FB2-17 "Party Invitation"

FB2-17 "Party Invitation"

A Chapter by dw817

Jeffrey Stansil, you are cordially invited to a private party for 4 to be held in Sally Weirstrom's home to welcome you as her new bestest friend. Dress casual, pretty present is required.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© December 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

CHAPTER 17 - "Party Invitation"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Jeffrey and Jennie got up before anyone else and left the door. Sally who was nodding her head absently suddenly realized they were gone, and dashed out the door after them. She caught up easily but Jennie was there looking at her with an angry expression on her face.

Sally asked her, "What has Jeffrey told you ?"

Jennie replied tartly, "Nothing yet. Sally, I don't know what's going on here, but I'm going to find out. I need to talk to Jeffrey alone. I hope you haven't done anything bad here or it could cost our years of friendship. You think about that."

And then her and Jeffrey walked off together leaving Sally scowling after them.

But Sally knew Jeffrey a little too well. He wouldn't dare reveal what happened. He was too proud and proper for that, at least the way he appeared to her. Jennie would be utterly mortified and would refuse to see him again if she found out what REALLY happened the night before.

So she headed over to the cafe to get herself a double-chocolate malted milkshake.

Jennie watched her disappear around the corner, thinking she went home, then without knowing, chose the same quiet cafe Sally was in so the two could talk in private. As soon as Sally saw them enter, she hid in the far back. There wasn't hardly anyone there as it was after lunch and they got a nice booth.

A cute waitress arrived with a glowing ring around the bottom part of her skirt, decorative for this modern restaurant.

"Just coffee for both of us." Jennie said and handed her back both menus. Jennie was unaware that Sally had moved from her hiding spot to to sit behind them so she could catch every word being spoken.

Jennie sat opposite of Jeffrey in the booth and after a moment of silence, she held her hands out expansively for Jeffrey to explain what was on his mind. He was quiet for nearly a minute, then the coffee arrived and he fixed it the way he liked it, then took a sip and began.

"Jennie." he began quietly and then started crying again.

She was up in an instant and got out of her seat to sit next to him, "Hey, tiger, what's the problem ? I'm right here for you. You can tell me."

"Jennie," he began again, "We're breaking up. I can't explain why. I'm dating Sally now, and that's final."

Jennie who looked like she was in her 20s was actually 40-years of age due to the longevity program from this time period so she was quite wise about such matters and asked, "Jeff, what did Sally say to you to get you this upset ?"

Jeffrey spoke again, "I can't - talk about it. Can't you just accept the fact I'm dating her now ?" and there were tears in his eyes.

Jennie smiled gently and shook her head, "No, not really. I know you too well, Jeff. Now, SOMETHING has happened between you two and if I can't coax it out of you I'll BEAT it out of her. She always was a conniving little minx and she's done something, either TO you or ABOUT you, and I'd like to know what. Can't you tell me what it is, please ?"

He continued to sob while she held his hand, which meant had always meant the world to him. He tried to explain without revealing too much. "She has my key." he started.

Jennie nudged him gently, "Go on."

"She came to visit me. She ... did ... I mean ... we did ... I couldn't ... but she ... and it felt so ... anyways ... and then she left." he looked up to her. "Understand ?"

Jennie while being quite wise was a terribly jealous woman and this oftentimes interfered with her common sense, which she needed right now.

"Yes, I think I understand." she said with a bit of a chill in her voice. "If you did, what I THINK you did, then we're through, Jeffrey ! MY GOD I've been faithful to you, all these years ! How on Earth could you possibly even think of .. oooh !" and then she splashed her hot coffee in his face while getting up in a huff to storm out of the cafe.

Sally bit her lip from the other booth to keep herself from giggling. DAMN ! This was going better than she would have ever imagined ! She was gonna ruin him tonight for certain ! And she was going to invite friends to watch besides.

He cried out now, not so much from the pain of his face getting burned, but from the fact that he BURNED his girlfriend by her misinterpreting what happened. She thinks he deliberately had a fling with her ! There was no way out of this now, and the more he would try to explain to her later would only make her angrier. They were through, both as friends and close friends.

Sally counted to 10 on her fingers, then got up from her seat to sit on the opposite side of Jeffrey. He didn't notice her until he wiped his eyes and took another sip from his coffee. Then he spat it out steaming on the table, "You !" he said angrily.

"Hiya pudding face !" she said cheerfully. "Well, you did great ! Wonderful. I want to show you something." and she pulled a wide piece of acrylic from her purse, it was a portable computer. "You better look at this." she said and then took a thirsty slurp on her milkshake, after all, she wasn't on a diet now. Not since she found someone to appreciate her figure finally.

She giggled delightedly at that thought and slurped hard on her delicious milkshake jiggling her belly making sure it went all the way down to where she wanted it the fattest, for Jeffrey to see later.

He blinked the tears from his eyes and wiped it with napkins while looking down at the computer. He touched the screen a few times and his eyes got wide. Sally really did have him by his balls after all !

* * *

It showed a computer program, encrypted and in the main system that would automatically send both Jennie and his boss at work a copy of the incriminating video UNLESS Sally entered a counter-code that would be required every day. So even if he managed to get Sally locked up or lost somewhere, unless she entered the counter-code, the video would be sent in her absence !

Jeffrey pushed back the small computer and his voice sounded tired and defeated. "I see you've thought of everything." and his voice was trembling in both rage and fear.

Sally cruelly smiled back at him. "Yeah, how 'bout that. You're my boyfriend now 'til I says otherwise, Poophead !"

Jeffrey leaned back and took another sip of his coffee. "Could you PLEASE not call me that !"

Sally leaned over the table, her lips just inches from his own and whispered seductively. "Why shouldn't I ? The way you were slorping me the night before, I figured it'd be a perfect new name for yas. Oh, and I got plans for ya tonight. Once you get off work, you're coming to my place."

Then she waggled her finger in front of him, "If you forget to visit me, then I FORGET to enter the counter-codes." Then she raised up his head to look right at her pretty face. "It's really a simple trade, Jeff. You kiss my butt every day and I save yours !"

Jeffrey put his head down painfully on the hard cafe table and felt he could just sleep now for a million years. Maybe she'd be gone by then. But he could only hope so much. She leaned her head down to his, "Deal ?"

hen he didn't reply immediately she grabbed his hair and bobbed his head for him. "Oh, so you agree ?" she acted surprised. "Good, cause we're gonna have a night to remember, totally wonderful ! Bring a clean change of clothes too, and a PRESENT for me, cause I love presents !"

He raised his head and took another sip of coffee, then spoke in a tired and pained voice. "Sally, I need to go over this, it's important, for the mission later." and he held up the small disc that Cheani gave him earlier to study for safety guidelines and proper usage of a Gate.

"Yah that's fine." she said. "Don't forget, Poophead !" and tousled his head playfully before leaving.

Jeffrey thought for a moment. Maybe there was someway he could get her fired from the job. No, if he did that, she'd find out and then deliberately let that video through. He had to play it very cagily from here.

After 10-minutes of him sipping coffee and using a small computer he carried in his travel case to look over Cheani's documentation, Jennie returned and sat down opposite of him, where Sally was sitting earlier. She was apparently unaware that Sally was here at all.

"Jennie ... !" he began and smiled wide.

Jennie looked down crossly at him. "Jeff, we are through as lovers, but I'd still like to be your friend. But if you so much as mention one word of what you and Sally did that night before, however subtle, then we're through as good friends as well, clear !?"

Jeffrey put some fingers to his head. They were wet. Not so much from the hot coffee she dunked in his face earlier but from sweat and his inability to get out of this terrible situation Sally had placed him in. He nodded weakly.

"Good," she said. "Right, let's go over what Cheani sent us." and tapped the side of his computer. A piece hinged from above so it was twice the height and you could see a double of the display upside-down so Jennie could see as well.

They sat in the cafe for a few hours and read what she had written there. Asked each other a few questions about the procedure and nodded. Jeffrey had to agree with Murphy. He was right. The Gates certainly WERE dangerous ! Why Central allowed them at all was beyond him reasoning. Even Jennie had to agree with him on that.

After 3 refills of coffee, they both used the facilities and went back home to take a nap. 4 hours had elapsed since then so they could snooze for another 4 hours.

In the Transit, Jennie was the first to go to her home, then Jeffrey. He looked on his door and saw a card there that had a heart on it. Thinking it might possibly be Jennie's, apologizing from the hot coffee dunk, he was dismayed to find it was just Sally, and there was a message along with a scandalous photo from her bare backside as she was bending over.

Despite his anger with her, he felt arousal again by looking at her photo. Furious that she had him in such a tight vice of blackmail, he curled his fist up and smacked hard into his door to release his rage.

The message read:

Jeffrey Stansil, you are cordially invited to a private party of five to be held in Sally Weirstrom's home to welcome you as her new bestest friend. It will begin at time 21.00 and continue till midnight.

Entertainment will include party games, snacks, and a great romantic movie following. Dress is casual. Bring booze, and a pretty present is required !

He crumpled up the notice and put his arm up against his head. Then he remembered what she showed him on her computer about the counter-codes and the program automatically sending out the video that would ruin him.

He then uncrumpled the note though it was still wrinkled and stuck it in his pocket absently. Entering inside he went to the bedroom and, setting the alarm for 3 hours, crashed from sheer tension without the use of tranquilizer crystals.


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