Fighting For Your Life  Part 1

Fighting For Your Life Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 281

Fighting For Your Life

Part 1

I hated the idea of my mother going but Dad was right, she was only hindering herself and being here wasn’t a solution to run away from her problems. Aaron, I will be fine, but he wouldn’t be if my mother didn’t get better and the Judge will have no choice but to put him in a foster home and allow my father have total custody of my two sisters. I may not care what happens to them, but I cared about what happens to Aaron.

This was an only temporary solution to prevent him from going into the system. Soon a later he was either has to go home or become a ward of the state. I steeled myself as I signed the last check and placed the monthly report that Stringum wants into a nice folder. Dad always said; when turning in your hard work it’s always best to make your best work shine.

No matter how I didn’t want to face what’s coming I had too. It was the price of eavesdropping and now it was time to face the music. I found Dad in the living room putting the room back together now that floor had been clean and they were just finishing the hallway. Everyone was barefoot to prevent getting their socks wet and tacking any more dirt on the carpet. Having everyone put their shoes that had been cleaned in their room. My mother was helping fixing dinner, well the things she couldn’t burn anyway.

The moment my mother saw me she smiled, but it seems forced as her eyes didn’t show the smile, but the heated tears behind them. I pretend that I didn’t know what was going on. Dad had me take a seat, across from him setting the bill report and the checks I had signed beside me. Even though I was in charge they still needed to be signed by Stringum before the girls could distribute them.

He said folding his right leg over his left one as Jerald added more wood to the fire, to help dry the carpets. The place was already warm enough to make you sweat, but we knew if we didn’t dry the carpets quickly during the winter they would go moldy.

Samuel took a seat next to him as Jerald took the chair overlooking the room and the fireplace. Dad said. “We have an idea that might help us find those men we need that have either keys or rings. We are thinking if we send you and some of your bothers and the boys that can recognize as members of the order we are currently taking down. We could take those rings and keys, and put these people behind bars for a very long time.  Providing you can convince our spiritual friend in helping us.

“With that in mind, Jerald and Samuel have agreed that if they can train you in what these men like you can fit in with their boys. Mr. Vincent and I as well as Tony would also be going. So we can chase down any leads we might find. You and your brothers that will be going will be home schooled while you are there, so you won’t fall behind. Tomorrow I will sit down with each of your teachers and see what you need to know while we are away. 

“I have yet spoken to Mom or your bothers about it, but I think we might convince her that this is necessary, and we would be back before Thanksgiving.  Normally we would just go for a weekend, but we feel that it would be better if we stayed longer to put down roots instead of mucking about trying to do everything at once.

 "These men we are overly cautious, more so what has taken place in regards to Mr. Tate and what didn’t happen now that they have no High King and with Mr. Striker, and Mr. Gregory out of the picture somewhat. Things can unravel quickly.

“Plus the fact many of them by now or soon will find that many of their high ranking members are missing. It was unavoidable and we knew that we would create a large vacuum causing everyone to seek higher ground, or seek to replace them quickly; either way, they will be shell shocked and very cautious, and we can not afford to wait knowing the next time they meet they will be ready for us. We must strike now why the head of the snake is weak. We need to find out how to kill it so it can’t come back.

“We believe if we can find these lower members they will lead us to their higher ones. If we can take them out, while they are scrambling we might have a chance; so the idea is, that since many of them seek “pleasure in company,” they have been keeping. Like placing you boys as a new stock that Jerald and Samuel have purchased in the US; you boys can get them to lower their defenses and prevent them from escaping long enough to be caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

“They need to know that business as usual, that everything they like is still available even with Mr. Tate gone and even without a new High King to rule them all. We only need to get them to expose the others, using their greed, using their sexual desires anything that might us get our foot in the door that is closing each moment they are running scared.

“Tony and some his men will be going down the first thing in the morning to install all the surveillance equipment so we can catch them on film so we will have the evidence to put them away.

“Mr. Vincent will leave tonight to acquire new properties and that will be the front of our organization and meet with the Queen herself with one of Jerald’s and Samuels men that are overseeing their taskforce. Stringum is procuring inventory that will be shipped overnight waiting for Mr. Vincent once he has found a building to setup up shop. Using Moms and the girl's store as the front we need as well another store. As I have said, we need to make it look like we are setting up roots there, not simply go down there and fly back in a couple of days. We need to make it look like we belong.

“So the question is are you on board knowing that you won’t be here with your brother Aaron or your mother for a few days or a couple of weeks or longer?”

I nodded that I was…. what was I going to do say no? Sure it wasn’t the ideal situation, but if it made my mother's decision easier to leave then I was all for it. Aaron would be fine, I trusted Mrs. Vincent, and everyone else here to make sure Aaron was well taken care of.

Plus the fact Aaron wouldn’t be involved in what I was doing. All that mattered was making sure that Aaron was safe and my mother was seeking help for her problems; which said everything was making sure my father didn’t win on Wednesday. Dad asked if I had any questions. I actually had a million of them. But instead, I shook my head no.

Dad nodded and we shook hands sealing the deal, watching my mother bite her lip, which meant she was very unhappy about me leaving to who knows were. Yet she knew she could stop me from going and I questioned if she knew ahead of time would she have signed the adoption papers giving the Rothwell’s total custody of over me, most likely not.

I quickly found Stringum in the war room on the phone. He gave me a 1-minute sign, instead I gave him the envelope and was about to leave, but instead, he had me take a seat and told me too close the door.

I did what I was asked as he said to someone on the phone. “I don’t care what it costs. I want everything shipped overnight so we can start the ball rolling the moment we arrive. Listen you either do it or I will find some else…. Fine as long everything arrives by the time I touch down on the tarmac tomorrow afternoon is all that matters. Yes, yes I know the busy season is approaching, but … yes, fine. Ok, I am good with that amount send me the bill and I’ll make sure it’s taken care of as always. Thanks, Charlie tells your wife and your boys hi for me and we will see you when I land.”

Stringum hung up the phone only to pick it back up looking at the clock, said. “Donald everything is a go, the plane is waiting on the tarmac gassed up and ready to go. We will put all that money to good use and triple it in month’s time, just make sure you talk to the bank manager down there and have the deeds signed and squared away when we arrive as well as the construction crews. Shouldn’t take long according to Jerald that they should be able to renovate it quickly?

“Its brothel as I understand, it only needs to look like a high-class brothel. Tony and his team will be arriving tomorrow morning with Mr. Vincent to see what else it needs. I want those morons to feel like they are Queens and Kings of England. Everything must… that’s right everything, wiring, and plumbing. I know its lot to do in a short amount of time, but you have the men and they will be ready and waiting for you. I have already sent the plans and should be there by the time you and your boys arrive.

“Make sure that when we are done we turn it into something we can use as we did with the other properties. I don’t care… its only money.  Thanks, I see you when I land…”

He hung up the phone and turned his attention on me, only to have the phone ring, he picked up frustrated. “What do you mean that fabric is no longer available? I see, well then purchase the other I doubt they will no the difference. Fabric is fabric just make sure it up to my standards; if it isn’t you can tell them where to shove it.

“My name and reputation is on everything I sell in my stores and I don’t sell crap.  That includes furnishings it’s either they are best or nothing. Those morons need to understand that. I will not compromise when it comes to quality versus quantity. If they don’t like it, they can do business elsewhere. When my name is stamped on it, it better be the best crap around… You do that, fine… and no there is no time to wait everything is moving quickly. You either supply me what I want when I want it or I will find someone else that will. The shipment you sent me last time was something I could find at a second-hand store. This time it better be what I want or heads are going to roll.

“So what if what I am asking is not manageable in the time frame I am giving you. I want it done anyway; god knows I pay you enough for it. It’s just sitting in some warehouse collecting dust, so what it cost extra to ship it overseas, big f*****g deal. I want it where I want it and when I want it, it’s that simple. Now do your damn job I am paying you to do and do it.” He slammed down the phone and took several deep breathes said. “So you are on board even though what happened at the party last night knowing we could very likely be going right into the hornets nests?”

I nodded that I was, and he smiled, said. “That’s good to know. Normally I wouldn’t even suggest a thing, but we would never be able to catch them with their pants down so quickly if we didn’t strike now while the irons hot. Now then I have already met with Judge we will be seeing on Wednesday and he says that his on board and says he has no intention of letting your father win unless he had proof to state otherwise, but he wants to make it clear. That if things go wrong, he will not hesitate to step in, even if it means your brother ends up as a ward of the state.

“Everything is riding on your mother getting better so she can go home. You need to convince her that everything will be alright. That I wouldn’t let a single hair on your head be harmed… If I knew there was a single chance that these monsters could kill you. I wouldn’t let them come within a hundred yards of you. These men or women we are taking down are lower members; they most likely haven’t killed anyone, more less a child. However, they are powerful people in their own right and have connections to those that are. We need those connections, and I can’t stress that enough. Without them, we are dead in water.

“But they are frightened little mice, and won’t likely be easily fooled seeing the trap that is holding the cheese. So you are going to have to be patient with them, and not rush them. These men and women are frightened that they could be caught. Now that law is looking for someone to put the blame on after finding several dead children and families not more than few miles where we are going; it is your job to blend in as one of Jerald’s and Samuels boys that he had just purchased while visiting the US.

“Tomorrow after school you and the boys are going in for a complete physical, and to update your shots to make sure you boys don’t get sick. They aren’t as healthy down there as they are here. It is like a cesspool of all kinds of diseases roaming the streets so you need to be careful and make damn sure you are taking your vitamins and antibiotics. Your grandmother is mad enough to spit nails and if she finds out that I let you get sick on my watch. Heaven forbid she’ll skin me and your Dad cleaner then possum on Sunday.

“Now go on… I got work to do, and thanks, you have no idea how much this means to me that you’re willing to do this for us. By the way, have you seen or heard from our ghostly friend. I haven’t seen him since last night. He can be a royal pain sometimes, but he can be very useful as well when he wants to be.” I shook my head no and shrugged my shoulders. It was always me that they ask when Jeff isn’t around like I have him on speed dial, which I don’t.

© 2019 Shep

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