FB2-02 "No Escape"

FB2-02 "No Escape"

A Chapter by dw817

Jennie, stood tall above her and still holding onto her hair then faced her, stepping over her legs splayed against the mud, until the bottom tip of her wet skirt was almost touching sally's nose.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© September 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Jennie smiled back at Sally but with a vengeful look on her face. "Are you laughing at me ?" she asked her accusingly in a slow, threatening voice.

"No, never !" Sally said trying to be serious, and then snorted giggles out her nose as she unsuccessfully tried to not laugh. finally she couldn't help it and fell over chortling. "You look so silly. Like a little piggy !"

Jennie eyes got wide with surprise. "Piggy ?" she said, as that undoubtedly touched off a nerve. And indeed she did look a little like one. The mud flung to hit her nose perfectly like a little ring. Jeffrey, intelligent fellow that he was, stayed completely out of this dispute.

Sally was still giggling and said, "Yah ! A piggy in the mud !" and snorted for effect. Then Sally gloated at her as she tried to fling the remaining mud from her hands on to Jennie to complete the picture.

Jennie didn't even bother to wipe her nose and was up in an instance and started running towards Sally at top-speed. Sally was screeching in laughter as the two collided and both fell into the shallow river.

"Who's the piggy ?!" Jennie asked to Sally dangerously as they were splashing in the river at each other and trying to dunk one another.

Sally answer was immediate and she had a big smile on her face, "You are ! And now you're all WET, PIG !" and she snorted some more for effect while laughing and swimming hard to get away from her, towards the waterfall where the water was deeper, fearing a terrible reprisal from Jennie.

Jennie looked ahead calculatingly for a second at the waterfall and dived down in the semi-deep water for a second giving Sally some time to escape from her. Sally swam a bit more to the waterfall.

Jeffrey grabbed his orange and took a bite of it watching the two interestedly walking off the blanket to follow Sally down the river to the right.

The orange had an edible peel and, similar to the pear, had a consistency like the crystallized applesauce, but orange flavored, citrus, and intensely delicious. He licked his lips at the savory taste as he bit off a section of the peeling, chewing it hungrily as he walked to keep up with Sally. Because she was a little bottom-heavy, it was harder for her to swim.

Sally, treading water with her feet as it was too deep to stand now, looked all around to find Jennie but didn't see her so she looked around cautiously thinking she was safe.

Suddenly Jennie rose up from behind her in a mighty crash of water and had not only swum to where Sally was but had a big glob of the gooey brown mud in one hand.

"WHO'S the piggy !?" she asked Sally again from behind her. Jennie held the glob of mud in her grip threateningly over Sally's head, but Sally couldn't see her yet.

"Where are you !?" Sally shrieked turning her head left and right to find her, unsuccessfully as Jennie was too fast, grabbing her hair hard and splatted the mud on her head. Sally opened her mouth in shock and froze horrified as Jennie carefully smeared the big warm glob slowly around her head and hair as if she was a great artist.

"Eww !" Sally said and tried to rinse her hair in the clean water with her hands which Jennie let her do for a moment. It wasn't entirely successful as her face still had streaks of mud on it.

But now Jennie was holding on to Sally's hair with an iron grip so she couldn't escape. Jennie, who was also treading water with her muscular feet, turned to look at Sally with a wicked smile, "I'm gonna wash your hair in MUD !" she said sweetly to her.

"No !" Sally squeaked in a frightened voice and tried again to pull away but Jennie still had a tight hold on her hair. It was obvious that Sally didn't like swimming underwater or could swim terribly well as she might've been able to pull away at this point.

But Jennie sensed her vulnerability, and dragged her easily by her hair swimming hard so they traveled the opposite way down the river for several minutes where the water was only up to their chest, then their waist, then knees, and finally their ankles. There were no stones or sharp outcroppings either to get in the way.

In a short time Jennie was walking easily on the mud, squishing it through her toes and though Sally fought to pull free, she was unsuccessfully as it hurt her hair, and she didn't want to rip it. Sally finally dropped her pear, concentrating more on where Jennie was taking her.

Jennie walked purposefully away from the waterfall all the while looking down at the water until it was the height she wanted, and she was fairly dragging Sally by her hair as she wasn't enthusiastic about the beauty treatment she had in mind for her.

Jennie looked around for a moment, letting the water roll over her ankles, which she noticed was warmer being so close to the mud beneath.

Suddenly she turned around, satisfied where they were and said to Sally, "Have a seat, sweetie." and pushed her down hard so her clean skirt splatted in the mud and water and her legs were flat out against the slick mud as well.

She was still holding onto her hair tightly so her head didn't fall back in the mud. Jennie had plans for that pretty hair of hers.

Sally looked down around her legs and moaned disgustedly at the mud on her skirt, the water just touching a few inches above the slick surface as she sat in it. While it wasn't as devilish as quicksand, she still did sink in it a bit when she fell.

* * *

Jeffrey, following the action, was running on the edge of the riverbank in the opposite direction trying to catch up to them as he didn't want to miss the abuse Jennie had planned for her, knowing she had a terrible temper and almost always got even with anyone teasing her.

Sally's head only came up to Jennie's waist now. Jennie, stood tall above her and still holding onto her hair then faced her, stepping over her legs splayed against the mud, until the bottom tip of Jennie's wet skirt was almost touching Sally's nose.

Sally was a little frightened now at her sudden closeness and looked up at her with a weak smile. More warm water rolled over Jennie's toes as the waterfall continued to trickle it downstream and she started to sweat.

Jennie cocked her head to smile rather cynically down to her.

There was a moment of confusion in Sally's face as Jennie suddenly stepped forward to raise her foot to set comfortably on Sally's shoulder. Sally raised her hands to protect her face closing her eyes when Jennie suddenly lowered it down, almost raising herself up on it to push down hard on Sally's left shoulder, squishing her butt and skirt in the soft mud.

The mud gurgled and oozed around her nastily as it was squeezed out from under her creating a tight vacuum beneath. Sally sank a good inch because of this. Then Jennie put down her foot down stepping back a bit and released her hair to see what Sally would do now.

"Eww ..." she said again, quieter this time, and tried to stand but found her butt stuck to the mud after what she just did. She might be able to get free if she worked at it though. Jennie wasn't going to give her that opportunity.

Jennie, still smiling, not nicely, lifted her other bare foot up to rest it heavily on Sally's other shoulder, smearing mud on her blouse there from her muddy toes.

But she held it there without pushing for a moment, smiling wickedly down at her.

Sally looked at Jennie's foot as she wiggled her toes again, then her bare leg which was only inches from her face and followed it up to the great view of Jennie's panties, bright florescent violet, also only inches away from her, which had remarkably remained clean of mud.

Jennie noticed Sally looking right at her panties, wet from the river, with her mouth slightly open in wonder. Maybe there was something to see that Sally liked there ?

Jennie, not to miss this opportunity, put one hand under the front of her skirt to tug gently on the hem of her panties up front, as if they itched, leaning forward slightly as she did so. She watched Sally's unblinking stare following the fingers, confirming she was indeed staring at her panties with fascination, the middle of which were almost touching Sally's nose now.

Jenny looked down smiling comfortably feeling Sally's warm breath breathing on her crotch there as Sally continued to stare at her wet panties.

Then Sally suddenly realized that Jennie had caught her staring there, so she shuddered and looked away suddenly like she was looking at something else. but eventually her gaze fell back to look up at Jennie's hard face over her pretty violet-blue skirt, still not a nice smile there.

Then, to make certain Sally was in tight, with her foot still on her shoulder, Jennie stood up on her shoulder balancing her entire weight on one foot there, grunting and bouncing on it, making sure Sally was squished down hard.

Sally descended in the muck another full inch as more of the mud gurgled even more noisily and oozed around her waist, butt, and thighs, until there was no way she could get free by herself having been squished in 2 inches in the sticky mire now.

The mud and water were so warm around her with the sun beating down on her, Sally was starting to sweat in her face from being here so long.

Then Jenny pulled back to watch. The water washed over the top of Sally's legs and Sally rocked her waist, once again trying to free herself and realizing she was indeed stuck until Jennie set her free.

But she wasn't sure how Jennie was going to do this, or IF she was going to do it at all ! Jennie looked pretty cross right now she observed. She wished she hadn't called her names earlier as this was undoubtedly what this treatment was all about.

Jennie, finally satisfied that Sally wasn't going anywhere, got down on her knees to her level until their faces were only inches apart.

Then she touched the bottom of her chin to make sure Sally was looking right at her and spoke to her using a french accent, " Ah, Wayhcome to 'Salon De Mud.' Wee haf fahr you, arnd eckskweeseet aihrazhemeet, madamoiselle Sally."

Then she raised her head while putting her fingers to her mouth splaying them out like it was going to be a wonderful beautification treatment while saying, " Mwah !"

Jennie then stood up suddenly to turn her back to Sally and wave friendly to Jeffrey who was on the riverbank watching the pair.

"Hiii !" she said slowly and innocently to Jeffrey, losing all her false accent, making sure he had a good view of her salon as she worked on Sally. Sally noticed then that Jennie's skirt, was indeed custom, as it was a little shorter from the back, being only a foot away from her as she call out to him.

Sally was always nervous around other women, especially, ones that hugged her or were very close to her so she could smell their perfume. She wasn't sure why. Jeffrey smiled, waving back at Jennie and found a tree to lean against to watch the fun.

He knew that Jennie was doing this little show for him as she knew he liked to watch mud wrestling which sometimes appeared on the exercise channel in streaming videos past midnight. It was a guilty pleasure she once caught him at, and decided she liked it herself besides.

Besides Jennie was STILL pretty cross about Sally flinging mud on her and calling her a PIG earlier, even if she was joking at it. Now she had a GREAT chance to get even with her, and there was NO WAY Sally could escape !


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