Our Journey Begins  Part 1

Our Journey Begins Part 1

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 285

Our Journey Begins

Part 1

I hated to leave thing the way they were with my grandma because she was in many ways my best friend and seen me through the worst times and the good times of my life. Yet it was unacceptable what she had done. Even more so trying to take my brother away from me and put him in the system and what more she was also trying to take my mother away as well. Just because she didn’t believe in our cause, and wanted me to be the little boy again that needed his grandma to protect him from the monsters like my father?

I knew if I allowed that to happen she would never see me as an adult. She would see nothing more than a child. I wasn’t a child anymore, I had grown up and now it was time for me to spread my wings. I had a family of my own now and it was my job to protect them from the monsters of the world. It hurt leaving my best friend behind, my heart was torn and there was nothing I could about it, so focused on my journey that would soon begin and numbed my self so my emotion couldn’t become a distraction.

The drive to the Cranny residents was silent, all except for Stringum on the phone talking to whoever and Dad at the same time working out our arrangements. Mom and Dad were still coming, but they weren’t staying, they were only staying long enough to get us settled and the store then will live in a cottage about 30 miles or so from our base of operations.

Our entire family was coming all except for Aaron who would be spending his time with Bishop Earls family; which gave Mom and Dad a chance for our cabin to be remodeled, adding a few extra rooms, now that house was completely emptied of filming cameras, lighting and sound equipment. All that stuff would be going down to Stringum’s new estate, now that Mr. Tate was gone and the life goes on.

Mom and Jennie met us at her house. It was barely 1 pm and her older boys wouldn’t be home from school until 2:30 pm. Dora and Dr. Sars where babysitting Jennies two younger children; Christopher and Tabitha who were 5 and 4 so Jody and Kerry could run some errands and pack before their plane leaves at 3 am with everyone else’s that was going.

It was still unclear where they were going, even we weren’t told much and Stringum was still working out the final arrangements. Yet he still was very much in the dark on our journey with his wife Dr. Sars and Dora, and they weren’t all that sure themselves except that this trip needed to happen.

Once inside the house, Jennie made sure to give us the grand tour, since many of us haven’t been her home before, other than me and Eli. As we all removed our shoes at the door, which was a standard rule if we were staying for any length of time.

Jennie had some light chores for us to do keep us busy like finishing the laundry some light vacuuming of the kid’s rooms and the living room and the basement family room. Giving her kids a bath and fixing them some dinner and to make sure they were all in bed by 8 pm. Plus telling us that clothing is optional like is at our house, and my mothers house as well as at all our friend's houses.

She said there was plenty of chocolate sauce and whip- cream, opening the fridge and showing that there were several cans and bottles of each. She smiled at me, Eli and Greg when she opened a room that used to be nothing in but a junk room. Flipped on the light seeing a big Jacuzzi tub built for 8 that wasn’t here before stocked with everything we would need.

She flipped off the lights and closed the door, as Dora called us up for lunch, passing the games and videos in the family room. Where there was a big pot belly stove that was also new with a large stack of firewood and box of coal.

The matches were on top of a very high shelf to keep out of the reach of children. Telling me there was more wood in the back of the house if we ran low. Also said that it was fine if her two boys wanted to bring a home couple of friends, but it had to be ok’d by their parents if they wanted to play with them while we babysitting her children. That Dad said it would fine considering I needed a practice of changing diapers, now that Jackie was almost full term and now that Rhoda was now pregnant with my child.

I cringed because I hated changing diapers, but he was right sooner or later I would have no choice and it was what it was. Yet we had learned that when potting training Jonathan that if they didn’t wear a diaper, that they seldom if ever messed themselves. He was 4 and ½ when we learned that and Christopher was 5, but she was still having issues, but when he was at our house.

Not once did he do so when he would run through the house naked with the rest of us and neither did Tanya who was 4. Jennie had remarked that if she would have known that little secret with her two older boys, she would have converted to nudism long ago.

Mom stated that without clothes the children don’t like messing themselves in plain sight. And everyone agreed. Dr. Sars said setting our lunch on the table, seeing that she had heaped up our plates with 4 hoagie sandwiches and some homemade French fries and something that looked like grape juice, but had mixture of something else that I couldn’t figure out what it was; seeing a small leather pouch that she had added to our drinks; except for theirs and Mom and Dads as well as Jennie and my mothers.

I hesitated to drink it, but as I thought about it, I knew it wouldn’t hurt us and trusted them with our lives; Dr. Sars said. “Well just make sure your back by 6:30 or 7. We need to be on that plane in the air by 10 pm at the latest. The flight is 5 hours long. This should tide you over until then plus I stocked the fridge with plenty of your favorite snacks including more of this fruit punch packed with lots of extra vitamins and other things you boys will need.” She winked at us boys. Feeling energized when I took several sips and my manhood tingle causing me to look down, noticing the rest of the boys were doing the same.

Once everyone was gone I divided the chores, between Greg, Eli and my little brother Aaron and Chad and Timothy; Greg’s two younger bothers. We didn’t want to waste a single minute when we could be having fun when the boys come home.

It was a blur of as we worked as the boys came home, noticing that we everyone else was gone except for us. I gave them the note their mother left for them telling them we were charge until they get back and they were allowed to no more than three friends over.

They smiled at their three best friends and whispered something in their ear as they nodded. Watching them reach for the phone, to call home. To get there parent’s permission, but their parents said no that needed to do their homework first, but they could come over after that. The boys groaned, as they gave each other a high five and slung their backpacks over their shoulder and hurried out the door.

They had taken Tanya and Christopher with them said they would be back by 5 to feed us all and help bathe the boys and put them to bed; leaving us with to deal with Jennies two older boys, Robert and Michael.

I saw the hurt in Christopher’s eyes, and just like that, he had made up his mind wanting to stay with us instead of going with the girls. What were they going to do? Stop him from becoming a desert and all the penis he could ever want? Not likely. Tanya, however, wanted to go with her mother and everyone else afraid of missing out. Rhoda Jackie acted like it was no big deal and grabbed the diaper bag Rhoda said. “It’s just us girls, we don’t need the boys do we Tanya ruining everything?”

I hated the idea that Aaron wanted to participate in our fun, but there was little I could about it. It wasn’t my decision it was his, after learning what I was trying to prevent he was already doing. I could blame my brothers for it, but he was just like them. However when it came to the other I was putting my foot down, and Dad and I promised and told my brothers the other wasn’t going to happen.

Besides it was like we were doing anything, wrong not really. It was just natural stimulation between us boys, it wasn’t as we were having sex and Aaron liked a good penis as much we all did.

I grabbed a bottle of chocolate sauce and couple cans of whip-cream that had been marked with Dora and Dr. Sars signature that said they treated with some sort of spell seeing symbols on each of the bottles marked in magic marker. I could feel the odd tingle when I touched the bottles.

I took them downstairs and started a nice warm fire and found the washable mats that Jennie had shown us where they were so we could enjoy our favorite treat and placed them up against the wall and gathered the rest of the boy’s clothes from their rooms to be washed.

Only to turn when Eli came into the room with Greg’s, Aaron and Timothy’s clothes in his arms; said that Greg was running us a nice hot bath. I nodded sorted them into piles starting the batch I had in the washer all ready and turned on the dryer for ones I had just put in.

The girls had left us with robes we would wear to the airport and the start off on our first leg of our journey to where it would be interesting, to say the least, to find out who was pulling our strings. Eli said that he and Chad were saving themselves for Jennies two boys and their friends since the last time we were here didn’t go off so well, which was an understatement. I asked if Greg understood that there would be no sex with my brother Aaron or in his presences.

Eli smiled and nodded said. “Which is why I came up to inform you that Robert and Michael and their friends, wanted to have sex, said like me they rather enjoy it. Your Dad said it was fine, as long as we had their mother sign off on it and she did, telling she rather we didn’t, but if the boys wanted it, there was no harm because they had been doing it anyway behind her back with your new adoptive brothers and had discussed with their own parents and they had agreed that it was far too late to stop them. But made it clear that if they said no, no means no.

“I know you don’t like it because it always reminds you what Gloria West did too you, that instead of it feeling like it does for us. You remember what it felt like and not enjoy it. And you need to learn that it’s ok, to feel pleasure when someone does to you. The pain is long gone, and those people we are taking down this time will know if you are faking it. And it could be very bad for all of us.

“Jeff told me in a dream that he has found a solution to your problem and had something to do with that flower and the potion that Dr. Sars and Dora is making. That you will be able to perform and you will feel better. The same goes for me and Greg that flower will help us do what we need to do. And it will make us horny as hell, worst then last night.

“That is way Dr. Sars and Dora is dosing everything we eat and drink and that we need to prove to these people we are about to meet where we are going that we are capable of making our selves irresistible. To catch the people we need to put away for a very long time. That we will be tested if we can follow instructions; and if we fail? Lets just things could get real bad real fast.

“But if we pass the tests we are given we will not only succeed we will put a very large dent inside the Satanic Church. Which is why this is a trial run, a pretest you might say. So Chad and I thought we would wait and use the boys for practice before the real thing. Greg will keep the younger boys busy downstairs. So we can practice before the real thing.”

I cringed at the idea what he was per posing, but he was right I needed to find a way to block out what Gloria West did to me. I was close, but I wasn’t close enough and if Mr. Striker wanted the full treatment that night, I would have been screwed. I didn’t even like it when Eli or our wives did it, and I never had the taste for it when Rhoda asked me to do it too her and Jackie. Being horny was never a problem when I am with friends and my adoptive family. I had a problem, a very big problem when it came to my mother or anyone else that I wasn’t friends with.

The boys were waiting for me downstairs watching Greg, Aaron, Timothy, and Christopher playing naked twister which involved chocolate sauces and a can of whip cream. Greg said. “The boys were waiting for you guys. Said they had some unfinished business after what happened last time you were here.”

I nodded said. “Ok, then I take it that the bedroom is ours upstairs while we wait for their friends?”

Eli said. “I all grab the robes and our own little treats,” he hurried up the stairs as the boys followed.

I checked the tub and found it too hot, and decide to drain it. So we could take our time. It was the number one rule we had learned that we couldn’t rush it, we need to slow it down or we would scare our victims away, thinking it was a trap.

Jerald and Samuel had said, that they take things slowly there because they are always afraid of being caught red-handed. These monsters were a different verity because they were lower level but still considered dangerous if they feel their lives are in danger. Yet when they feel it is safe they have no problem with what they are doing.

We need to make sure that they felt safe, and that meant we had to slow things down and get them to trust us that we aren’t setting a trap for them. Then once we had what we needed we spring that trap quickly and remove them before their friends find out they are missing.

I didn’t bother closing their parent’s bedroom door since we weren’t hiding anything and we needed to hear the phone ring and if their friends knocked on the door. I found Eli and my robe and was surprised by the fact there were 3 more inside the box that said Chad on it; the other two were for Fran and Heidi Sims on the front, besides Jackie’s and Rhoda’s. I was confused by it thinking we five were the only ones going on the first flight. The mystery was becoming, even more, a mystery. The two boys climbed onto their parent’s bed, fully clothed including their shoes.”

It wasn’t a law here like it was at home that no shoes were worn in the house. And I didn’t say anything, because it didn’t matter, they wouldn’t be wearing them, or anything for that matter. Robert asked if Eli had talked to me what they wanted.

I nodded that he had he gave a sigh of relief, I said. “Are you sure? They both nodded Robert said. “That goes for our friends. Their Mom doesn’t know, that we boys do it, well they didn’t know until a few weeks ago when our Mom confronted them asking if our Dad and their Dads were involved.

“They lied of course, but Mom said. For us not tell their Moms because it would hurt them and she didn’t want to break up other families because of what our Dad did. She said had confronted each of their Dads in private and told them if they kept it between them, and no one else. She would pretend that it never happened. But if they go outside the circle and she finds out they can join Dad in jail. Said they were walking on a fine line, and if they cross it there will be hell to pay, but it was too late to stop them now, because like us they enjoy having sex like we do.

“It doesn’t hurt, anymore like it did when Dad first did it. And he was right we do like it as much as Mom does and the women he was having sex with when we cleaned their carpets; when he took us along to show us what it's like to have sex with a real woman like he and his Dad did when we was our age.” I stumbled and blinked a couple of times even Chad seemed bothered by it.

Eli said. “See Nate, it's cool, I have been having sex with my Dad and his friends since the day I turned 5 years old.”

I said. “That’s because your Dad was the head of the satanic church. It’s different and you know it.”

Eli’ said. “Sex is sex, regardless if you weren’t raised that it was normal and part of your life. You are just bothered because you don’t like having sex that way and the rest of us do. Even your adoptive brothers like having sex, and many of them were prepared the same way as I was. We didn’t use a fake penis we used our own, and that’s why it hurt so badly, because the fake one is made of hard rubber, and isn’t as flexible as the real thing.”

I said. “Thanks for the reminder. Now drop it, before I change my mind.” I knew I couldn’t change what happened, nor can I not go through with it. If I didn’t get a grip on it real soon, I could be putting our lives in real danger.

© 2019 Shep

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