On the Edge of Precipice:

On the Edge of Precipice:

A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese

On the Edge of Precipice:

The courage to say it, is far from the actions to do it...you are the Commander-In-Chief...time is at the edge of a Precipice...you talk a big game...with your aviator glasses, you need F16's and nukes to mess with the USA...as you say...here you have an Ideology who has neither of each, but the Will to push your buttons...to test your Courage as the Superman of the World...yet Kryptonite is holding what is left of your Dignity...its a SNAFU, its a mess of multiple porportions, the blood & lives who gave it all, can wake up from the dead to do the right with your decisin, the BUCK STOPS HERE...1+ TRILLION DOLLARS...LATER...NO, THE BUCK STOPS WHEN THE PEOPLE YOU SERVE, TELL YOU, THE BUCK STOPS HERE...do not hide behind the lens of your blindness to see and the reflections to understand...send the Marines, and the Military Reserves...with our Army...complete blanket Air Supremecy, code name, Operation Support 24/7...end this...the way it was suppose to end...either way we are going to lose more American lives to a breaking point, before the deadline...if the BUCK STOPS HERE, then take action and mean what you say, start doing, stop the talking points and WIN A Real Deal moment in your entire political career...Do it for us, the men and women who wore and bore the military uniform...we can turn this ship around...we know how to win, just say the Order, so we can move forward...let us do what we do best...dead or alive...we will get our citizens and allies out...claim Victory...Mr. President...push the buttons, send the Air Support...put the Marines on the ground...let us do our job...to protect foreign or domestic...So Help Us, God! THE END...this story...once and for all...

© 2021 Glen Yumang Manese

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Added on August 25, 2021
Last Updated on August 25, 2021

A.K.A. FAD Series V: Through the Eye of the Lens


Glen Yumang Manese
Glen Yumang Manese

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