A Dangerous Affair Chapter 54

A Dangerous Affair Chapter 54

A Chapter by Repgreece

Fay has to leave, but will Adam calm down enough to say goodbye?


"What the hell's been going on between you two?" Sal said, rushing onto the fore deck. "Adam looks livid." She frowned at the sight of Fay lying motionless on her stomach. "Fay? Are you awake?" she asked, thinking for a moment that Fay hadn't heard her. Then she saw her shoulders shudder so she knelt down beside her and pulled her hair back to see her face. "Come on babe, what happened?" Sal said, when she saw Fay's face awash with tears.

"He, he said..." Fay began but failed to continue for the sobs that wracked her body.

"Come on, calm down and tell me what happened," Sal coaxed, "here sit up." Sal offered Fay her hand as she struggled to a sitting position with tears still streaming down her face and her body violently shaking. "Calm down now, come on take a breather." She put her arm around Fay's shoulder and Fay clung onto her as though her life depended on it. Sal stroked her hair and held her tightly until her sobs subsided a little. "You told him all about it didn't you?" Sal began. "He can't have expected you to have told him before now surely to goodness. And it's not as though it's your fault."

Fay pulled back and tried desperately to wipe away the constant stream of tears that didn't seem to want to stop.

"You don't understand," she said, feeling even more guilty. "I haven't told him. I told him that I had to go back to England and we had a huge argument, he sacked me and now it's over between us."


When Fay went to find Adam, Gegoris, who was in the cockpit, informed her that they would soon be heading back for the marina so she did an about turn to get Sal.

She would tell him later that night; after all, they really needed to be alone.

As Fay and Sal went back through the saloon to the forward cabin to change, Fay noticed that Adam avoided eye contact with her and she wondered how she was going to approach him, and if he would be willing to hear her out. The yacht slowly moved into the marina and they all sat in the cockpit, taking the opportunity to thank Michaelis for his kindness. Fay's eyes flicked across to Adam a couple of times but again his eyes were on anything but her.


He just needed time to calm down, right?


They left the yacht, waving goodbye to Michaelis, Pedros and Gregoris, and headed back to the hotel. Sal and Tom chatted about the yacht but Adam strode off in front, leaving Fay tagging behind.


How could she talk to him if he wouldn't even acknowledge that she was there?

By the time they had arrived at the hotel Adam had already disappeared into his room.

"What are we doing tonight then?" Sal asked Tom and Fay.

"Well, we have to eat," Fay pointed out.

"I'll talk to Adam and telephone you," Tom said, taking into account Adam's sudden bleak mood.


Sal made straight for the shower when they entered their room so Fay sat staring out of the window, contemplating how to fix things with Adam. She watched two small children in the street below playing with a toy motorbike, one of the boys was trying to push the other over the cobblestones but his strength failed him and he ended up toppling the bike over in his determination to get it moving. She chuckled to herself as the boy scarpered, leaving his friend dazed and lying on the floor under the plastic bike. After a while she had to admit to herself that she was delaying making the phone call to her mother, which she had promised that she would do that day. Her mother had arranged a meeting and would know more by that time. In truth Fay wasn't sure that she wanted to know more, however she didn't want to be at a disadvantage and so she picked up her phone and made the call.


"Hi, it's me Mum...how did it go? Oh god, why? What? They can't have! Who? No! Oh hell, no!" She almost dropped the phone in shock when she heard what her mother had to say. "What do you mean it's worse than that? How can it be worse that that?" As her mother continued to explain on the other end of the phone she stared out of the window, realisation slowly sinking in of how much this could affect her present life. "Then I have to get back there as soon as possible...tomorrow. I know, I know Mum. For god sake don't you think I know that? I'll try to get a flight and I'll phone you back. Bye."


She glanced towards the closed bathroom door and considered calling Sal out to talk to her, however she was feeling tearful enough as it was and breaking down into another fit of tears was not going to help her now, she needed her wits about her and she needed to find a flight. She decided that the best way to get a last minute flight was to phone Susie, the company that she worked for would sell her a flight if they had any free seats and Susie could organise that for her. She dailled the number.


"Hi Susie, it's Fay...Well I'm not doing so good at the moment, I have to fly back to England tomorrow. I'm kind of in a desperate situation do you think you could check to see if there is just one seat free on a flight out of Hania tomorrow? I know but I'm in Hania at the moment. It's okay, luckily I brought it with me as the hotels here always ask for passports when you check in. I don't care about that, I just need to get back. Yes, I'll be okay but I really do need to get back to London ASAP. Thanks so much Susie, you're a lifesaver, I'll wait for your call. Bye."


As soon as she hung up, her phone ran again. "Tom, hi...he doesn't want to even eat with us? Okay," she said with resignation. "Look Sal will want to go out, why don't you come down in about half an hour. No, I'm not in the best of moods; I'd just ruin everybody's fun. Besides I'm waiting for an important phone call. See you in half an hour."

Right she would wait until tomorrow to give Adam time to calm down and then she would tell him before she left.


Sal came out of the shower and Fay explained that Tom was coming to collect her in half an hour. She begged Fay to go with them but then Fay told her about the phone call to her mother. Sal look stunned and suggested that they both stay in the hotel that evening but Fay insisted that she should go out and enjoy the evening with Tom.


When Sal and Tom had left for the town, Fay found sheet of paper on the table advertising trips around Hania. She turned it over and began making notes on the back, jotting down events from her memory and feeling a little better as she did so. Susie phoned back as promised, and to Fay's relief she had found her a flight for the following afternoon at one thirty. She hung up and went back to her note making, spending hours filling every space on the sheet of paper with notes. When there was no space left she searched frantically for some more paper but found none and so she eventually gave up and went to bed.


She took hours to get to sleep. In her head she went though all the different ways she could explain the situation to Adam, and all the ways she imagined that he would react. In the end her exhausted mind shut down and she drifted into a fitful sleep. At some point in the night she was vaguely aware of Sal stumbling back into the room and climbing into bed. Then before she knew it sunlight was steaming in through the slats in the shutters and she was awake. She had set her alarm to go off at nine thirty but it was only seven forty and she was still very tired so she lay in the bed, dozing until the noises from the street below made any more sleep impossible. She dragged herself out of the bed and began to pack her bags, heading for the shower afterwards.


"You're up early," Sal observed when she emerged from the bathroom. "Did Susie get you a flight then?"

"Yes, it departs from Hania airport at one thirty. I just need to book a taxi and speak to Adam," she grimaced, "that's if he will listen to what I have to say."

"He will," Sal reassured her.

"How was your night on the town anyway?" Fay asked as she changed into a pair of jeans and a cool top.

"Fab," Sal grinned. "You didn't tell me that Hania was full of American sailors. I've never seen so many hunky men all in one place!"

Fay laughed. "Yes, there's a huge naval base here. I guess that you and Tom didn't get it together then."

"Nah, we had a good time though."

Fay contemplated Sal as she sat up in the bed. "I'm sorry for all of this, I hope that it hasn't ruined the trip for you."

"Don't be silly. I've been on the most fantabulous yacht and had scores of American sailors catering to my every whim, bloody best trip ever!" Sal beamed. "I'm just sorry that you're going through such hell at the moment."

"Well at least I'm going back today and hopefully I can begin to sort things out. I'm just going to get the hotel owner to book a taxi and then I'll knock on Adam's door."

"Okay sweet, see you in a bit." Sal said sliding back under the sheets.


Fay stood outside Adam's door, took in a deep breath and knocked. Moments later Tom appeared and gestured for her to enter. She glanced around the room but saw no evidence of Adam.

"He's gone out for a walk," Tom supplied.

Fay looked slightly taken aback. "How long has he been gone? Did he say when he was coming back?"

"He left about an hour ago and he didn't say when he'd be back," Tom answered.

Fay's face fell. "Have you any idea where he was going?"

"Sorry," Tom said, shaking his head.

Fay ran an agitated hand through her hair and reached into her bag for her mobile phone, dialling Adam's number. Immediately the sound of a ringing phone could be heard around the room and Tom moved to the bedside table, picking Adam's phone up and giving Fay a sympathetic look.

"Why don't you try looking around the harbour? He can't have gone far," Tom suggested.

"Tom, I've booked a flight to London from Hania airport for one thirty this afternoon. I have something pressing there that I need to deal with but I really need to talk to Adam before I go."

Tom looked shocked. "I don't know what to suggest other than looking around the harbour. If he comes back here when you're gone I'll get him to phone you."

She looked at her watch.

Damn, it was ten fifteen already!

"I've got a taxi booked at eleven o clock to get me there in time for check in," she said in a panicky voice. "I'd better run. Don't let him go anywhere if he comes back," she shouted over her shoulder as she ran down the stairs.


She spent the following thirty five minutes racing around the harbour area in a desperate attempt to find Adam. The more she looked the more panicked she became until she found herself helplessly scouring over the same areas.

Come on Adam appear! Where the hell are you? I'm going to have to go soon.

She looked at her watch for the umpteenth time and stopped in her tracks for one last glance around the harbour before she had to admit defeat. She spent her last remaining minutes typing out a text message to him so that at least he would receive it when he eventually did return to the hotel.


I have had to book a last minute flight to London Adam. I wanted to say goodbye to you and to explain everything but I can't find you! Please don't be cross with me; I'm so sorry about the things I said. I'll phone you as soon as I can. Fay.


Making it back to the hotel with five minutes to spare, she bolted up to Tom and Adam's room in the hope that he had returned after all. Tom answered and she had to take a few minutes to catch her breath before she could speak.

"I'm sorry Fay but he's not been back," Tom said watching her distraught expression. "I guess you have to go soon eh?"

She nodded and tears sprang to her eyes at the thought of not being able to say goodbye to Adam, or to explain things to him.

"Hey," Tom said, putting an arm around her, "I'll tell him how much you wanted to say goodbye."

"Will you tell him that I wanted to explain things to him as well?" she asked with a broken voice.

"Yes, I'll tell him and I'll get him to phone you," he added.

She pulled away from him and gave a weak smile. "Thanks Tom."

"Have a safe journey," he called as she headed back down the stairs to collect her bags.


She burst into the room to the surprise of a half dressed Sal.

"Taxi will be here for me now," she panted. "I've got to go."

Sal frowned. "How did it go with Adam?"

"I never got to see him, he wasn't in his room. Come here, I really have to go now Sal," she said, opening her arms to give Sal a hug goodbye.

Sal threw her arms around Fay and squeezed her tightly. "If you need to talk I'm just on the other end of the phone remember. And don't let your mother dictate to you Fay."

"I won't."

"I love you," Sal said as Fay picked up her bags to leave.

"Love you too, bye Sal," Fay waved, rushing out of the room and down the stairs.


She got into the waiting taxi outside the hotel and sat back with a sigh. In a way all the rushing around had been good for Fay as it hadn't given her a chance to dwell on the fact that she was leaving Crete; and the fact that she was going back to London to face probably the most challenging time of her life. However, now that she had a forty five minute taxi ride ahead of her she had time to think and she could feel herself becoming emotional as she gazed out of the window at the sea and mountains whizzing past. She tried to push all thoughts of Adam out of her head, unable to deal with the fact that she hadn't had a chance to resolve their differences or say goodbye to him. Nevertheless, she couldn't stop memories of their time together coming back to her and she found herself running through the events over and over again. Her mind was in such turmoil that she didn't even realize she had arrived at the airport until the driver turned to her and asked if she wanted to get out. Her hands were shaking as she paid the driver and shuffled off the back seat, picking up her bags and walking through electric doors into the coolness of the air conditioned airport. A mixture of nerves and emotional distress gave her a sickly feeling in the pit of her stomach and she waited in the check in queue, dreading the time when she would have to board the plane to leave the island and all that she loved behind.


After checking in she headed for passport control and waited behind a group of tourists to have her passport inspected. As she moved forward in the queue she began to panic about leaving without talking to Adam, and she wondered if he would ever forgive her for going back to London. She remembered their angry words on the yacht and tears sprung to her eyes suddenly. In an attempt to stop herself from breaking down she thought back to other arguments they had had, and to the way they had always been resolved. She remembered the time when she had found her apartment burgled, and when Adam had literally carried her back to his house, thrown her on the bed and put his arms around her. Then the tears began streaming out of her eyes as she recalled the words that he had whispered into her ear that night.

"I'll be certain for both of us."


She reached forward to hand over her passport, looking up at the customs officer through a watery haze; however suddenly she felt herself being dragged backwards and she watched in bewliderment as the people behind her moved ahead to the booth.

"Where do you think you're going without saying goodbye madam?"

She spun around to see Adam looking down at her with a wry expression on his face as he pulled her abruptly into his arms.

"Adam! I searched for you everywhere but I couldn't find you," she whimpered, standing on her toes and throwing her arms around his neck. "I'm so sorry babe, I wanted to find you, I wanted to explain, I..."

"It's okay," he smiled, taking her face in his hands and wiping away her tears. "I'm just glad I found you in time."

She reached up and kissed him, moving her hands to his face and holding him there as they melted together for the final few minutes they had. Neither of them wanted to let each other go but they both had to eventually acknowledge that she would soon have to leave for the final security checks.

"God I'm going to miss you sweetheart," he said, running his hands through her hair and staring longingly into her eyes.

She groaned and put her head against his chest, breathing in the scent of him and closing her eyes in anguish.

"I don't want to go Adam, I feel so much for you. You do know that don't you?" she said, looking up at him suddenly with uncertainty.

He smiled. "Yes sweetheart, I know."

"And I'm not playing games, it's never been a game with you," she said sincerely.

He pulled her back into an embrace and whispered into her ear, "I know, it was my last ditch attempt at keeping you from leaving."

The passport control officer suddenly grunted something to them in Greek and they both looked up at him with surprise.

"I guess I've got to go," she said reluctantly.

Adam's heart suddenly began racing in panic at the thought of her leaving and he squeezed her hands tightly in his, running his eyes over her face and taking in every last detail of her. He desperately wanted to ask her not to go but he resisted the urge, saying to her instead, "Look, whatever it is that you are going back for if you need me I'll bloody well fly out to you, all you have to do is ask."

She caressed the side of his face with her hand, touched by his kindness. "Thank you Adam."

Turning to glance at the officer again she looked back at Adam with resignation. "I've got to go babe, I'll phone you when I get there."

He nodded, swallowing the lump in his throat as she gave him a final kiss and moved through passport control, disappearing out of his sight with one last glance backwards.

'I love you sweetheart,' he whispered to himself.

© 2011 Repgreece

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