Driving me Crazy  Part 2

Driving me Crazy Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 288-1

Driving me Crazy

Part 2


When we arrived at the house, the rest of our gang was also arriving, as I noticed several new boys and several new girls with our group. I said. “This should be interesting.” Like me they were dressed in homespun clothes, it seemed that like me they were all here for the same reason. We were kindly asked to remove our shoes before coming into the house to prevent mud being tracked on to the floors. Even though it was a rule of our own, and didn’t need to be asked. Everyone complied, as we were allowed to come into the house. The living room had been pushed back to allow extra tables and chairs since it was still too cold to eat outdoors and with overcasts skies telling us that it was going to be raining throughout the day.

Dr. Sars and Dora were busy helping set the table along with Helen and Mira our four white witches. Agatha and her three sisters introduced themselves and everyone else that was here. Apparently, this was what Agatha had intended along seeing as that everyone else was attending their own families and the wedding arrangements.  Rhoda whispered in my ear that we had a lot of things to talk about. I whispered back yes we do as I looked at two new coven boys that had come with them and the girls as well as my own two brides to be as well as our children.

Agatha told us to take our seats, placing us with each other's brides and grooms in the order she and her coven had arranged with the children we were given; noticing that I had the most in comparison as they had no more than two… One boy and one girl all about the same ages, 7 to 12 or younger except for Eli and Jackie they had two girls my two girls and I didn’t know why. Noticing that  I had the youngest girls who were no older than 6 or 7, which Agatha had forgotten to tell me, that she had and it bothered me that she had done so without asking me first; making my job even harder. Not that it mattered the task was the same and it was still up to me how I dealt with the hand I was given.

Agatha said once everyone was seated where she wanted us to sit. “Let me be the first to welcome you to our home. I am sure you have lots of questions too why you were brought here instead of a place on the mainland where you were expecting to stay but were led here instead. The reason is we felt it best you stay on our inland why you are so we can help each other to help us take back what they have stolen from us… Like our families our children and our way of life as they seek to take this world, we live in plunge it into darkness as we have never seen before.

“I and my two sisters have spoken too many of you in regards to your life here and what we are asking you to do prove to us that you are worthy of the help we are going to give you. Many of you have already taken the first step and many of you haven’t learning quickly that you can not rush Mother Nature you must learn that love cannot be rushed, many of you have been rushed when you should have been taking your time; which is one of the reasons why we have arranged you all to be separated that need to be separated. The other is I will get to in a moment.

“I know the task is hard, and we understand each of your difficulties, and the price might seem too high for some of you. Yet we ask it of you anyway. This island is our island and is protected and has been for thousands of years where we are not bound by the laws of men. True we abide by them when we are among them to coexist. Yet as you know that men and women we both seek do not, and they have taken something more precious to us. Our woman and our children or husbands and our wives too sacrifice them to their Demon Gods as they pledge them self to him.

“They know who you are; they have known that since the moment you stepped into their house of worship. Yet they do not know everything if they did you would all be dead now. You have gotten lucky, by taking down the man Mr. Tate and a few of his people, some you have brought back into the light and are working to right the wrongs they have done; which is why we allowed you to come here. If we would have known that we were both working on the same side, we would have met a lot sooner. We need each other help, more then you realize.

“We both have knowledge that can help each other, but first we need to see if we can work together. We have given each of you a test and we have given you the means to do them. It is up to you how you do the tasks we have given you. Some of you will not be leaving this island while you are here until you are ready to leave for home which could be awhile. We have prepared living quarters for all we have invited here. Those that wish to leave may do so, but with it goes our help; help that could win the upcoming battle. So far one chamber has been opened, there are 12 that we know of, however, the next one is somewhere near here, and we haven’t been an able to find it, because it moves place to place every cycle of the moon.

“The map we have is an old one. On the map, it shows where the chambers are, but not when or what they need to open them. Like you we were surprised to learn that you also seek to stop these people from opening these chambers. For in them are artifacts that hold untold power that should never be used. We were all saddened to learn that one of the chambers had been opened by a very evil man known as Mr. Granger.

“Some of you have learned that this man is not what he seems; he walks with demons, he talks with demons and is a man we need to stop before the next Satanic Sabbath which is in two months time and must be able to find the rings and the keys stop them from opening it. True Mr. Grange was able to open the last one all by himself. However that is because he was raised into power in that house; we had hoped that we were wrong because the man we were seeking did not go by the name of Granger, but Zachariah Holt.

“Not only did he change his name, but he also has the power to change his physical features using old cloaking spell. The moment it was discovered we sent Jerald and Samuel to seek him out and see if we could stop him. Sad to say we were not able to stop him, by taking out a couple of key players that held the key and one of the rings he would need to open the first chamber door and he slipped away undetected; which is why we have done what we have done. And why you are all here. I know you have others coming, but they will not be needed here. They will meet up with a sister coven and will work with them like we are going to be working with you in stopping them and bring those to justice swiftly and remove them from power.

“We will talk more about that later. You have much to discuss before the wedding tonight and we want you to visit with us and each other while we attend your arrangements; if you have any questions please feel free to asks them and we will do our best to answer them. Now then please eat, you will need your strength and please feel free to walk the island once you have been seen to your lodgings and your families.”

Stringum said. “Ok, my first question is. Why are holding me and my friends hostage if you are going to help us? I find it strange to be held hostage, yet you offered help with our cause.”

Agatha said. “I told you why, if you are concerned with the buildings you are renovating, everything is in order, we will make arrangements so you can take care of your business as you see fit. You may stay here or go inland if you choose. We are not holding anyone hostage we were only seeing to your needs Young David. Your partner young Lance and I have worked out a nice arrangement that will satisfy both our needs his family will be joining us later for I have sent him and his wife on an errand into the city. I only ask that you meet us halfway, however, Mr. Carrion and his family will be staying here, and so will your wife Dr. Sars and your foster child Arthur.

“However there will be certain restriction while he is here, do the circumstance we both now we would be best for him to avoid. The Holliman’s will be joining us in a few days once they visit with their relatives. Everyone else will be like I said be visiting one of our sister covens in New England doing the same thing we are doing here and I asked them to send word to me that they have arrived safely. What more can we do that hasn’t been may ask young David?”

I watched his eyes brows rise she said that for the second time noting he was not a child but older than Mom and Dad and anyone here. I knew he was working hard to control his anger, but she had this way about making a person go crazy to the point they can’t think straight.

He recovered quickly and said. “So I can come and go as I please?” She nodded telling him the ferry comes 4 times a day during fair weather.

He said. “Well, then I will leave on the next one, and be back before the wedding.”

She nodded. “As you wish young David, but there is no need to leave before morning. The men you and young Lance have hired are spending the day attending to wedding arrangements. Your business can wait, young David. See to your families needs then go and see the work they have done, so you can rest easy.

“But I have already explained to those that are being wed tonight that they won’t be leaving the island and until they have finished the tasks I have given them.”

Stringum said. “I see, may I ask who they are that are getting married and the task they are given that must complete before leaving your island? Nate here already has a wife and two husbands Eli and Greg and Eli has a wife and two husbands who are Jackie and Greg and Nate. Last I checked the rest of them that came with them were not married and as far I as I know their parents haven’t given them permission…. and as far as I know their parents think they are on a sightseeing school field trip.”

Agatha smiled and motioned over too Garret to being over a large yellow envelope she had laying on one of the tables. He brought it over to Stringum as he opened finding signed letters from each of their parents that have been notarized giving the coven permission to marry their sons and daughters. His face paled as he looked at them and the ones they were sitting with; then me, Rhoda, Chad, and Greg. 

He rubbed his face with his hands, said. “Dear god, what have you done? You know they can’t stay here forever?” Agatha shrugged her shoulders said. “Depends on them really now, doesn't it? But doesn’t matter, they will all be married tonight and will remain married to those that they will pledge their souls to and their families. As for the rest, it is none of your business, if they want to discuss it with you then it’s their business. Now eat, for we all have work to do.”

It was like a madhouse of conversation as we each introduced ourselves to each other. Stringum was beside himself as he pulled his wife Dr. Sars to the side and they argued in heated discussion causing him to pick up his shoes and go for a long walk too cool off. Gerald went with him to see if he could help matters. Mom said. “So I take it these two very beautiful girls are too be married to you as well?” I nodded and introduced them to her they each shook hands with Mom and Dad. Yet they were shelled shock when I introduced the boys and the two girls.

Having Kateleen introduced the girls Rachel and Violet who were sisters and were no older than 7. Both girls belonged to Iris, but nothing about their completion matched their mother.  Rachel had blond hair and brown eyes and her sister Violet had dark brown hair with deep blue eyes. If they were sisters or actually Iris daughters they were not by blood, but that alone didn’t make them sisters or her daughters. And I had no idea too why they were switched; seeing the other two girls sitting with Eli and Jackie and two boys I didn’t know all the same ages 12 to 14.

Heidi was being married to two husbands, one a coven boy her age and the other was Austin one of the boys that came with us; and Fran with her two husband one being Grant and a coven boy, both with one boy and one girl no older than 9.  Dustin was added to my family of 5 boys and two girls. Since he became my responsibility the moment I prepared him at the request of our host and his mother Helen. Asking me if I minded that he join my family and I accepted the responsibly gladly.

Once everything was calmed down, Rhoda pulled me aside asking me if I was ok with it. I stated no that I wasn’t, and her face glowed, said. “Me neither, but it's only temporary and the Agatha is right. We need to be separated so we both can do what we need to do. However, she has agreed to let us stay here in the same house, on the condition we keep true to our new husbands and wives. Like her sisters and their husbands.

“They work together as a whole and we will do the same. I was as much as surprised as you were when I found out what they wanted us to do.  Are you having the same problem that I am having, in regards to get them to not be so shy about being naked together in a tub or a bed or me seeing them aroused? One of them nearly bolted out the door when I put my hand on his penis when I kissed, him. It took me two hours to get the other one to come out of the closet all I did was kiss him and had to feel my breasts touch his chest. It’s like it's ok to be naked dancing, but the moment we are alone, it’s like they never been with a girl.

“I asked Brianna about the other stuff like kissing and having sex with each other stimulating each other orally. She said I was trying to hurry nature. Yet what I am supposed to do, we don’t have a lot of time we have a few weeks at best and they need to be ready by Monday at the latest so we can go monster hunting, plus not mention we still have to work out the potion strength and Brianna has refused me any that I could use on the boys telling Mother Nature shouldn’t be cheated when mating with your husbands? This so driving me crazy, I am running out of ideas. By the way, I am told that we aren’t allowed any kind of protection when we are having sex, providing we even get that far.”

I said. “Same here, yet I working on a plan after talking to Agatha, she told me the girls I am to be wed too have bathed the younger children the same ones they paired me up with. I am going to let them show me how they bath them, and then I am going to show them how I bathe my brothers if it is different then the way they do it, if it is then I will have to come up with different way I am considering asking for something to knock them out and tie them to the bed so they can’t get away from me so easily.

“I am not sure about the two little girls, because the only girls I have ever bathed were my two adoptive sisters and you, Mom and Jackie well Cindy and Fran of course. It’s the other I am concerned about.”

Rhoda said. “ it’s the same no matter how old they are,” before Agatha came over and separated us. Telling me that my parents would like me to spend a moment of my time with them before they leave so they can get settled in.

I asked if I can kiss Rhoda she said. “If you didn’t young Nate, I will be very upset considering she is your wife, but don’t linger you have duties to your other bides as she has duties, two husbands, while they get settled in here.”

I kissed Rhoda and we parted I she turned and said. “Thanks, you gave a great idea. Come on boys we have a room that has our name on it,” they paled and as they looked at each knowing they were in trouble. She turned to them. “Mind brings the kids? I want to make sure they have everything they need, and then you boys can bring up our things while I run us all a bath.” The boys stumbled on the word bathe, but what choice did they have, they were either going to get in or they would be tied to the bed and exquisitely tortured… man, I envied them.

Mom and Dad said. “Can we see your room son?”

I nodded and said. “Give me a minute, it’s the first door on the right up the stairs.” Dad nodded as I quickly pulled Agatha aside asking her why the switch. She said. “I got to thinking about what you said when we talked. The girls were not the best fit for you. So Iris and I thought Eli and his wife Jackie would be a better fit, since like you said there are things I didn’t know about the people we are seeking. Eli and Jackie were raised in the satanic church.

“The very church we are trying to destroy because what they are doing to our society. They would know what needs to be done and how to do it. And the same goes for you, young Nate. You know what is acceptable and what is not, and understand more then they would when it comes to young innocent girls and you would protect them with your last breath before anyone harms them.

“That is why we switched the girls… and as for Dustin, he was yours from the beginning you got on the plane. Now then we both have things to attend to. Will you be bathing all the children today or should I have one someone else do it?”

I shook my head and said.   “No. I think I am good thanks, I am used to having a large family of boys and two girls. So am asking you to butt out for now.”

She said. “As you wish young Nate.”

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