Driving me Crazy  Part 3

Driving me Crazy Part 3

A Chapter by Shep

Chapter 288-2

Driving me Crazy

Part 3


Agatha left me to it as I told the girls to help clear the table and do up the dishes. Then bring the kids up and a change of clothes for them. I know I sounded bossy, but one look from their mother was it all took; Kateleen asked why I wanted the children and a change of clothes. I said. “Because I was told that it was my responsibility to make sure they had a roof over their heads, a warm bed to sleep in, clothes to wear and they have been bathed I had asked your mother to let us do it now instead of later.

“I have my reasons and that’s all I will say for the moment. Do you have a problem bathing the children, because I was told you have been bathing them since the day they were born? Well, guess what? Last I checked they are our children, and our responsibility the moment you two decide you wanted me as your husband. If you can’t bathe them, I will and you can do other things until we can meet each other halfway.”

“I am sorry, but if we are to be together we must do things together. Marriage is hard, but it can be rewarding as well.” I moved towards them and took them by the hand said. “I am doing the best I can under the circumstances, I will love you. I will never hurt you, but God you are driving me crazy because I don’t know what I can do to get you to trust me.” I leaned in and tried to kiss them as they backed into a wall. I stopped. “See, you still won’t even kiss me, and were fully clothed.” I turned to walk away, only to be pulled back by Kateleen.

She said. “We want to kiss you, we want to be with you, but it’s just that we don’t know what to do afterward. Do we kiss or do we just look at each other naked, hoping and wishing that you kiss like that again as we did earlier?”

I said. “Why can’t we do both, All I am asking is you trust me, you will find out that are far better things we could be doing than staring at each other without our clothes on. Let’s start with bathing the kids together. Then we will try dancing if I can find a radio somewhere or recorder player. Or I’ll hum something. You want to kiss, I am….” Just like that, she kissed me.

Agatha said. “Finally,” I released her as she wobbled a bit as Beth took her turn.

Iris and Brianna breathed a sigh of relief; hearing Iris says, “Now if they just get busy knocking boots we are halfway there.”

Agatha said. “Providing they can do it without their clothes on, we might have a chance.”

I smiled said. “I thought you guys were going to butt out?”

Brianna quickly said. “Hey, we are… it's just it’s the first we have seen you guys kiss. Please don’t stop on our count. Ok, were butting out.”

I smiled and said. “Come up when you are ready. I have to talk to some parents about butting out so we can have our room back to knock boots in.” I heard two boys scream as they came running down the stairs screaming naked as the day they were born. One of them said “That girl’s crazy, she just ate our son’s penis. Telling us we are next.”

Agatha and her sisters laughed Agatha said. “Jasper, Daniel. Get your butts back in that room or she won’t be the only one having a penis for lunch.”

Daniel said. “You wouldn’t dare, mother?”

Garret came in the door blocking them, said. “She wouldn’t dare to do what? And why are you boys naked down here with company still here?” Noticing Dr. Sars, Dora Helen, and Mara. Everyone else had left the house to go play or help with the wedding or get settled in… or back to their houses to be with their new wives or husbands.

Daniel quickly explained what Rhoda was doing. And what his mother said. Garret crossed his arms in front him said. “Is that all? For a minute I thought the house was on fire the way you boys are acting. Now get back up the stairs and don’t come out until the wedding. And by the way boys, I like a good penis, and yours look mighty tasty.”

They quickly covered themselves, as he nodded and licked his lips. Then he moved towards them as their faces blanched and he chased them back up the stairs, said. “Rhoda if you have to tie them to the bed, and ride them until their penis falls off and then do it again.” He slammed the door shut and came back down the stairs asking the girls. “What you girls gapping about? You should be in your room finding out what one taste like. Oh, that’s right I forgot. You still haven’t kissed Nate since he kissed you in the tub.”

Brianna said. “Well actually they just did Garret, and about to do it again before our boys came down the stairs.”

He smiled. “Well that something anyway, but why are they still down here and not upstairs naked like they should be.”

Beth said. “Dad butt out. We will come on up once we gather the kids, did you want all them? Or just one at time Nate? I am not sure we can get them all in the same tub, but we can try.”

I said. “Depends, do you normally bathe them one at a time or all them?”

They looked at their mother she threw her hands up and said. “Don’t look at me my daughter’s, I was told to butt out that’s what I am doing.”

I went up the stairs while the girls went to collect our five boys and our two girls. Hearing them outside playing a game of soccer with my brothers and sisters. Kerry was sitting on the couch nursing her baby. Garret apologized for his boys noticing her, sitting by the fire out of the way. She said. “No need to apologize I like a good penis just much as you do if not more.” She licked her lips and stared at his crotch, finding his zipper open and his about to poke through.

He blanched and apologized said. “All the bathrooms were busy.” And zipped up his zipper, she said. “Too bad, because Tom and I would like to get acquainted with yours and your brother Gerald and both your wives said we could if we wanted to let the kids do their thing.”

He said. “Well, then let me see if I can find my brother Gerald.” He left out the door.

I went up the stairs and opened my bedroom door as Dad slammed me against the door and kissed me, finding them both naked. He picked me up off the floor and carried me to the bed as Mom quickly helped him take my clothes off. Undoing the buttons on my shirt and my pants and had them down to my ankles in a hurry and as they were about to do me orally. I said. “Wait, we can’t,” I moved out the way. Mom and Dad looked at me stunned asking why not. I said. “Because it wouldn’t be right; my two wives and my children haven’t been with me yet.”

Mom said. “You mean you still haven’t had sex yet?”

I shook my head no. Dad asked if they were gay, I said. “No, just shy.”

Mom laughed. “Let me get this straight you been naked with them for nearly a day and you still haven’t had sex?”

I nodded, and I explained why. And Mom and Dad looked at each other Dad asked. “You do plan too right?”

I said. “Yes, when they are ready too, Rhoda’s having the same problem if you couldn’t tell.”

Dad said. “Oh, that was all the screaming about.”

Mom said. “Well then, we will… wait… there are no condoms in the room?” Dad looked in the drawer on both sides of the bed.

I said. “Don’t bother looking for any. Agatha and her sisters took them, and told us all no condoms or a fake penis until we had sex as married couples; the only time we are allowed them is when we are having group sex, when it’s just us, no condoms.”

Mom growled. “What the hell. I am going down there and get them back.” She grabbed her clothes.

I stopped her, said. “No, she promised me, that if I got her daughters pregnant she would handle it, said she brews them up something to prevent that from happening, but she wasn’t about to cheat mother nature until then.”

Mom said. “I see. So then you can use them when you need to when you guys are out hunting monsters and demons?”

I nodded she said. “Ok I will allow it, but I will make sure she knows the only real children you are having are with Rhoda.”

The door opened as the girls came in with our children. Dad said. “Don’t mind us we were having sex, and Nate explained that you haven’t yet. No need to be shy were nudist are an odd bunch. We take off each other's clothes have sex at drop of a hat. Our son Nate will explain it in more detail so when it’s our turn you won’t be so shy. Karen, let's see if we can continue where we left off. I understand it’s allowed to run naked here. Am I right Nate? Or is that too not allowed?” Garret came in with the rest of my children overhearing us and seeing Mom and Dad naked and I almost completely with my pants and boxers down to my ankles and my shirt opened and very much aroused.

He smiled at Mom and Dad, said. “Oh I see, you have learned the rules of our little island. We were about to do the same thing in our room, you are more than welcome to join us.” The girls looked back at their father and then noticed that he was naked and Gerald was with him and he was naked and both with king-sized hard-on’s only turn and look down at Dads. Dad said. “We’d love to, that way we can talk and get acquainted.”

They left out the door as I quickly dressed. Wondering why it mattered… it wasn’t if they haven’t seen me naked and it was one of their favorite things to do while celebrating life, but I wanted to do this right. I wanted my new brides to have the honor or at least give them the chance before I took matters into my own hands. I closed the door, said. “Give me a minute to run the tub. You can start undressing the kids;” I looked at the girl's shell shocked faces. I apologized said. “We nudists call that sharing ourselves.”

The girls nodded Beth asked. “So we will be asked to share ourselves once we are married with other people like your parents?”

I nodded and said “Yes, and we will be doing that when we are with the bad people, but there is a big difference between them and the bad people. Didn’t your mother explain this to you?” 

Kateleen said. “Yes she did, she just didn’t tell us everything.” I looked at the boys and the two girls, noticing they didn’t have any clothes to change in too.

I asked about them, and Kateleen said. “That their mother told them not to bother with them, that it would be a waste of time since they were just going to be wearing a robe for the wedding and be indoors most the day due to the rain.” I looked out the window realizing it back to raining cats and dogs.

I nodded said. “Fine by me, considering we will most likely we will spend the entire morning in this room… Naked.” The girls blanched, I didn’t explain myself as I ran us a bath. Yelling back. “Now then, I am not familiar about your bathing ritual so I will watch and help showing you how I bathe my younger brothers and my sisters.”

I walked back into the room finding none of them have moved from the spot. Well except Dustin who was already taking off his clothes. I asked the girls what’s wrong. Kateleen asked. “Are your parents really going to have sex with our parents?”

I said. “Most likely, you mean you didn’t know that they have been having group sex with other married couples on the island?” They shook their heads no. I gave heavy sigh and said rolling my eyes. “You got to be kidding me? Look. You got to get used to the fact that sex isn’t a bad thing. In fact, when we do it, it will be scary at first, but once you realize how much fun it is and it normal you will want to do it every chance you get. Now we are going to bath the boys and two girls together, something you have done most of your lives. I know because your mother and her sisters told me you do. So can we do that, or do you need to leave the room and I’ll bathe them myself?”

“Now when I bathe my brothers, I have learned that being clothed is not the best way, because you get drenched; if I bathe one of my brother’s, fine. I can get away with it. But as you know I have 6 younger brothers the same age as these boys. So I am going to take off my clothes, and you can join me or get wet. It’s just a bath… for now. We aren’t going to have sex… we are just going bathe them and then I am going to show what I do in my family and what you need to learn then you are going to bathe me and I, you. Not only as my wives and family but when we are mingling with the bad people. If we don’t and we leave this island it could cost us our very lives. Please tell me your parents least told that much?”

They both nodded. I said. “Good. Now then help me take off their clothes. So you can send them down to be washed. I am going to do you a favor, by not taking off my pants so you won’t see how hard I am. Is that ok or would like to see it?” They shook their head no that they have to get used to seeing it. I nodded and stripped down adding my clothes to Dustin’s. I told Dustin to climb into the tub and he did what I asked after I promised him we could do what did last time later.

Because the boys and the two girls were so young still, and how they were raised here on the island they didn’t have a problem being naked in front of me. However, they couldn’t stop looking at my arousal. That meant I needed to have a boy to boy talk without the girls so told the girls to start without that they can start bathing the girls and Dustin.

They wanted to know why and I said. It's personal and its guy thing, I had the boys follow me into one of their bedrooms. Hearing the boys in Rhoda room right next to us as the bed squeaked and loud moaning. I closed the bedroom door telling the boys to sit on one of the beds. Noticing that their room was small with a bunk bed and basic boy furniture including a large box of toys, just there would be at my house.

So I asked the boys if they have stimulated themselves having to explain what I meant. As they nodded that they had and then I asked if they did so together having to explain what I meant. They shook there heads no, but I knew better because I knew my brothers, but then again they were raised that it was ok and normal either way it didn’t matter. It was what it was and we would get to that, soon enough. But I could help them by getting over mine; so explained that it was normal to stimulate themselves and each other, by asking them to touch mine by taking each of their hands one at a time allowing them to stimulate me so they could get used to it.

Boys were boys and having their own they quickly realized that mine was like theirs. I would show what else they could do, once they had stimulated each other for a couple of minutes in front of me. We then walked back to my room. And I said to my self let the games begin finding the girls naked and bathing Dustin and one of the girls.

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