Welcome To Crete Chapter 35

Welcome To Crete Chapter 35

A Chapter by Repgreece

Fay is attacked again


"Wow! Check you two out!" Sal came up from behind Fay and put her hands on her shoulders, leaning sideways to look into her face. Fay laughed coyly and moved to the bar to retrieve her drink whilst Sal joined her, pulling up a nearby barstool. They watched as Tom, Adam and Manolis formed a line, holding onto each other's shoulders and moving in circles on the dance floor to the Greek music. They laughed at the sight of Manolis in the middle, who was dragging an uncoordinated Tom and Adam from pillar to post.

Sal leant towards Fay. "You were both sizzling there for a minute missy, seems to me as if things are really hotting up between you two."
"Hmm, seems to be," she agreed but covered her face with a hand and added, "Perhaps a little too much sometimes though! What was I thinking of Sal? Getting that carried away in the middle of a bar in bloody 'Soho Street!'"
"Oh chill out will you," Sal scolded, "sometimes things are out of your control. Is it your fault if you can't resist him? Anyway it's obvious to everyone now that he's crazy about you." She put her head onto Fay's shoulder. "I think it's wonderful."
"Hey, slow down! Like I said before, we hardly know each other and..."
"...and he can't keep his eyes off you," Sal interrupted. "And he wants you so much that he literally threw himself across the bar at you!" she added. Fay bent her head and giggled.
"And most importantly, you actually like him back," Sal finished. Fay looked nervously at Sal.
"Look Fay, whether you like it or not, you have already fallen for Adam so there's no point in denying it and messing things up," Sal said firmly, sipping her drink and waiting for Fay's response. Fay searched her face, contemplating her comment, and then she shook her head as if to clear it.
"Whatever I feel, things are definitely going too fast for me at the moment. I won't be pushed into a full blown relationship with him Sal," she said adamantly. "As much as I like him, it's too much too soon. Especially with someone like Adam, he's so intense, so full on."
Sal smiled and added quietly, "It seems like that because there's so much attraction between you two. You're used to platonic relationships that go on for months and months, like the one you had with flaming Tim! What a bore he was!"
Fay pulled a face and nodded. "He was a bit wasn't he?"

They laughed together and sat with linked arms, watching as a circle formed around the dancers and the people got down on bended knees to clap their encouragement. It wasn't long before the dance had attracted the attention of the whole bar and the circle grew with enthusiastic people who clapped to the music, cheered and threw paper napkins at them.
The dance ended to a thunderous round of applause and the men came stumbling back to them through the crowds of people. Adam grabbed Fay, picking her up and swinging her around.
"So madam, do I pass the initiation ceremony?" he laughed. "Will you stop teasing me now for knowing nothing Greek?"
She smiled down at him. "You still have a lot more to learn Adam, but..." she grinned, "It's a good start."
He kept hold of her as she slid down and he turned her around, leaning on a bar stool with his arms wrapped tightly around her middle.
"That's okay, we have plenty of time for you to teach me," he smiled.

They stood like that for some time, sipping their drinks and whispering little comments to each other while more dancers moved onto the dance floor. Adam had a permanent grin on his face as he held her and gazed down at the profile of her face.

Observing them from down the bar, Tom looked slightly anxious and bent to talk to Sal. "I need to tell you something about tomorrow, the people you will be picking up from the airport..." He continued to talk and Sal began to frown, throwing questions back at Tom with something close to anger. She eventually fell silent and sat for a while with a thoughtful look until she finished her wine. Then she walked across to Fay and took her by the arm, moving her out of Adam's way.
"You're coming with me to the ladies room," she said, pulling a reluctant Fay across the bar.

They moved through a door, down a passageway and into the toilets.
"Stay here, we need to talk," Sal said, disappearing into a cubical. Fay frowned at her sudden change of mood.

She thought Sal was happy that she and Adam were getting on well. What on earth was going on now?

Fay turned as a group of young girls came flying through the swinging door and she put out her hand to hold the door open for them. They piled into the room but before she could release the door she felt a hand grab hers and drag her out of the room roughly. She didn't have time to speak to the man, or get a look at him, as he turned her around and clamped a hand over her face, dragging her backwards into a dark room. She went cold with terror when she felt the ice-cold blade of a knife at her throat.
"We thought we had made it clear that you and you're boyfriend are not welcome in these places. We will have to make sure that he gets the message properly this time," he whispered menacingly, opening the door slightly, checking the corridor and then dragging her towards the back door which led onto a dark street.

Oh god, oh god, please don't kill me. Please! I'm not going out there with him; I've got to get away!

Her heart pounded and she began to struggle in panic but this seemed to incense the man and his movements became rougher. She bit his hand with the intention of screaming but he reacted by pressing the blade of the knife so hard against her throat that she found it difficult to breathe.
"Carry on like that and I'm going to have to hurt you," he threatened, reaching the door and kicking it open with his foot. He swung her around and lurched out of the door but she put out a hand, frantically trying to grab onto something to delay being dragged out of the building. She caught hold of the doorframe and clawed at it as he tugged her, cursing loudly. Suddenly the sound of music from the bar became louder as the door opposite them began to open. She felt the knife fall away from her throat then when a man came through the door and glanced at them. The two men spoke in Greek but she was able to make out that the man who had grabbed her was suggesting that she was drunk and that he was trying to get her home. The hand was still over her face so she bit him again, hoping that he wouldn't hurt her with someone else there. He swore and let her go, heading back into the bar. She stood there gasping for breath whilst the other man disappeared into the men's room. Fearful of going back into the bar with the man there, she bolted for the ladies toilets in hope of seeing Sal there but the toilets were empty.

She had to get out of there! It would be safer on the busy street.

Minutes later Tom had found her outside the bar. She had looked petrified as she ranted on about a man with a knife and she was determined that she wanted to go home. He wasn't about to let her walk home in that state; he would walk with her and return to the bar afterwards.

After an hour of waiting, Adam seethed at the bar, having searched everywhere for Tom and Fay. As the time had passed confusion had turned to dread, and dread had turned to anger and a sick sense of resignation. He glanced at Sal, who had been unusually abrupt with him since she had returned from the toilets an hour ago.
"I'll walk you back home, just give me a minute," he said, rising from his seat and heading outside for some fresh air and time to think. He pulled out his mobile phone and began to type in a message.

Fay, this is Adam. I guess since you are no longer here, and neither is Tom, that I can take that as a message from you. For what it's worth I thought that we had something so good together but there will never be anything between us now. Fay, why? And why Tom of all people? You'll never know how much that hurts me. I can't stand this happening again, even more so with you. Fay I was falling in love with you!

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Oh poor Fay. Poor Adam..

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