FB2-08 "Hellcat Stefani"

FB2-08 "Hellcat Stefani"

A Chapter by dw817

Then Stefani sat down hard on his face again with incredible force, this time audibly breaking his neck loudly with her butt while saying in her nicest voice, "Mwah ! Here's a sweet kiss for you !"


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

CHAPTER 8 - "Hellcat Stefani"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

One guard, a bit older and wiser than the others suddenly said, "Hold it !" to Stefani. "Let me see your hands."

"These ?" Stefani asked innocently, but before she pulled back her right hand, she flung the dagger up with her finger and whirled her now empty hands to show the guard. He looked puzzled seeing them, and a split-second later she reached her hand up to the back of her head and caught the dagger while giving the confused guard a wicked look.

"Get her !" the first guard yelled and they all fired their needle guns at her. With practiced and fluid movements, she deflected all the shots with her own dagger twirling it professionally in her single handed grip in front of her. Then she hurled it forward HARD to launch straight into the throat of the closest guard.

As the dagger hit, a small speaker inside the hilt suddenly started up, sounding like a little girl laughing at an immensely amusing joke. The guard stared, bewildered that something so silly had just penetrated his armored uniform and cut his throat besides.

He gagged, bleeding profusely and fell over, but not before Stefani leapt forward, retrieving her dagger. Then she shot straight up on her heels toward the ceiling grabbing the metal hand-holds there and clambered to the top. The remaining guards fired another volley of needles easily missing their target as there was no light in the ceiling to see where she was.

The older guard gasped frustrated and, tossing down his needle gun, reached for his loaded sidearm. One bullet in her brain ought to be enough corrective surgery to put this hellcat down, he thought to himself.

The dagger flung out again but only grazed its target though the speaker in it started up again laughing as it stuck hard into the ground. The guard reached over to pick it up and was met with a deadly karate chop by Stefani coming straight down into the back of his neck.

He fell over and Stefani quickly grabbed her dagger from around him and stood on his back as he started to slump to the ground.

But before he fell completely, she used his back as a launching pad and whaled her head hard into the other, wiser armed guard. She connected and his loaded pistol bounced away barking off a shot accidentally grazing against Morrigan's shoulder.

Petrov immediately tore his shirt sleeve to bind Morrigan's wound and they still stayed low to the ground marveling at the extreme fighting Stefani was exhibiting. She launched an incredibly high kick to his throat but he deflected it easily with his arm.

"Hmm ..." Stefani said, sounding a little amused. "Aren't you hot in that helmet ? I think I need to take that off so you can get some fresh air."

The guard was silent and didn't reply, instead reaching for his battle baton. He glanced hurriedly to his left and right and saw his friends were truly murdered in cold blood by Stefani's dagger which she now wielded professionally spinning it in the palm of her hand like an iridescent fan-blade.

He whirled his baton professionally around him, cutting the air around him. They were equally skilled and excelled in their fighting ability.

Stefani lowered her legs and was doing an extreme splits still bouncing an inch above the ground. Even the guard was impressed by her flexibility but then launched against her head to knock her out with his baton.

She deflected the blow and tore a red gash across his chest easily penetrating his armor with her exceptionally sharp blade. He coughed and gasped feeling a burning in his lungs. He staggered back for a moment shaking his head trying to concentrate on the battle, but couldn't and fell over.

Stefani was on him in an instant reaching under the chin to depress a button there that popped off his helmet. The man's face shown, gray with fear to match his hair, he was definitely up in age and was a good indicator why he was such a good opponent for her.

She smacked him to the ground so he fell on his back, his battle baton clattering uselessly away. His chest burned like fire and he clasped his hands in the air over the wound unable to stop the pain. She smiled down to him and reached around to hike up her skirt to sit comfortably on his face.

His fingers then clutched his chest which had blood seeping seriously around it turning his fingers bright red and he suddenly realized she was suffocating him ! He struggled to get her off but she kept her position despite what he did.

You could hear him gasping and wheezing for breath as she squeezed tighter on him. His chest heaved up and down violently for a moment and he reached his arms to push her off in a last ditch effort to save his life, but she grabbed them with each of her own hands and held them down grinding her pantied butt harder down on his face robbing him of vital air.

There was a muffled cough and he got quiet, his hands spasmodically twitching from Stefani's iron grip on them and his brain suffocating from lack of air. Stefani raised up for a bit and playfully rubbed her buttocks softly over his face. He moaned uncomfortably trying to get enough air back to rise up.

"Stefani." Morrigan said still feeling his bullet wound but wanted to coax her to stop what she was doing before she murdered the 3rd guard as well.

"I'm a little busy right now, goddamit !" she called back angrily.

The guard looked up fearfully at her pantied globe when she hovered it over him, but still wasn't strong enough to move away. He groaned and clutched at his chest where she cut it open earlier with her blade.

Then Stefani sat down hard on his face again with incredible force, this time audibly breaking his neck loudly with her butt while saying in her nicest voice, "Mwah ! Here's a sweet kiss for you because you were such a good playmate !"

* * *

Then she sat there and laughed quietly to herself, twirling the dagger with expert ability between both sets of fingers. It was spinning so fast it was like a shining jewel being passed between back and forth between both hands.

Stefani had just murdered 3 armored guards in under a few minutes with her laughing girl's dagger which was originally a harmless Japanese toy but refitted with a new lethal blade of her own custom design. She also killed them with her unique fighting skills, dirty, and deadly. She was not a woman to trifle with.

Then she raised back up, smoothing her skirt down and slung her dagger hard and straight into the ceiling where it stuck there, the high-pitched maniacal laughter was heard coming forth from the speakers of it again.

Petrov was the first to speak in awe and shock at what he just saw, "Ze dawzher ov ze dewil !"

Morrigan noticed the look of rage from Stefani as she turned her head to look angrily at Petrov for his outburst and decided not to verbally agree with him this time.

Stefani spoke with scarcely concealed anger, "Petrov, you're a nice fellow and I like you a lot, but call me, 'The Daughter Of The Devil' one more time and I'm going to surgically rearrange your small intestines so the next time you take a crap, it'll come out your mouth, DA ?"

Petrov's face blanched and he shook his head holding his throat like he was choking at the thought, realizing she could probably do just that.

"DA !?" she repeated angrily and fixed him with a dangerous look.

He nodded shakily and lowered his head to her, "Da, Mizza Stefani."

"Good boy." she said and then kicked the side of the elevator wall hard so her dagger was knocked free from the ceiling and fell into her awaiting grip. She then eased it back into the pink scabbard wedged between her butt-cheeks from the back of her skirt, grunting a little as she did so.

Finally she told the group absently while pointing at the guard corpses, "Sorry for the mess boys, let's go."

The three raised up but Morrigan fell over in pain. He spoke in an agonized voice, "I've been shot by a bullet, Stefani."

Stefani didn't even bother to look back at him, "Next time keep your head down, idiot." and she reached down to gently lifted back up Tyr. Tyr was now a bit awake from the earlier noise and opened her eyes to look at Stefani. Stefani smiled and cradling Tyr with one arm reached back into her skirt pocket for the handkerchief still stained with the Tangerine in liquid form.

"Huh, whass all the noise izzat why I wanna know ?" Tyr said sleepily and yawned. The elevator rumbled slightly at Tyr's unfocused telekenesis but nothing further happened. Stefani was not frightened however and quickly put the handkerchief back over her face.

Stefani then spoke in her sweet baby voice calming her, "Nothing, sweetie. You're just having a bad dream, now go back to sleep. I'm going to take good care of everything, I promise you." She held the handkerchief there and watched Tyr's eyes carefully. They finally drooped and closed again.

Like clockwork, Tyr's small hand raised back up, even unconscious again, and put her finger back in her mouth to slurp on it comfortably again. Stefani smiled and pocketed the handkerchief.

Then holding Tyr with both arms, Stefani led the way out of the elevator shaft with the 3 men following behind her.

Morrigan fumed at her obvious lack of concern that he was hurt, but staggered to follow her with the help of Petrov, and Dempsey. He leaked a little blood from his wound, but fortunately they didn't have to travel too far. There were two elevators ahead and she motioned for them to take the 2nd one as she took the 1st.

Eager to be free of her evil presence, Petrov and Dempsey staggered into the elevator half-carrying Morrigan who was still bleeding from his shoulder, and once inside Dempsey spoke in his deep gravelly voice to the intercom, "Billock Dempsey, Infirmary, please. Have a medical team standing by for a gunshot wound."

Stefani stood and tapped her foot impatiently waiting for them to leave. Once she was alone she stepped into the first elevator and licked her lips in delicious anticipation of what she was going to do with Tyr now. She was salivating as she spoke into the intercom, "Stefani Charteiris, personal residence !"

The elevator shuddered for a moment and then there was a polite error beep. Then a computerized voice spoke back, "Invalid. Your access has been revoked, Stefani Charteiris. Please standby for a private transmit from Director, Andrew Arkos."

"Goddamit !" she said and kicked the wall where it dented slightly from her powerful effort and anger. She sat and thought for a moment, and as she did, her bracelet sparked to life and spoke to her in the quiet elevator.

"Stefani, do you recognize my voice ?"

"Yessir !" Stefani said with sincere respect, trying to mask her earlier anger. "Mr. Arkos, sir !"

"Stefani, you need to release that boy, Dev. He needs to be back with his family to put him off his guard. He's hiding something interesting in his home our records are now pointing us to, and we need him to get it for us. The real police are staking out the house right now, so we can't send anyone to search for it if they're there."

"I understand you've gotten attached to him. I also know you were successful in retrieving Tyr, and I would like to congratulate you for accomplishing that important mission."

"Thank you, sir !" Stefani said in her best, friendly voice.

The Director's voice paused for a moment and then faded slightly like he was stepping away to check something, "Stefani, also I sent three guards to detain you, peacefully, I had hoped, and I'm not reading life signs from their bracelets. Can you explain this to me, please ?"


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