SNAFU aka Situation Normal, All F..ked Up:

SNAFU aka Situation Normal, All F..ked Up:

A Chapter by Glen Yumang Manese

SNAFU aka Situation Normal, All F..ked Up:

Man up or shut up, yet again the Situation Normal, ...the rest is All F..ked Up!?!
...We are again just to listen, not understand the entirety...we are not questioning the pull out of our military in Afghanistan, we are questioning the Leadership of your SNAFU to keep the Situation at peace and the people on both sides safe on your watch...and the future of our Freedom...this will comeback to haunt us all...the Butterfly Effect:
...for the action is reverted into a larger consequence...may God help us all...I listen and understand your predicament(s)...yet by your political lifetime experience as you state, so often...but total disregard for your ability to man up, yet only want the people to shut up and you use the word, "Listen" all too often, too...
the implimentation was lackluster, the script was blotch into a Pelosi's rage aka rip up the SOTUA sheets of define the intended goals...clap, clap...yet you missed the standing ovation to address the 20 years of sacrifice for the mission on completion...the terror game is back in full bloom...a new blume for their interest, and our way of life is questioned...our basic fundamental of FREEDOM...only time will tell...

My last statement on the use of SNAFU...I wanted to address the issue like the former president said of his...then VP on how he can f...k things up...look... you, tie yourself in a knot here...fix the mess...yet the intent just keeps making knots...or why bother...let it be...let it be...since he is president and nothing can touch just gave them the means to rise up and the new revolution of authority...a wealth of arms and also want to disarm your own country...well...would you like us to just mail them over to them...postage paid and give them more weapons...sounds like a concrete plan, once again...we are again defenseless in our intelligence (like anyone listens & understands it) and the counter is coming...its just a matter of when...our greatest asset is that we have our 2nd amendment, without it...we will fall to hunters as prey...because that's all we will be in the eyes of our enemies without a means to protect ourselves and our values for which our Republic stands for now...if we so, can keep it...

© 2021 Glen Yumang Manese

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My friend. When the sheep cannot see. They are led by wolves. Someone or something is running the weak president. The friends of the USA should have concern. In real world. Meekness can kill a race. How many will die because of poor decision. I was a soldier and I lost friends in places trying to keep sanity. Bad days are coming my friend. Powerful words and thoughts shared my friend.

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