Heat Wave

Heat Wave

A Chapter by Edwina

People get a little off center when the weather takes control of their lives.

Daniel asked Caitlin if she would like to take Henry to Ocean City for a few days, and get away from the sweltering heat that had settled over the entire Metropolitan area. She eagerly accepted, but added that she wanted to bring grandma Mo, or have her meet them there. Daniel said no, and added that he would give her ten dollars to buy a swimsuit for herself, and tiny trunks for Henry. She agreed to the terms, made dinner, and said that they could shop in Hyattsville the next day.

The ten dollars turned into twenty as Caitlin grabbed sand buckets, sun hats, and an inner tube for Henry. Daniel chose a pair of loose leg blue swim trunks for himself, and a powder blue one piece wool suit for Henry. Caitlin took 20 minutes to choose a hunter green ruched satin one piece with a crotch panel. Daniel wondered what life would be like if he could ever be with Brenda in a permanent way. Henry was the joy in his life, and nothing made him happier than to see his baby smile when he showed him new things. Henry appreciated "daddy". Brenda appreciated her friend and lover, but Caitlin took him for granted. The longer they remained in the cramped rental house, the more demanding she became.

Daniel telephoned Brenda to tell her about the trip, and she said to be careful around the water with Henry. Brenda hated Caitlin for "trapping" Daniel, and would avoid her as much as humanly possible. Daniel mentioned the availability of another "1814" reenactment for himself, Henry, and Caitlin perhaps in Baltimore, and "any other" ones that Mr. Griffin could share. Costumes were essential, and had to be authentic, so Brenda promised to be on the lookout for such clothing. She stopped short of offering to pay her seamstress to custom make the costumes from genuine patterns, and fabric. For Daniel, and Henry, she would do "anything at all," but Caitlin was on her own.

Farleigh remained silent and home bound during the heat wave, and it was not unusual for him to leave his phone off the hook. Brenda placed fans in her attic windows, and sucked air from the curtained cubicles. A thunderstorm would cool things down considerably, but nature didn't feel like raining. She was in the mood for some loving and wished that Farleigh would magically wander into her bedroom and put on another "show" for the mannequins. 

Her seances were on hold until September. Her dreams were disturbing at times. During one such dream she wandered up and own U.S. 1 and saw major changes. Farleigh's house was gone, her mother's shop was white, not red brick, and there were men with dirty clothes on outside the store in the back. 

She often spoke to Mr. Blundon before she drifted into sleep, and he told her that changes are "unavoidable." She often awoke from a dream involving his death, and "saw" how he died, exactly.  In time, she would share the information with Fiona, but worried about sharing the vision with Farleigh.

CJ Marks

© 2014 Edwina

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Added on July 7, 2014
Last Updated on July 7, 2014
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