Welcome To Crete Chapter 37

Welcome To Crete Chapter 37

A Chapter by Repgreece

Sal comforts Fay


Sal unlocked the door and walked into Fay's apartment, frowning when she saw no evidence of Adam and Fay. She made for the kitchen to check there and saw no one but heard low voices coming through the wall from the bedroom. Moving back through the lounge, with the intention of investigating the bedroom, she hesitated however at the open door when she saw Fay and Adam embraced.
Adam stroked her hair and whispered soothingly into her ear, "I won't let anyone hurt you again baby..."
Sal moved backwards slightly to avoid awkwardly interrupting them and then shouted loudly to alert them of her presence. "Fay, where are you? It's Sal."
Fay jumped and stood up, pushing away from Adam, wiping her eyes and walking into the hallway.
"Fay, are you okay? What happened?" Sal said with concern when she saw her.
"I'm okay," she reassured Sal, "it was just some drunk guy trying it on," she lied, playing down the situation.
"But Tom said he had a knife!" she exclaimed with disbelief.
"You know quite a few Greek guys carry knives, they're more ornamental though. They get them for birthdays et cetera; he was probably just showing off." She tried to sound nonchalant but Sal could see from her face that there was more to it than that.

Tom appeared from behind Sal then and Adam took him back into the lounge to speak quietly to him while Sal and Fay talked.
"Was it the same people?" Adam asked with anger in his voice.
"Yes, I think so."
"It's no use going to the police then," he groaned, running agitated hands through his hair.
"Perhaps we should appeal to a higher authority," Tom suggested. "I can talk to one of the people coming tomorrow who could help. He would be discreet and he has a lot of influence."
"Yes do that," Adam nodded, "looks like we are going to need all the help we can get."
"I'm going back to the hotel now, are you coming?" Tom asked. Adam glanced back towards the hallway where Sal had a supportive arm around Fay's shoulder.
"You know I'd like to stay here tonight with them. If only for the extra peace of mind," he replied.
Tom looked confused. "They'll be safe here, and they have each other. There is no need for you to stay."
"Hey, I'm staying! Do you have a problem with that?" Adam said abruptly.
Tom looked taken aback. "You really have a thing for her don't you? Just don't get too carried away," he warned.
"This may be an alien concept for you but I'm simply putting someone else before myself." Adam grated out.
Tom began to look angry. "Don't forget who came out here to help you with this problem! I'm going now; I'll speak to you tomorrow." Tom turned abruptly then and left without a backward glance.

Shortly afterwards Fay and Sal appeared in the lounge and Sal went to turn the kettle on.
"I think we could all do with a cup of tea right now," she said with a sigh.
Adam took Fay by the hand and led her to the sofa. "Listen Sweetheart, I'd like to stay tonight. I'll sleep on the sofa and..."
Sal interrupted, "No, you can sleep in my room. I'm sleeping with Fay tonight, she needs her best friend with her."
Fay looked emotionally from Sal to Adam, too drained to argue. Adam pulled her to his shoulder, kissing her on the cheek. "We'll sort all of this out babe, try to get some sleep now eh."

They took their drinks to bed with them and Adam said goodnight to Fay at her bedroom door, kissing her briefly on the lips and sending her into the room with soothing words of reassurance.

Fay changed into her nightdress and slipped under the sheets, lying on her back and staring nervously at the ceiling. Sal lay next to her and watched her frightened face, reaching out her hand to turn Fay in the bed to face her.
"Listen, I'm going to be here all night and Adam is in the other room. He won't let anyone come near you," she reassured her.
Fay tried to look relaxed. "Thanks Sal."
She contemplated Fay for a moment, seemingly turning something over in her mind. "I do actually believe that he cares about you Fay," she said sincerely, remembering his reaction when he heard about the incident and the scene she had witnessed when she had first entered the apartment. "Whatever happens try to remember that won't you?"
Fay was not quite sure where that comment came from but she nodded nonetheless.
"Go to sleep now," Sal coaxed.
Fay squeezed her hand and looked at her imploringly. "I can't close my eyes," she whispered as tears began to well up again, "I keep feeling his hand over my mouth and..."
Sal put her head by Fay's and kissed her hand, holding it tightly against her. "You close your eyes and I'll wait until you are asleep to see that you are okay. And if you wake up in the night, I'll be right here for you until you go to sleep again okay?"
The tears began to flow from Fay's eyes then, more at that point because she was so touched by Sal's words than anything else.
"And Fay, I'll stay here as many nights as you want until you feel better you know." Then she added more light-heartedly, "Of course I think that there is a certain person in the other room, who cares about you a lot, who may want to take over that job at some point in the near future."
Fay smiled then and Sal added, "Who cares about you and has the most wonderful chocolate coloured eyes."
Fay gave a small laugh.
"And who has a body to die for," Sal was on a roll, "and kisses you very passionately!" She sighed, "Bloody hell, I'm making myself jealous now!"
They giggled together under the sheets and it wasn't long before both of them were asleep.

© 2011 Repgreece

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Sal is amazing. I love her.

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