Welcome To Crete Chapter 22

Welcome To Crete Chapter 22

A Chapter by Repgreece

Truth or dare

Fay came back to the table carrying another large carafe of wine and a plate of food.
"He gave us some meze goodies on the house, dig in," she said placing the plate in front of them.
They all helped themselves from the plate of meat, cheese, chips and pita bread and Fay filled up their glasses, holding hers up to clink.
"Cheers... I know, I know, everyone has to clink or it's bad luck." She rolled her eyes.
Sal gave a nod of her head. "Precisely."
"This wine is starting to go to my head, think I'd better slow down a bit," Fay said, putting her glass down.
"Nah," Sal, Ruth, Ann and Pat giggled.
"Oh lord, you're all half way drunk already!" Fay observed.
"I think the word is jolly," Sal corrected her.
"Yep, jolly drunk!" fay joked.
They all fell about laughing.

Sal suddenly got that overly excited look on her face and sat bolt upright on her chair. "I know, let's play truth or dare."
"Oh no, please," Fay said, putting her head in her hands.
Ruth looked impressed with Sal's suggestion. "Great idea. I'll start with Fay."
Fay looked wryly across the table. "How did I know that was coming Ruth?"
Ruth ignored Fay and continued. "Right, I'll give you an easy one to start with. What's your most embarrassing experience?"
Fay thought for a bit. "Well I have a few to choose from but here's one that springs to mind. I was walking into town one day and Georgos from 'Shots Bar' used to go past that way a lot before he moved house, so he would often stop to give me a lift. Now he has a black BMW, you must have seen it because there aren't many like it in Agios Nikolaos. Anyway, on this particular day the black BMW went past just as I was coming to the corner of a road and it went to turn but then stopped. I got in assuming that he was offering me a lift only..."
"What, what?" they chorused.
Fay cringed. "Err, it wasn't Georgos. It was a complete stranger!" They all broke into hysterical laughter. "He gave me a very strange look so I just smiled and got out!"
"He probably thought his luck was in!" Ann said, wiping the tears of laughter from her eyes.
Fay briefly covered her head with her hands but when she looked at them again she was recovered and ready to get her own back.
"Okay, your turn now Ruth." Fay gave her a wicked look. "If you had to kiss anyone in the bar, who would it be?"
Ruth glared at her. "Thanks Fay. Well if I had to, hell I'd go for Adam."
"Me too," Sal said enthusiastically.
"Me three," Pat added.
Fay wasn't pleased with their responses. "Okay, okay, but I don't think that Ruth is telling the truth anyway, are you Ruth?" Ruth glared again. "Okay, maybe you were," Fay said, backing down at the look on Ruth's face.
Pat turned to Sal. "Your turn now then." She was ready with a question. "What was the worst thing you did at school?"
Sal didn't take long to answer. "Err... got thrown out of an exam."
Pat's eyes widened. "Why?"
"They told me I was causing a distraction."
"Come on then, what did you do?" Ruth asked, not at all surprised.
"I threw a paper aeroplane with a note in it at a boy I fancied." Sal looked pleased with herself.
"What did the note say?" Ann laughed.
Sal shrugged. "Can't really remember, something like 'meet me after school'."
"Ooooh!" They all pretended to look shocked but Sal had better questions up her sleave.
"Okay, your turn Pat. Who in town have you fantasized about sleeping with?"
"Sal! I can't answer that," Pat exclaimed.
"So you have then!" Ruth deduced.
"You have to answer it or do the dare," Sal warned.
Pat was defiant. "Okay, I'll do the dare."
Sal thought and glanced around her for inspiration. She giggled. "Right, see that bowl of oranges on the table in the taverna behind you?"
They all turned to look.
"Yes," Pat said suspiciously.
"You have to pick up some oranges and go up to that couple at that table over there and juggle, singing Robbie Williams, 'Let Me Entertain You.'"
Everyone but Pat laughed loudly.
"You're kidding."
Ruth smiled. "No. Good one Sal."
"I can't believe I'm going to do this," Pat said rising from her chair.
"Oh my god, she is as well," Sal giggled.

Pat picked up three oranges and went to stand in front of the couple who looked up at her in surprise. Then she started to juggle and sing, but she dropped the oranges and one landed on the table, rolling into the man's dinner. She apologized, picked up the oranges, put them back and ran, with the couple staring after her in bewilderment.
"Whose idea was it to play this game?" Pat asked, taking her seat again and turning her back to the taverna next to them.
"Sal's. Well done Pat, need to improve your juggling skills though!" Ruth teased.
"Ha, ha, anyway now it's Ann's go," Pat reminded them.
"Oh no, be nice to me please!"
Pat found it difficult to be nasty to Ann so she gave her a fairly easy question to answer. "What's the worst lie you have ever told?"
Ann thought for a while. "I told someone that I didn't love them, but I did and they left me." She gave them a crestfallen look.
"Ahh, that's really sad!" Sal said.
Pat turned to Fay. "Yes, there's a lesson to be learnt there."
"I've never done that!" Fay said defensively.
"You know what I mean, anyway your turn again," Ann said.
"I'll ask Fay's question," Ruth exclaimed suddenly, throwing Fay a challenging look.

Oh hell, she was going to give her a bad one for revenge.

"Has Adam tried to kiss you? And I want you to give details," Ruth stressed.
Fay's eyes widened. "No way! That's not fair!"
"Yes it is, I had to juggle oranges remember!" Pat added.
"No, I'm going to have to do the dare," Fay stated decisively.
"Any ideas?" Ruth asked the group.
"I have," Sal said with excitement.
"Go on then what?" Fay was reluctant.
"You have to sit under the table drinking your wine until someone else has to do a dare."
Fay rolled her eyes. "Thank you for that Sal."
"Go on then," Sal urged.
Fay tutted and picked up her glass, ducking under the table and sitting cross-legged on the floor.
"I feel completely ridiculous," she shouted out.
"Good," Ruth chuckled.

They continued to play but the next two people answered their questions.
"Any chance of me getting up anytime soon?" Fay shouted.
"Not yet," Ruth shouted back.
They all laughed and bent their heads to see Fay muttering to herself.
"Right whose turn now?" Pat asked.
"Oh my god!" Sal's attention was no longer on the people around the table
"What?" the girls asked.
Sal pointed across the road to Adam who was fast approaching. Ruth waved and gestured to him. As he got nearer she put her finger to her lips to indicate for him to be quiet.
He looked bemused and whispered, "What's wrong?"
Ruth pointed under the table and mouthed, "Fay."

Oblivious to what was happening above the table, Fay chose that time to shout out again. "I've run out of wine here now, can someone pass me some more?"
Adam stifled a laugh and poured another glass, crouching down. "Here, but I think you should probably slow down."
Her head shot up. "Adam!"
"Hi sweetheart, you having fun down there?"

© 2011 Repgreece

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LOl, she has a new answer to "what's the most embarassing thing you've ever done?" LOL, i loved this chapter and i think it's one of my faves so far! I love dit when pat had to juggle oranges for that coule and one rolled intot he guy's dinner! lol!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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