Preparing for Battle  Part 2

Preparing for Battle Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 287-1

Preparing for Battle

Part 2


I said. “So that’s the reason you are giving me a bath is so you can kiss me?”

She looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, said. “That, I was thirsty, it is impolite not offer me some of your wine as well, so I took it instead.”

I smiled and said. “There was only one cup, had I known you were thirsty I would have gladly given you some.”

She shrugged her shoulders at me. “Yet you did not even bother to ask now did you young Nate, my soon to be my husband.”

I made my way over to her side leaning over enough not touch her but enough to share our breath and said. “Is that so? Last I checked we have yet to prove if that is true; however, your right the bath has gotten cold She’ll I call for another; while we get acquainted?” Noticing the wind blowing hard against the tent and how quiet it was.

She waited for me to kiss her, she said waited replied reaching up to kiss me as I started to back away. “If you must you must,” trying to reach my lips as she pulled up her hand to stop only to have brush my manhood who was more then eager to please her, stopping her watching me and getting a very good look seeing I was aroused. I went back to my side of the tub and climbed out, as she watched pretending not to as I caught her biting her lips eying my naked body as I wrapped the towel around me, and then looked away as smiled at her, catching a small glimpse of a smile on her lips.

I opened the tent flap feeling the cold wind and the spray off the ocean; finding no one around except a small handful tending the fires as they were breaking camp and Gerald and Grant speaking to Agatha and Beth as the others were taking down the tents and the tables. They looked at me strangely as I said, “The bath has gone cold, and I thought I would fetch some more water.” I wasn’t sure if I should have been worried not seeing my friends or my wife Rhoda, but I noticed how chilly had gotten the moment I stepped out of my tent wishing had sense enough to put on my robe instead of a towel that showed I a bulging part of my body.

Agatha noticed that I had noticed that I was completely alone, said. “Do not worry young Nate, they are fine, they have been taken to one of the homes in the area on our little island, and you will see them when we break bread in the morning. You have my word that no harm will come to you or them. I swear on everything I hold dear to this life you and your friends are our last hope. There is a storm coming like I said the weather is fickle here. I would have come when we are ready to leave, but I didn’t want to disturb you and my daughter.”

I nodded feeling trapped as I noticed the large waves almost reaching where we had dined and seeing the sky lighten we had about maybe 4 hours of until sunrise, I said, “And then I will…make myself ready…to.”

My words were cut off as Kaleen came out with a robe for me said helping me put it on. “We are ready to leave so we may beat the storm mother.”

Her mother said. “As you wish, Garret would you mind taking them to the house I have prepared for them, so they don’t freeze to death.”

He nodded said. “Yes, mother of my children and the light of my life.” He kissed her as they lingered looking at each other as the wind blew against their robes like little white flags. Gerald stood as well as she told him to help his brother. He said the same thing as they kissed and stared at each other. Garret had us follow him as the girls hung back as I overheard Beth asking her sister; if we kissed or if I made her a woman yet. Kathleen said she had kissed me, but I didn’t kiss her back and no I hadn’t made her a woman yet. She asked if I was gay, I looked back as she whispered and giggled her one of fingers went straight up. They smiled at me as if I was a piece of meat, and I was about to be devoured.

There was a car waiting for us, it wasn’t a limo just ordinary run of the mill car, as Garret waited for us. He seemed proud of the fact that I had chosen to take my time, but his eyes said he was worried because time wasn’t on our side. Yet he refused to interfere, and I had a feeling that he was holding back something. He opened the door excepting me to get in. Instead, I stood by the open car door and waited for the girls letting them get in first. He blinked and didn’t say anything. I had my own oddities as it were.

We waited for his bother Gerald he was trying to carry too much as I got out of the car and helped him. By taking half the load of our bedding while the others carried our mattress, he thanked me and I said asking. “Is there more I can help with?” He looked at his bother Garret as he shrugged his shoulders. He nodded and we went back to our tent; finding that waves were getting closer, as everyone hurried seeing lightning over the ocean.

I carried a box full of our things as much as I could without tripping. Gerald carried the rest telling me they can handle the rest. I had more important things to attend too. I dropped the boxes off near the trunk and went back to help until everything was placed in the cars and the trucks, before getting back into the car. Garret and Gerald gave me a nod of approval as they got in.

It was a short drive, finding my self in front of fairly large house, and large barn and large wine vineyard, which explained much, seeing not a lot of cattle other then basic cows, sheep and goats and a few horses as they were being led by men and boys into the barn for safekeeping. We pulled up the house, which was two stories which I could see had at least 8 or nine bedrooms. The place had running water and was close to modernized with working lights that were powered by windmills and solar energy.

But not everything was powered like the stove in the kitchen was all wood based, and I couldn’t help but noticed the huge dining room table that sat a family of 15 but then again ours was just as large at our cabin. There were two fireplaces one for cooking and heating and the other was just for heating in the living room which was big and opened.

Garret gave me a short grand tour of the house, as the girls raced up the stairs with the bedding the moment it was brought into the house. Garret stopping me from helping by showing me the house instead of telling me this where I’ll be staying while I am here, so they can keep on eye me. When he said that it said more then what he was saying. I said. “Thank you for your hospitality, but I think other arrangements have been made.”

He looked at me, said. “Yes of course, but I think you will find it far more comfortable here among friends then you would anywhere else. It is our job to keep you safe, from the wolves nipping at your feet. You will be staying here until your quest is done, but we will talk more of that later. You have no idea how important you are and friends are, but we do. They will be joining you shortly, this is only for your and the ones you love and our protection. You will find no monsters here on our inland except the ones you bring with you.

“Now then you requested a bigger tub, I am hoping this will meet your needs in short notice and is the best we can offer.” He opens the door to the master bedroom it wasn’t large as mine as our cabin. It had fairly good size bed as the girls were making it and large wooden dresser and large floor mirror as well as woman’s makeup table and mirror and large round wooden table with a bouquet of freshly picked flowers and small fireplace with a roaring warm fire and enough wood and coal to keep it burning for heat.

The floor had large white fur rug near the fireplace and one under the bed sticking out far enough just enough to so your feet didn’t get cold on the wooden floor as you stepped out of bed. On the ends were two homemade oak wood nightstands and two lamps that were also homemade? And turnkey alarm clock. 

He opened the closet showing me clothes that were my size. Buttoned shirts with long and short slaves all different colors that I would normally wear. That looked like they had been homespun. Including the pants seeing several pairs of them in different colors and new store-bought jeans on the floor of the closet was a pair of brand new sneakers and a pair of hard leather work shoes all my size.

Also, there were dresses for the girls, also homespun seeing they were out of date by a few years or more and their shoes, ordinary sneakers that had been worn but comfortable and flat dress shoes. I counted two pairs of each noting the sizes were not the same. Stated they would be sharing this room with me. The fact that I was already married to Rhoda didn’t seem to matter to them. I noticed three large clothing bags; two were white and the other black, but no shoes that said Sunday clothes or black tie.

He told me to hold out my hand taking a piece of stringing from his robe pocket and tied it on to my ring finger and slipped it off placing it back into his pocket. He opened the last door which was the master bathroom flipping the light switch so I could see clearly. Finding lit candles along the floor and around the tub, which was only could fit no more than three maybe four people in its odd round shape.

Finding nothing that said Jacuzzi or had jet holes in the tub, it wasn’t set in the floor. It sat on the floor boxed in with blue mosaic tile and golden fixtures and ivory knobs. On the floor was another fur rug but this was black instead of white like the ones in the bedroom. The bathroom was painted white with rose paper wallpaper along the tub walls where the tile ended partway up the wall. 

The tub was partially filled with water and floating rose petals, and had the aroma of a hint of oranges and apples, and a small shower right next to it. On the far side was a two-person sink as I noticed a large gift basket that had come from Moms store and it was unopened. Seeing the tea we like, and a small sample of bathing products including a blue and pink bath sponge and other sample products.

Garret said. “I hope this meets your approval young Nate. We have seen to your basic needs like clothing… not that you will need much while living here I am sure.” Eyeing me with a teasing smile as his and my eyes looked in his daughter’s direction as they were fixing the bed using the same gold bedspread and pillows that were in our tent. 

He brought me back saying. “What your friends do is not our concern, other than provide you and your safe heaven when you are out and about battling for our very survival. I will leave you, to your duties, and will check on your progress and see to my own family that lives in this house. The children’s rooms are down the hall with their names on the door if you need them. But I think you have your hands full with my two daughters that I doubt will keep you busy for a while as it should be.

Breakfast is severed at 9 unless your late sleeper and your new wives will make sure you are well fed and are excellent cooks I am told you are as well, no doubt one of the many reasons they chose you to be their mate. My room is down the hall to the left please knocking before entering. I will do the same.

“Also I have taken the liberty of making sure your school supplies will be ready when you need them and we have contacted your teachers and they said you are eager leaner that if you missed a few days here and there, it isn’t going to slow you down much. As I have said, this will be your home while you are here and your family and friends will also be close by if you need them, but not to close so you can spread you your wings not having your adoptive parents or friends barge in on you when you want to be with your new brides.

“You have lots to learn from us, and we, in turn, have lots to learn from you. Life, as you have known, will be different here, but when you leave… and when your task is done… it will be as you never left it. Taking the knowledge you have gained from us in stopping those that wish too take this world of ours and make it their own. We can not let that happen; we must do whatever it takes until these monsters are no longer a threat to our way of life. Yours, mine and everyone that lives on this planet are what we are trying to save. We can no longer sit by and do nothing. Which is why the tests we are giving you is not an easy one by any means.

“Yet we both know to catch the ones we seek we must get our hands dirty, we must be able to do whatever is needed so we can set the trap. Know this, what we are asking to do is immorally wrong and we know that… and we are asking much out of you and our sons and our daughters to be used in this way. But it’s a small sacrifice to make to stop those that seek to rule over us and take our children from us and use them as their sacrifices and their sex toys and their sick own pleasures, knowing that no one can stop them. Yet what choice do we have? Our Gods have sent us you and your friends, to do battle for us. It is only fair that we help you win this war, even if it means doing the one thing we find immorally wrong.

“The world is changing, but not enough to stop them from taking our children, our wives and husbands to use like cattle, and butcher them for nothing, just so they can. We value life, we celebrate life, and they take it from us without consequences. You are important young Nate, don’t forget that. Don’t become the monster like your father or the men like them and the ones you and I seek. Standup for what you believe in, fight for our lives and know that what you do is for the greater good. I will see my self out, it’s nearly dawn. You have new brides that are waiting for you to win their hearts. So they may help you keep you safe.”

He closed the door, as Agatha came into the room said. “This should see though,” as several women came in placing large trays of food on the small table and several pitchers of berry wine. Asking if everything meets my approval I nodded as she said. “Good, aren’t my daughter’s lovely?”

I said. “Very… and thank you,” she nodded closing the door and I smiled as they look at me with wanting eyes. And once again the dance began again noticing there were only one Golden goblet and one fork, and one knife and one spoon. Not a box of condoms in sight. I knew then I was in serious trouble, I prayed that God and my wife Rhoda would forgive me. Then again I am sure they had their own problems.

© 2019 Shep

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