A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese

Through the Eye of the Lens.


Give me a mike. All the party people in the house; say ho, ho, ho! Let's go off script for a second. They say a picture says a thousand words. Quite a picture in front of me. Can you hear me in the front, to the left and right. And those way back there. You all paid 1000 dollars to come here tonight. That's capitalism for you. Someone has to pay for the lights. Uncle Sam just got his share of 36 percent. Seating capacity is slightly over 65000 thousand in the stadium. This is off the hook; 65M dollars and change. Glad you're all here. Those who did not make the cut. The price is right just went up to 2K for the next event. Enjoy the a.k.a FAD show. We touched basis on 12 topics and more to come. Just be patient; you need to be informed. Agree to disagree. That's the correct motto. You have to be able to understand. Not surrender to the white flag of emotions. Which others believe your life should be governed. Elected by the people to tell your vote does not matter. Put me in charge. You follow my orders and reelect me, capiche? The Demo Cats will be coming here next. Playing their song; Basket of Deplorables. Like you're a bunch of eggs; who are easily able to crack at the sight of their leadership. Remember those numbers up there. How about we raise the bar to 66 percent or higher for the next change of plans. Sounds great; even better than the current rate. We all can calculate and relate. You decide and make the debate. The Environmentalist says paper or plastic bags or both are destroying the planet. Or are they just guessing still? A great marketing strategy to Sundays like your donation to the congregation. Either way you're paying for the services. A great divide was fought and yet the ending is not written. Both sides lost and we continue to fight. Addicts run about from corner to corner store looking for a reason. They have learned the hard way. Only to give their advice not to go that route. Children are innocence, something we at times forget we were like them once. The historian can tell you; how they were simple back then. Yet, our complexity to write our present is much different now. True believers will preach their convictions to others. You decide, which is right or wrong for spiritual attainment. Many relationships come and go. Only to give love a try again and again. Go accomplish that happiness. Hand in hand greed is not a bad trait. Everyone is focus on the grass is greener on the otherside. Just know when your fill is enough. Money after all was meant to be spent not hoarded like a hobbyist. You can have made all the right moves in the beginning and falter to stumble on your two feet. The streets is a harsh reminder this can happen. This presume freedom; which you harness is not free after all. You must not negotiate for others to take from you. What they wish to bear upon you. In light of what seems a great rescue to save everyone. The hidden truth is not far from home. Take a look around; the space besides your comfort zone. People struggle here and there. Temporary shelter does not fix the mess. You ultimately decide your faith. Government does not dictate your life. While politicians come from both parts of life. Know the reasons; for which the cards are dealt in your favor. Not to be taken advantage of; when the threat is really, who is on the otherside of the mirror. You will be silence; because that's exact their point of view. You are a follower; not a leader of your own outcomes. That is the intent and not wholly the truth. Too get you to do their agenda for the rest of your life. Criminally or otherwise; you decide?

© 2020 Glen Yumang Manese

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Added on February 20, 2020
Last Updated on February 21, 2020

A.K.A. FAD Series V: Through the Eye of the Lens


Glen Yumang Manese
Glen Yumang Manese

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