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….at night.

“Aray beta tum tou Eid ka chand ban key reh gai ho” (oh son you are left with becoming the moon of Eid). As Mr.Cool dude entered with his family in the house his paternal aunt hugs him heartily. After all she was waiting for him so long. And he left with smiling and laughing maintaining his respect for them.

“Aur kutay kaisa hai tu” (And dog how are you), his cousin greeted and they had a gangster hug while his mum called him “Kiya isay aisa keh rahay ho iska itna acha naam hai Fajahad who keh kar bulao” (Why are you calling with such names, he has such a nice name Fajahad call him with that).

Farah got a pat o her head from her uncle and aunt and greeting “Aur beta kaisi ho’ (And dear how are you).

Farkhanda too, entered and got a warm welcome “Jee aap kaisi hain” (respectful llady how are you) but they both were ignorned especially he in both otherwise she in both get welcome and greeting and pat on head. But he was ignored.

“aray yeh wala raita dena tou”(Pass me that raita)
-“Haan haan beta yeh wala bhi lo tumhari pasand ka hai na” (Yeah yeah my son, take this one, isn’t it your favourite)
at the huge dining table everyone was sitting and having dinner. Fajahad too was having dinner. He was extremely crazy about raita and that’s why his auntie made varieties of raita from her cooks for him.

 All of them were sitting in the modish and modern lounge having glass made table in the centre of wooden chairs on which they were sitting. He was sitting beside his wife but his wife was not present at that moment when he asked him for his phone and his phone was in her purse-lying on the table and that’s why he replied “mera phone uss k purse mein hai woh aayei gee phir main tumhein deta hoon” (My phone is in her purse I will give when she would come).

And he responded with “Tout u us ke pursee se nikal ley” (So you take it out of her purse).

And in return he said in his own manly and sophisticated style reflecting his maturity hidden behind the cloak of seriousness “main kisi ka purse nahi kholta”(I don’t open the purse of anyone).

He left him with reality in response in his own style which he said after observing what is going on in this world reflecting that his own young age and immaturity in the cloak of royalty and good looks “Tou woh bhi tou tera purse kholti hai” (So she too opens your purse).

His answer or his response was “Haan tou woh meri responsibility hai main uski nahi. Tou isi liye mere purse par uska haq hai lekin mera uske purse par nahi”. (Yes because she is my responsibility I am not hers. And that is why she has a right on my purse and I have not any right on her purse). His thoughts , his words shocked everyone that night at his office where he came after 4 weeks for dinner  and where his brother was enjoying food after all there were his favorite items. His words sealed everyone’s mouth. His wife who was coming from behind wearing stylish kameez and trouser having comfortable fitting and quarter sleeves along with decent embroidery on her olive green kameez, left with opened eyesand then looked down , after all respect is a real jewel which is the right of everyone ut unfortunately not everyone gets it and she got it so easily. She got that status which should be given to every wife. And that’s why she looked down moving her hair hiding her left cheek behind her ear.



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Added on July 20, 2016
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