Welcome To Crete Chapter 28

Welcome To Crete Chapter 28

A Chapter by Repgreece

Adam and Fay have breakfast before taking a trip to Elounda


Adam caught up with Fay at the entrance of the hotel and opened the door for her, gesturing for her to enter.
"After you Madam," he grinned.
She gave him a smile, sauntered through the door and across the marble floored lobby to the lifts at the back. She had been in the hotel many times before to visit Susie or Jo, or when friends had stayed there in the past.
"Where are we meeting him?" she asked as they stood waiting for a lift.
"By the pool. You seem to know this place," he said as the lift arrived and he followed her into it.
"Yes, I know a lot of people who work here. You know some too,"she replied.
"I do." He looked surprised.
"You and Jen didn't do a lot of talking then?" she queried, lifting up her shades and placing them on the top of her head.
"Oh so she works here then," he said, avoiding her question.
"Well she is a rep so she is based here. A lot of the reps actually live in the hotel but Jen has been here for some years so she moved out and got her own place," she paused, turning her eyes to him, "oh but you know that already don't you?"
He gave her a wry look. "Touché."

They got out at the top floor and made their way to the pool area, with an adjacent breakfast room. Adam spotted Tom immediately; he was stretched out on a sun bed by the side of the pool. He led Fay towards him and as they approached she suddenly recognised him from the photograph on Adam's bookshelf.
"Bloody tourists, lying around all day doing nothing," Adam said loudly, goading Tom as they stood over him.
Tom laughed and jumped up, crossing his arms. "Us people who live in the real world and have stressful jobs need an occasional holiday," he bantered, turning his attention to Fay. "So you must be Fay, Adam has been singing your praises."
She glanced at Adam with amusement and held out her hand to Tom. "Fay Thompson."
He took her hand and lifted it to his lips. "You didn't tell me she was so stunning Adam," he said watching her with interest. She looked surprised at his familiarity and gave a modest laugh.

Oh lord, here we go. Perhaps this was a bad idea. Nah, she would't fall for his corny lines anyway.

"Shall we eat?" Adam said, placing a hand on Fay's back and ushering her into the breakfast room, closely followed by Tom.

The waiter showed them to a table and gave them each a menu.
"So what made you move to Crete then Fay?" Tom asked, scanning his menu.
She glanced up at him. "I just got tired of the rat race in London and since I could continue to write over here I figured why not?" Her eyes hovered on the menu for a few seconds then before flicking up briefly for a quick assessment of Adam's friend. They were completely different. Tom had blonde, wavy hair and blue eyes in contrast with Adam's straight, dark hair and brown eyes. As she glanced at him she had a feeling that it would be hard to judge what he was really thinking, he had certain air of charm about him but she suspected that most of it was bravado.

Adam's eyes moved from Fay to Tom and back.

What was the fascination Fay? Don't encourage him.

"What did you used to do in London?" Tom inquired, putting his menu down and turning his full attention to Fay.
"I worked for a tour company there too, doing similar writing, reviews et cetera." She gave him a polite smile and then lifted her eyes to the waiter as he returned to take their orders.
The men ordered full English breakfast and she ordered omelette and toast. She handed back her menu and then glanced up to find Tom's eyes on her, it made her feel a little uneasy.
"So, why is it that a gorgeous lady like yourself hasn't been snapped up by anyone yet?" Tom asked, assessing her face.

Oh pipe down will you Tom. You're not impressing her.

She held Tom's gaze, replying with a certain aloofness, "Perhaps I don't want to be snapped up."
Tom smiled at her comeback. "Ah, an independent lady. Never thought of marriage then?"
She looked slightly uncomfortable as both men watched her intently. "It may have crossed my mind."
"Been engaged?" he pressed.

He was bloody pushy!

She put her elbow on the table, propping her chin on her hand and leaning towards him. "You're asking a lot of personal questions considering that we've only just met Tom, how about you? Been married, engaged, children?"

Wow, brilliant Fay!

Tom laughed loudly and leant towards her, copying her movement. "No to all of the above." She smiled politely and moved back. "Have you ever thought of diversifying and writing for newspapers Fay?" Tom reverted to the less personal subject of her work.
"Actually I would have loved to," she admitted, "but now that I live out here I guess that won't happen. Still I am happy with what I do here."
He looked thoughtful. "You know I have a lot of contacts in London, I could put you in touch with someone who would be able to advise you more on the subject."
Her face filled with interest. "Thank you, it would be something worth looking into."
"Hey," Adam interjected, "you've only just arrived and you're already poaching my staff!"
Tom shrugged. "All's fair in love and war."

Hmm, get your talons off her Tom!

"So are we going to hit the town tonight then?" Tom looked from Fay to Adam.
"I've got work to finish tonight, another time Tom," Adam lied.
He turned to Fay, "What about us then Fay?"

Oh hell, that was even worse. Don't you dare Fay.

"Sorry, I have plans for tonight."

Good girl.

Tom frowned. "Well you must join me for dinner one night then Fay. You can't leave me to eat alone. Oh and I must pass on that contact information to you as well," he added to provide more incentive.
She gave a small laugh. "Thank you."


The waiter brought their food then and they ate their breakfast, making general conversation about the tours they had planned and the possible activities he could enjoy during his stay. Finally they finished and Adam explained that they had work to do and that they should leave.
"Nice to meet you Tom and thank you for the breakfast," Fay said standing up to go.
"It's my pleasure. Perhaps I could have your contact number...and we can arrange that dinner," he replied. Adam watched her tensely, waiting for her response.
"Err... actually Adam has it, you can get it from him," she smiled.

Great answer! And Adam thought he may have to join them on that night.

Adam and Fay headed back to the car and at last he found that he was able to relax more.
"So where are we going today then?" he asked.
"Well, I thought that we really ought to take a look around Elounda, it's not that big but it's right on our doorstep and it's popular with tourists."
"Okay, I went there once but it was only a brief visit. Left out of here then?" he asked.
"Yes. You can't get lost and there is a car park right in the centre of Elounda," she informed him.

They turned onto the main road and fell into silence for a while. Fay's eyes flitted sideways at Adam a couple of times but he seemed lost in thought. Eventually he broke the silence.
"Tom is interested in you Fay," he warned.
She laughed, "Well I don't want to sound big headed but I did gather that."
He glanced sideways at her. "Mind if I join you for that dinner?"
A quizzical expression briefly crossed her face. "You don't have to chaperone me Adam, I can handle men like him."
"Hmm. So does that mean you do mind then?" he pushed.
She watched him as he drove and a smile spread across her face.

He didn't like the idea of her and Tom.

"No, I don't mind Adam."
He looked at her then and smiled.

They followed the road around the mountain to the next village from Agios Nikolaos, passing the huge, exclusive hotel complexes on the way.
"There are probably some of the best hotels in Greece here. Elounda is a place for the rich and famous. I saw Mariah Carey once go past on her boat," she said enthusiastically.
"Really?" He sounded impressed.
"Yes, and lots of other famous people have stayed here, even Princess Di," she added.
"We'll have to keep our eyes peeled then," he smiled.

The road dipped and they eventually reached the main square which was lined with tavernas, backed by the sea and had a pretty, white painted church as a focal point. After parking the car they got out and Fay suggested that they walk past the tavernas and along the sea front towards the 'Sunken City'. The number of tavernas began to dwindle as they continued walking and then the outlines of the city walls could be seen underneath the water. They strolled along the small road, which was now edged each side by the sea and ran to a small, rocky island at the far end.

"So how come it sank then?" Adam asked, gazing down into the water as they walked.
"I have no idea, but it's quite a nice walk don't you think?" she said looking around at the views.
"Yes but maybe you could make up some fantastic story about its history to fascinate the tourists when they come," he suggested.
She chuckled, "Hmm, let's see...the city was being invaded and the people fought valiantly for days to hold off the invaders and protect the women and children. They almost succeeded but tragically on the last day there was an earthquake and water flooded the city, killing everyone inside it." She gave a mock look of despair and then laughed.
"Not bad...but to really get their interest you need to add a bit of sex and scandal," he winked.
"Adam! You're obsessed with sex!" she exclaimed.
"So is everyone else, apart from you apparently," he grinned, "come on Fay, add a bit of sex and scandal."
She tutted, "Okay, err...the king of the city was having an affair with the wife of...oh I don't know."
"That wasn't very good! Okay keep the affair thing but add that he drugged the woman with something that turned her into a wild nymphomaniac." He gave a satisfied smile.
Her mouth fell open and she slapped him on the arm, "Adam, you are completely outrageous!"
He laughed, "Hey everyone has their fantasies Fay, even you."
"Not me," she said innocently.
"Yes, even you. In fact it's always the women who deny this that turn out to be the worst nymphomaniacs of all!" he teased.
She shook her head in disbelief at his comment and then added mischievously, "It's okay I keep it under control with pills."
His eyes widened. "I'm searching your apartment then until I find them!"
She giggled.

They came to the end of the road then and it petered out into a rocky path that led around the outside of the small island. They stopped and Fay turned to take another look at the view. Adam watched her and suddenly on impulse he moved behind her, sliding his arms around her middle.
She looked back at him with a frown. "What are you doing?"
"I'm enjoying the view with you," he smiled, resting his chin on her shoulder. She turned back to look at the sea sparkling in the sun and the mountains in the distance. His eyes flitted over the profile of her face.
"Are you looking at the view Adam?" She could feel his eyes on her.
"Hmm, it's beautiful," he replied, taking in the small details of her face; her turquoise eyes edged with long curling eyelashes, her flushed cheeks, cute nose and enticing pink glossy lips. She gave a small laugh, sensing his scrutiny.
"I don't know if you have ever noticed but as the sun sets here those mountains turn pink, every time," she said with amazement.
He tightened his arms around her middle, "We will have to come back at sunset to see that then."
"Well, you can see it from Agios Nikolaos actually," she pointed out. He wasn't listening.
"You're not going to leave me and go back to London are you?" he asked suddenly. She turned her head in surprise and met his eyes, which had a look in them that she had never seen before. He looked somehow vulnerable and it tugged at her heartstrings.
"No, I'll never leave Crete," she said simply. A smile lit up his face.

© 2011 Repgreece

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Welcome To Crete