A Coven of Witches  Part 2

A Coven of Witches Part 2

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 286-1

A Coven of Witches

Part 2



The moment I drank the wine I had mixed with the potion, my body seemed to float back in time when Gloria West was raping me. Jeff was there with me, said. “This is only a dream; see and feel that pain is no longer part of you and forget it. Feel the pleasure, feel love Eli and Greg and your two wives have given you. The pain is the life of rebirth; the pain is no longer apart of you. Feel the love, and know that you are not doing anything wrong as long as you are doing it out of love and respect for each other. Look upon your bother Jared, he no longer feels the pain. He wants you to love him, knowing that he loves you as a brother and a friend.

“The pain is no longer a part of him. Only the love he has for you is the only thing he feels. See the monster Gloria; see how she feels as she causing you the pain. There is no love; she enjoys the pain she is causing you. God will forgive you, for he is the God of love and you are not like her and the men and women like her. These monsters want you to feel the pain, feel the guilt, where guilt becomes the sickness.

“The pain is no longer a part of you, yet guilt you feel because you have been taught this is wrong, and shouldn’t be allowed to feel the pleasure. Gloria knew you would feel the pain and the guilt-causing the sickness, causing you to remember the pain you felt even though it’s no longer a part of you.” I blinked as my body was being pushed by Eli as I was enjoying the pleasure I was feeling with Rhoda as she moaned. The candlelight flickered about me in the moonlight as my eyes and ears heard moans of pleasure all about me. My eyes closed as I floated as I found my self in the church basement with my father and my mother as they were beating me.

Screams of pain came out of my mouth feeling the pain of the sharpen belt and the hard punches and kicks to my body. Jeff stood there with me and told me. “Look at their faces, see how they enjoy inflicting the pain. The pain is no longer part of you, they want you to feel the pain, the terror of what they are doing too you, the guilt that you can not help your brother. Feel the darkness as it traps you with the pain and the guilt. There is no love, only pain, and guilt. Let the pain go and guilt with it, knowing that help is close, help is coming. See the light; see the light of love in your Ma and Pa’s faces. The pain is no longer part of you, but the love is and always will be.”

I blinked being pulled back as the candles flickered and the moon stretched over our bodies, as the pain left me and the guilt also. My body being pounded from behind lessened and then grew stronger as I felt the pain and pleasure at the same time, but this time there was more pleasure than pain. I moaned as I climaxed hearing Rhoda under me begging me not to stop moaning as her body begged for more. I looked down towards the boy Dustin, as he was feeling nothing but pleasure as he was being licked and his body kissed as Rhoda orally stimulated him.

I turned my head towards Greg and Chad who was pleasuring each other moaning as Heidi begged Chad not to stop. As he pulled her closer tasting her belly and her breasts as Greg thrusts became a steady beat with the music and chatting as the four adults swayed back and forth chanting around us and the circle. I looked at the two boys Austin and Grant rocking back and for kissing and having the most amazing sex with each of the girls. I looked at Fran and Jackie they too were in throbs of moans as their eyes glassed over in the candlelight.

I closed my eyes as my body floated, finding Shawn raping boy after boy with his friends. As the boys they were raping were in so much pain screaming and wailing as the blood poured down their legs as they were tied up unable to move as they raped them over and over again, until they each had a turn, then began again not caring about what they were doing. Jeff said. “Look at Shawn’s face and his friend’s faces. Notice the joy they are getting from the pain they are inflicting. There is only pain, no love or guilt what they are doing only the joy of the pain they are inflicting. This is what the men and woman are doing that rape and murderer so they can feel the joy of the pain they are inflicting.”

I closed my eyes as my body floated through space in time experiencing pain and pleasure, but each time I came back, the pain was becoming less a part of me, only thing remained was the guilt but that too was lessening. Each time I was taken to a memory of either pain or pleasure and love; my own pain and guilt lessened realizing I wasn’t the monster. I wasn’t the rapist as I was the one giving pleasure instead of pain. I was giving love instead of the guilt of doing what I was doing was wrong because I cared, and because I cared the guilt and the pain was lifting into a fog. Gloria West and what she had done to me was only a reminder of what monsters of the world and the demons of the world wanted me to feel.

Trapping my soul with so much guilt, that I couldn’t find peace, I could not feel pleasure or love. Only sorrow and anger because I couldn’t live with the fact I was raping boys the same way as a monster would. When the truth was I wasn’t the monster, and I didn’t have to be. It was my job to make sure I put monster away that enjoyed the pain, enjoyed the pleasure of hurting us, knowing we would feel guilty and embarrassed by it.

I wasn’t like them, I asked them first getting their permission, theirs and their parents and I prepared those that monster wanted me too hurt. Instead I don’t do it, instead, I pleasured them. I teach them how to love, and feel pleasure. The guilt could not take hold, for it was not mine, but the monsters, because in truth they are the ones that failed.

The lights flickered on as the candles had long blown out. Everyone was glistening with sweat. The room felt strange and electric with energy and warmth. Everyone had tears of joy in their eyes as we all stood up and hugged each other and kissed each other. All except Austin and Grant as they wept in each other's arms, telling each other how much they love each other. Our four adults slipped away, finding their clothes or their robes as the pilot said. “We will be landing in 2 hours, make the best of it.”

I looked at the clock and it read 1 am in the morning. Dustin took my hand, smiling as his mother nodded with approval. I leaned down and said. “Let’s beat them to the shower.” I grabbed the special KY gel and a condom. Eli and Greg licked their lips looking at Austin and Grant, and the bed nodding towards it as the girls decided to help; while they waited their turn for the shower, Dr. Sars reminding them only a light grooming. Grant and Austin asked grooming, what do mean grooming then looked down at our crotch area and our chest, legs arms and naval aria finding very little or if any hair compared to them. They both took hard swallows, and everyone laughed.

Once inside the large three person shower, it wasn’t as ideal as a tub would be, but I was being tested and the instructions were I had to prepare Dustin, before we land and teach him the basics. For the first time, I didn’t feel guilty about what I was about to do. I talked him through it turning on the shower letting it beat down on us from two different angles. I asked if he was ready.

He shook his head no, and I laughed telling him he will be fine. He tightened up as I had him get on his hands and knees reminding him to say something when the pain starts so I can back off. It didn’t take long, knowing what to do and what to look for, watching his body relax as the water helped sooth us.

I told him not too look down, but he did anyway seeing trickles of blood and water dripping down his legs. I asked if he was in any pain. He shook his head no, I asked if would like me to stop, as I was already all the way in and thrusting back and forth easily with no resistance. He moaned. “Oh God that…” Moaning “feels so good. Is that what Mom was talking about?” I said. “Yes,” he moaned again begging me not to stop.

I smiled said. “We can do it again in a few minutes.” I bathed him making sure I got all the blood out and gave him a small enema and had him sit on the toilet as I cleaned up our mess, and dried our selves off; wrapping the towel around our waist and around our shoulders before stepping out. Finding that Greg and Eli had made it past the kissing stage with Austin and Grant as the girls shaved them leaving enough hair on them, so it wouldn’t be strange, but not enough to get into our mouths while doing them orally. I said. “The showers all yours, Dustin and I will take one of the couches.”

We didn’t need a bed for the next part of his training. His mother asked how it went Dustin said asking. “Did you feel that when Dad did that to you?”

She smiled. “Yes, and now you will too. Thank you, Nate, for making his first time something those rapists and murders will never give him.”

I said. “The pleasure was all mines.” And I meant it.

I leaned down whispering in his ear asking him if he ready to find out what penis tastes like. He smiled and nodded his head as I told him to lay down said. “We are going to play follow the leader. You do what I do, normally we do it with our clothes on first, but the game is still the same, and we can play that game later once we arrive where we are going.” I had him pick a flavor from our sample boxes that the girls used on him. He chose candy cane and butterscotch; as he licked it off his fingers.

I let him apply it anywhere he wanted to on me. He skipped my crotch and penis, afraid to touch it. So I took his hand and showed him that it was nothing to be scared of. I let him stroke it as I stroked him until he got comfortable with the idea. His Mom took a seat across from us, asking me if I minded if she watched. I shook my head no, said. “You can play the game with us if you want?”

She blinked, said. “He’s my son.”

I said rubbing on my flavors on Dustin. “Yes he is, but I am sure you have tasted your husband penis many times over the years and other boys before then, and had sex.”

She said, “yes, but not with my son.”

I did his feet and toes and sucked on them causing her to blink. I said. “You loved your husband, and I know you love Dustin. You know that there is no harm in tasting a penis, that it is all natural. And like your husband and the boys you have been with as long as they stayed healthy you never got sick?”

She nodded I said. “Tasting Dustin is like tasting your husband. They are the same as your husband tasting you, in your special spot we call a sweet spot and boy’s sperm is called nectar. Dustin is apart of you and your husband. You and he created him out of love for each other. Therefore should you not love Dustin the same way as you did your husband?”

“You are not creating a child; you are showing Dustin that you love him, on the same level as your husband. We nudist call it sharing ourselves, not only by allowing us to see each other naked the way God made us but show each other love, respect, and kindness. God is love, God understands that you love Dustin and your husband; he gave you Dustin, so why not show Dustin that kind of love. If you worried about fathering Dustin child when he grows older; wear protection, and teach him about safe sex when he old enough to do so.”

I took his other foot and sucked on his toes. His mother said. “I used to do that when he was a baby, he always liked it when I did it.”

I nodded. “Same foot, same toes, only bigger. Besides he’s clean, and I was the one that bathed him.”

She smiled. “So you mean nudist believe in god, but also believe in a free love society? How does that work when you’re married?”

I said. “Because we both allow us to give each other our consent and most the time we have sex as a group. I am married to Rhoda, Eli, and Greg. Eli is married to me and Greg and Jackie. And when are with other their people, we give our consent to have sex together with them or apart; if the person says no we don’t force them into anything that they don’t want to do. Which makes everything consensual and we don’t end up raping someone against their will…

“Monsters like the ones we are taking down do that. We were not monsters; we do not infect unnecessary pain. Where the pain becomes guilt, turned to anger to the point love and kindness and respect, Are the guilt and the pain they feel because what they have done and turned into joy.”

She came over and sat next to me rubbing Dustin with more flavored oils and taking his feet and toes and tasted them. I said. “The name of the game follows the leader if you want to play we need to put pillows on the floor or there is the bed.” Nodding to the empty bed.

She smiled and said. “Be such a shame to waste it. While they're all in the shower.”

We quickly made a beeline as I grabbed my box of flavored oils. Told Dustin to get on the bed and his mother laid beside him on her side; I explained the rules, and she nodded taking off her robe, to make the game fair. I had Dustin help me apply the flavor oils to his mother. So he could get used to touching a naked woman. He shied away from her breast and sweet spot. So I said. “May I?” Placing my hand on her breast and another on her sweet spot.

She said. “Most boys or men don’t ask for permission.”

I said. “I not most men, I was taught to respect women by getting their permission first before I do anything. Rapists and monsters don’t.”

She smiled and gave me permission telling Dustin to listen to me, and learn from me. He nodded as I took her right breast and rubbed with my hands using the flavor oil and cupped it leaned in and tasted it she moaned, “Your wife won’t mind?”

Rhoda said overhearing her, “why should I mind? He knows better than too hurt me without asking first. I gave him permission to have sex and stimulate anyone on the plane and he gave me permission as well. He is doing what is required to teach you and Dustin so it may save our lives.

“Perhaps when he’s done, I and he can share you, but right now Jackie, Fran, Heidi and I are busy teaching Grant and Austin about girls. While Eli, Greg, and his brother Chad are teaching them about boys.” She nodded in their direction as Dr, Sars, and Dora was busy with the pilots now that it was back on autopilot until we were ready to land or we run low on gas.

I told Dustin to do the same to his mother other breasts. He looked at his mother as she said. “Dustin, you have been sucking on my breasts the moment you were born. They haven’t changed much even though the milk is long gone you got from them.” She placed his hand on her breasts and helped him massage it and cupped to his mouth as I did. He only hesitated until he found he really liked it. I moved down as his mother stroked him a little so he would no it was ok for her to touch them their now that he didn’t need a diaper. I told him to climb on top of her placing his feet and legs over her shoulder she smiled as I nodded as I gave her opportunity to taste him, he looked back and smiled at his mother allowing her to do so as he watched me kiss his mother sweet spot that needed to be groomed.

I asked her if she minded if I did she moaned. “No, I am fine tasting my son who tastes just as good as my husband did, if not better.” I took the clippers and groomed her and then said. “I’ll do the rest when we are in a tub that way I can show you and Dustin how to groom me and girls.”

His mother said. “He’s a little young to be holding razor for that,” I stated that my bothers do it all the time and they are no older then Dustin, besides the razor will be just as safe if she was doing it. She nodded and continued tasting him.

Once I had shown Dustin his mother lady parts. I took my tongue and tasted her as he cringed. I took my finger and got some his mother nectar and placed it on my finger had him stick out his tongue, hesitated at first then found he liked it, then used his own tongue as his Mom moaned with satisfaction. I said. “Now we are ready to play follow the leader.”

Dustin did exactly what I did, but went a little faster being his first time. His mother also took over and had him take a side, and until they got to penis tasting. He didn’t do it until she did it too me as she overly moaned how good I tasted. She went all the way getting my sweet nectar having him taste it finding he really enjoyed it more then he thought he would. We went over kissing and sex as I asked if I or she needed a condom. She shook her head no and helped Dustin like the girls would for a boy his size.

We were just about to land when Dustin and I were having sex again, letting his mother participate using a double fake penis, which I found not bad as pleasure goes, but I preferred the real one. It was the first time I actually felt the pleasure that way and I didn’t feel guilty about having sex with Dustin. Would be enough to past the test, I didn’t know as we were told buckle our seat belts so we can land.

© 2019 Shep

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