A Roman Feast  Part 2

A Roman Feast Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 284-1

A Roman Feast

Part 2


We had just started eating when an array of lady dancers came out wearing dresses similar like Dora’s and Dr. Sars all in different colors. But the fabric was more of see-through showing that they didn’t have anything on underneath, not that us guys minded.

Everyone followed my example as I tore off a pieces meat with my bare hands and scooped up fresh vegetables and like me they had the same eating utensils. And took a seat on our couches, trying to figure out what the purpose of these open couches was, seeing them that each of them were identical as they sat about 5 inches higher than our food table, that was loaded, but to low to eat on the floor.

It wasn’t long after the second pouring of wine that it became obvious to why we need these couches. Because each time we ate or drank our wine no matter if we just sipped it. It made things a little more difficult to stand or sit upright as the music and the dance started to grow faster into strange swirls of color.

Yet we couldn’t stop the hunger we were all feeling. It was like we hadn’t eaten for days nor could we stop drinking the wine noticing we had already drunk three pitchers, watching Dora replace them and pushed the table closer to us. Telling us to eat and we did because we couldn’t stop.

It was like we hadn’t begun to eat anything since it was so much on the table. While our friends below us were too busy to even notice us as they talked among themselves as they ate watching the dance that seemed to grow more intense.

I soon realized that they were naked, as they waved their colorful scarves as they danced. Swaying back and forth as the music moved them and for a minute I could have sworn I heard chanting in a tongue I didn’t recognize. Eli and I blinked asking. “When did they take off their clothes?” I shrugged heavily wondering the same thing.

I blinked and they were clothed again as if being naked was just our imagination. The next thing I noticed surprised me when I looked down at the table, that we had practically devoured everything and there was a strange white glow under us as hieroglyph letters formed into our view.

I looked up just for a second finding all our guest and the dancer naked. I blinked again and they were clothed again and that chanting became louder as if our guest were the ones doing it.

I looked towards Eli and Greg and our two wives as they too were seeing what I was seeing, but this time the linen curtains had fallen all around us all except the main one in front of us. Watching two girls that Greg and I both knew quite well. Fran and Heidi Sims from Santaquin who Greg knew and I had met at the Earls summer party as they walked toward us through the dancers as they danced around them letting them through.

The moment they reached the platform they dress they were wearing fell to the ground to their ankles. Both were naked. Greg and Eli smiled watching them as they made their way towards Greg.

Fran said. “We are yours for the night.” Greg nodded and the main curtain fell, but it still allowed us to see the dance and our guests through the see-through curtains. Rhoda and Jackie made their way too me and Eli dropping their dresses. It was nothing new to for us to have sex so in the open, but the curtains gave us all the privacy we needed allowing our dinner guest to continue on without us.

The girls helped us off with our robes and laid us down on the couches and straddled us. Greg was in girl heaven as one rode him and the other leaned down and started to pour wine down him and licked it off his bare skin.

Eli had our own girls as they pleasured us as the dance and our guest watched the dance leaving us to our privacy. Eli asked moaning. “I never needed to pee so badly in my life.”

I nodded Fran said giggling. “Boys just sneak out the back, no one will know.” Fran opened the back curtain as Heidi grabbed our bathrobes.

Dora and Dr. Sars were waiting for us telling us to just go straight up to our room. That our guests will understand. Handing Fran and Heidi a pitcher of wine, telling them to make sure this was the only thing we drank and if we ran out they would bring more and more food seeing we had devoured the entire table.

Each of the girls put on bathrobes leaving our other robes behind. Having Dad and Mr. Vincent and Stringum helped us boys to our room; too keep us upright as well our two wives Rhoda and Jackie as they leaned on Dr. Sars and Dora.

It wasn’t hard to note the fact we were drunk, but something said it was more than that. Because we kept seeing strange visions of hieroglyph letters on the walls and on the floor as we walked to our honeymoon suite.

Dad helped each of us the bathroom so we could relieve ourselves before leaving the room telling us they will see us in the morning and told Fran and Heidi to lock the door; to prevent nosey grandmothers from walking in on us.

Dora pushed in another table of food she didn’t ask if we were still hungry which was strange because we were still famished. The girls poured us each another glass of wine in our golden goblets seeing that Dora had added two more for our little party. Man, we were hungry, thirsty and extra horny. The time seemed to disappear with the food and the wine as it kept coming until we passed out.

Mom and Dad came to wake us, early so we would have plenty of time to bathe and dress. There was nothing left on the table including the wine, all of it was gone including the crumbs. The only thing left was chicken bones and steak and rib bones.

It was like we were starving animals last night, and we all had slight buzz and headache as Dr. Sars handed us each a pep drink and some aspirins reminding us not eat or drink anything unless it came from them. I know how strange that was, but something said it was important to follow the instructions.

It was almost 8 am; we need to be in court by 9 am sharp. We were told we wouldn’t be coming back once we were done. Not knowing how long court would be, plus the fact that our plane left at 10 pm so we could be at those cords by midnight as the instructions said.

We were all in sort of a daze as we walked out of the hotel into the waiting limo. While everyone else was either sleeping in or had gone home after the feast last night. Stringum seemed quite pleased with himself as he smiled at us asking how our night went.

Not that we could remember much as most of it was still in a fog, or none of us could get out the images we saw during and after the feast. My mother rode with Jennie in my car.  I knew she hated the idea of having to go back to the hospital after the verdict was given. Knowing today could be the last time she would see me or Aaron for a very long time if ever… if my father and my grandmother won.

Dad said, everything would work out, even though he really didn’t believe it himself as we pulled up to the courthouse, dreading the outcome and once more Jeff wasn’t around so I thought when we found him waiting inside on with my father and my grandmother.

Aaron raced in the moment he saw my grandmother and gave her a big hug. He had no idea what my grandmother or my father were doing, or why he needed to be here, and Grandma didn’t tell him, other than to take a seat next to my sisters.

Yet when Susan and my father growled angrily telling him to scram that he wasn’t wanted; my grandmother gave them each a hard stare. Told him to take a seat next too her having my sisters sit on the other side of her as she kissed him on the head squeezing his shoulders. She quickly noticed that his suitcase wasn’t with him and started to get up when the bailiff and the Judge came into the courtroom having us all stand and take our places.

Aaron was busy telling grandma all about last night. How we all dressed up in Roman costumes and had a huge feast to celebrate our wedding. She growled low, as she looked at us. Accusing us of crimes of things we didn’t do.

Well crimes that no one else knew we did if you called having awesome married sex all night long drinking nothing, but wine until we all passed out and woke up not more then a couple of hours ago in mess of naked bodies.

He took his seat on the bench and said. “I have reviewed everything pertaining to Susan and Becky and I would like to share my findings, as well as make a final decision regarding Nate Carrion. It is ruling I do not take lightly, but because I had ruled previous that Nate Carrion is now considered an adult and has married legally by this court, under his own legal name. Only made things more complicated, but the ruling stands never the less.

“I find that Nate Carrion is no longer a ward of the State and I am removing him from foster care. However, he must live in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carrion. Since he nor his wives or husbands other then Greg have a driver license and Nate must complete the driving range before the end of the school year, and isn’t old enough to sign a lease or rental agreement or buy any property to live on until he is 18 which is the legal age of one attending college in one of the dorms or off-campus housing.

“I am also adding an escape clause that states if Nate Carrion is hurt, by Mr. Carrion or a member of his family now that Shawn is being allowed visitation rights according to his caseworker Mrs. Holliman. Against her wishes and those that live in the home of Mr. Carrion and those around him.

“That Nate will be placed into a group home, with his wife Rhoda. Unless things somehow improve at home, but my feeling is that there is very little chance of that happening. Nor would I expect it too in the near future, but Nate will be 17 in mater of a few weeks and a lot can happen in a year. So the decision will be revisited every 6 months. If something happens that requires me and the courts act it will be swift and it will fall upon my shoulders and the courts to how we should handle the decision.

“I have spent the night reviewing the case of Shawn and his relationship with his family and what has transpired and have spoken to both the headmaster and several teachers. Who seemed to be either lying to me, by not giving me a straight answer in regards to if he had indeed turned his life around and is no longer a threat.

“I got both negative and positive feedback. Leaving me to wonder if they a trying to hide something. Yet when I talk to others about him they tell me that strange things have happened during his stay there; missing students that are found dead, later in their rooms.

“Teachers and staff disappearing without ever leaving the campus, Satanic symbols and objects being found in his room, or he and his friends are caught performing rituals in closed off section of the schools late at night. Yet when I confronted the headmaster he tells me that teachers and the staff had resigned and were never missing. And the students found dead in their rooms were distraught because no one liked them and were bullied.

“They thought if they prayed to some Demon God would give them good grades and special privileges. And when that didn’t happen they killed themselves. I asked in regards to Shawn’s bodyguards that were to prevent Shawn from being able to rape other boys while in school there and help keep him in line since he could be very destructive during class and around other students.

“I was told that Mr. Carrion had given the order that they should no longer be required and was dismissed, but when I looked into the State file that was monitoring Shawn. No order was given, and having school Headmaster telling me it was a clerical error… or file that I had hadn’t been updated, faxing me over a copy of the order.

“Yet when I compared it to Mr. Carrion and Mrs. Carrion signature there was some concerns to if the signatures were forged. I knew that I wasn’t going to get a straight answer from the Headmaster as he tried to accuse me of butting into your and his affairs and has since refused my phone calls or my questions of the matter at hand.

“However after speaking to each of you that know Shawn personally. I feel that Mr. and Mrs. Carrion are being reckless, by taking the chance that Shawn will not rape young boys and that Mr. and Mrs. Carrion has stated they refuse to sign a contract that says they will take action if that happens.

“I am not saying it will, but nothing states he won’t either. I also feel they will slide back into this mode, giving Shawn the benefit of the doubt rather than listens to anyone. Not wanting to hear that Shawn is up to his old tricks again. Knowing his parents will cave in and will disregard anything others will tell them or distinguish between rights and wrong in regards to Shawn’s recent behavior. 

“More so now that they are letting the boys have sex, so they can help put away murders and rapists and sex offenders. That the Satanic Church members consider it normal; that when Shawn comes home that he too will be able to participate, knowing that it is now acceptable behavior, not understanding that there is a reason behind it.

That one could argue in Shawn defenses because as they say what is good for the goose it is good for the gander. Meaning that all the boys are gauging in sexual relationships with each other, and many of them have been doing it since the age of 5 when they lived with these criminals and sex offends and murders before the Carrions adopted them.

“That it is just the way of life for them and feels that they are doing no wrong and when they all obey the rules of the house. That they are allowed to participate in these acts with those that are like themselves had grown accustomed of doing so and considered as pleasure for them and who they are with.

“Shawn could argue that if they are allowed to do so, so should he be allowed the same privileges. Even though they are doing it for a different reason then he would. Like I said not being able to understand why he should not be allowed when others are doing it with no consequences.   

“The family caseworker Mrs. Holliman states, that clearly that Shawn is bully and manipulator. He has preferences for young boys, and he considers gay and is a sexual predator. Whereas the boys in the home and their friends do not engage in this type of behavior unless they have too while undercover.  I understand that is necessary and I understand the reason why these boys are doing it, but when it comes to their son Shawn, they feel that he is only doing it because he knows his parents will not stop him.

“I feel that they are right. That you as his parents won’t stop him from engaging in sex with other boys, even boys that aren’t in the home, or friends with the other boys where you live. I feel as our caseworker Mr. Holliman feels, that when Shawn rapes other boys that are not participating in this kind of behavior, regardless of the house rule. You will stand by him and do nothing. Like you have done in the past, not want to face the fact it was happening.

“Yes, you sent him to boarding and school with the knowledge that he would be taught that if he does so there, there will be a consequence. Mrs. Holliman, I have talked to several people within that school. And have determined that there is a chance that Shawn is still rapping young boys and bulling them.

“However without strong proof, to back it up. We can not risk it that Shawn won’t continue in doing so once he is home. Which is why I am adding an escape clause and you Mr. and Mrs. Carrion will be watched to see what happens, if you do not act, the courts will. I will take every boy you have adopted and place them in another home, as well as your own three boys. Until you can prove without a doubt that Shawn is no longer a problem.

“If the Carrions home becomes compromised; Nate will be placed in a group home, with his wife Rhoda until he is 18 with his two husbands and Eli’s wife Jackie or Mr. Earl and his family will take Nate and his married partners and live with them so they will not have to change schools and Shawn will be arrested and tried as adult for child sex abuse and you Mr. Carrion and your wife may be facing charges in child neglect  and endangerment, because you allowed Shawn  into your home without setting boundaries or restrictions for him. 

“However, it is Mrs. Holliman’s opinion that if Linda Shepherd can complete her treatment plan and can provide proof that she can care for herself, and her three children. It is my opinion that Nate should be allowed choose where he wants too live and who he wants to live with, since he is no longer award of the State and if he has obtained his driver license by then. He may choose to live with you or his mother, under the conditions that Shawn is no longer a threat, and his mother is capable of caring for herself and her children.

“If things go awry, the other will be his fate until his 18th birthday and upon completing a high school diploma. We will be monitoring you Mr. and Mr. Carrion, and with regular visits, as well as a full physical by a doctor and child psychologist to determine if you have complied and Shawn is no longer a threat to your family and our society.

“Now then, we must still determine Mrs. Linda Shepherd fate. And I believe Mr. Shepherd would like to present his case in regards too you and your friends have threatened his life and ruined his reputation as a father and his peers for no reason other than some sort of hate crime against him because doesn’t believe in same things you do, but his wife Linda does.

I also see Mrs. Doris Shepherd the grandmother of Aaron Shepherd, and his two sisters Susan and Becky are asking for full custody of Aaron Shepherd and his two sisters. That Mr. Jim Shepherd the husband of Linda shepherd is also fighting for custody, if Linda shepherd is ruled unfit mother, and needs to be placed into metal intuition. I would like to wrap this up by lunchtime. So other cases can be heard and Mr. Carrion and Mr. Earl can leave here knowing that things are settled before going on their trip.”

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