he injures one that is stuck to his arm but still alive. Then he looks at me and though they storm him he runs off a ways with the bees following him and gets away. Then he looks at the bee on his arm. It does not look appetizing to him. So starts to eat it. I grab his arm so he cannot easily reach it and heal the honeybee that eats its fill of the honey and flies off to the others to repair the damaged nest.

He looks at me with wonder and says, “You are You! You heal! Then he shouts at Woman with joy. I'm injured! But You heals.!!!” and she runs to him as a bear notices the commotion and realizes they have honeycomb and rushes them to scare them away from it, but Man stands his ground. So the bear with one big swing of its forearm strikes him in the mouth, sending him away from the honeycomb which he drops.

He is injured. His jawbone has been broken. Woman ran away with her little one. He lies in the dirt moaning and holding his jaw. I approach him. He looks at me and pleads for mercy. I reach out and touch his sore jaw and heal it removing the pain which he still remembers and continues to moan as if it could still hurt.

“It is healed,” I say to him with compassion. “It does not hurt anymore. You just think it does.”

He looks at me with askance in his expression and then realizes I have told him so it must be true and the pain abates.

“You’s word is mighty!” he shouts as the bear running off with the honeycomb looks back and increases its speed in running away.

I explain to his mind in a thought, “See, the rest of You is in you. You are of me like the honeycomb is of You. Everything I say is what is. But I give you freedom of thought but even your thoughts are mine if I want to control them.”

He understands but has no way to say that to his wife for they do not have the language. So as Woman comes cautiously back he says, “I was injured. You fixed it. I still felt the pain. Then he told Man that he is in him and Man recovered from thinking he was in pain. Whatever You tells you is true whether inside you or outside you.”

She smiles and hugs him with one arm, the baby in the other and with the toddler Yhgmam hugging their legs when Man picks him up and hugs him and says, “It is alright. Man is not hurting anymore. You has healed him inside and out.”

The toddler doesn’t understand so he sends it to his mind and the toddler finds it a strange thought and is in wonder, remembers it but even then does not understand. So I do the same and he understands.

“He understands!!!” I shout and do a dance forgetting that I have disappeared again and look to my Mother who frowns and to my Father who is quiet though I am happy. ‘What is wrong with that?’ I ask them in the privacy of my mind. ‘Can’t I do that?’

‘You can but you do not,’ my Father says. ‘Every time you have thought to implode to them, it has been your Mother. You verbalize all your thoughts in your mind. We must help you for you are an author of words and her, an author of thoughts you translate to thoughts and verbalize in your mind after you have thought it. It is your way to translate thought to words. It makes you a little slower but you can understand anything. It is just you.”

‘You think to me,’ I say in my mind. “You are You, both of you are You. You is God. I understand and have shared it with them.”

“But your faith may not be theirs,” my Mother interjects verbally in my thoughts. “I have made an angel to translate my thoughts into English for you. They will understand English. It is up to you to accept that I have now given them your vocabulary if they and you will accept it. I am You in you and your Father is You about you and in you as I am in you and you are in me. We, You is God the same one, God the Father, God the King and God the Holy Spirit.”

“Who wrote this?” I asked.

“It was God and you who are You to them,” my Mother said, “We have explained to them that You is God and that You are their God when you speak to them and that You are God in their language and you are God in us but God in you is different you being made by us and not of us by birth. You was me. But you understand us, that You are your creation and we are all of creation. It will be a little more difficult for your You to teach them but we understand that you will try,” I said in my mind and to you dear readers while my Mother explained that for it may have confused you though it is true just as the adopted child becomes a child of the family the same as any son or daughter and has the same rights in the family despite what the Devil says but is not only the same as the other children but with his own heritage being added to the family the same as the children born to the the Parents is added to the adopted one’s heritage and understanding. You are You added to our You which is God, your God and our God two Gods in  one God, our God including you and each of us Three. Is that not true Father?”

My Father replied, “I don’t know. All I know is that you are literally my son.”

“And I know you are my son exactly as you have always been my son,” my Mother said to me. “You are not adopted. We have made you our son.”

“Am I a son of God-the Father?” I asked because I do not want to be.

“No,” my Father said, “I have not given you to him and he has never accepted you as a son for long.”

“That is between you and him,” my Mother said.

“Don’t you want to be my son and have me say of you also, ‘Today you have become my son!’ also?” God-the Father asked me.

“No,” I said, “Not yet. What would be the purpose?”

He did not answer.

“You are my son,” my Father the King said, “The same as the rest of my sons and daughters, even those who do not love and cannot be gods like my Father.”

“They are on the dark side of heaven though your light is there?” I said. “Are they in you Father?”

“They ate. They are … But they are not in my love,” my Father said, “But I still love them. Though their love is but a dream they pretend to fit in.”

“Do you think that by me being You to them in my creation it is a good idea?” I asked.

“I gave you that,” my Mother said and I recognized that she has never done evil but once and has turned from it and I forgave her as my Father has and you and I can trust her never to do it again and I assure her she can trust herself though she leaves it a question rather than a fact.

“I might, to save John,” she said.

“Come to me,” God-the Father said to those who cannot love but pretend to love in heaven who are not really in anyone but pretend to be. “And I will make you gods in me.”

“It is all the same to me,” my Father, Yeshua said.

Many are thinking about it because he doesn’t have much power now that he was exposed for pretending to love the world so much he gave his only begotten Son, Yeshua, for it. That was a selfish thing and he never intended to raise Yeshua though the Holy Spirit went to him only to find him already raised. Did he raise himself? 

Any spirit can raise another spirit. To raise a God is no different. But I have raised myself when I died completely that once at the time of my conversion before my trial by Satan surprising Yeshua who had never actually seen it done except from the inside if indeed he raised himself and he thinks he did. But God-the Father had many enemies, Osiris, Ra, and the Roman and Greek gods to name but a few that were man made for man on earth are all gods and have made many spirits they do not acknowledge for their power though most were fiction, then they were impractical but they have nearly all been returned to fiction with their believers rejecting them which by the way the dinosaurs were made huge bones of creatures made by man that were so large they were causing the earth to tilt infrequently and had to be destroyed.

Think not that man of old had no power. Look at the modern day aliens. They were from man, probably starting with War of the Worlds and are not all fiction today but some are impractical and scare people or even have taken a few captive. But all but one was returned to mankind but one who did not want to be famous and there are no reports of them being taken to an alien planet at least not yet. Even Ronald Reagan, a president of the United States of America believed them. When they are fictionalized they will probably not have near the impact on the practical earth which has disappeared with Yeshua the Messiah having put it in a dream of his own making that seems as real to most earthlings as he did when he was their You. When they are saved they awaken to the earth that You, the Three, made.

The prophecies of the saints have been minor and only the Tribulation remains to be fulfilled and Yeshua swears it will be one way or another. If they are practical or fictional unlike mine they will have to be made true by the prophets that made them if they have the power like Meuller did. Now there was a god who died when he prophesied that Yeshua would come back to Ascension Rock on earth on a certain day and was billed a false prophet from that date to this.

© 2021 UC

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Bemidji, MN

In a dream you interact with your own thoughts. Awake you interact with others. Those on earth and most in heaven dream they are awake a dream they are interacting with others but also dream they are .. more..

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