FB2-30 "A Good Washing"

FB2-30 "A Good Washing"

A Chapter by dw817

"Maybe I should leave you here and come back for you in the morning. Until you learn not to spy on me ! Would you like me to do that for you ?" Stefani asked. There was no answer from me.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 30 - "A Good Washing"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Stefani placed her foot on the back of my head.

"Dev ...?" she asked after another minute, but there was no reply. I was unconscious and you could hear me breathing - well - as well as I could from the filthy opening anyways. My breath actually sounded pretty disgusting as I started to slurp my breath and drool from the pure putridness of what I was breathing.

With no answer she chuckled, holding her foot on my head to keep me there, and put the screwdriver back in her skirt.

Then she looked down to her thigh high stockings and skirt, which were still wet and looked revolting. "Little monster." she said quietly. She then looked up and rolled her foot a little over my head sliding my unconscious face all over the bottom. I continued to breathe the fetid atmosphere.

"You like that air in there, don't you Dev ? Maybe I should leave you here and come back for you in the morning. Until you learn not to spy on me ! Would you like me to do that for you ?" she asked viciously. There was no answer from me.

"Hmm...?" she said melodically and reached in her other pocket pulling out some shiny tying cord to slide across the top lid of the toilet to do just what she threatened. Then she gazed at me. I had to look completely pathetic to her.

I was dressed in a nice suit, unconscious with my head all the way in the bottom of the toilet and I was breathing out the u-bend and involuntarily drooling from the filthy smell of it. I coughed quietly and my fingers trembled violently for a bit, possibly from a pre-seizure reaction from my brain getting a lack of oxygen to it.

She sighed frustrated, realizing I might die overnight from breathing pure methane and sulfur now . She then pulled my head out looking at my wet and slobbering face to see I was knocked out and for the duration. She then grunted disgusted and wiped my wet face with a kerchief and hoisted me over her shoulder.

Then whistling sweetly, she lifted me in the air and I was unaware of what happened next.

I awoke an unknown time later to find I was naked in the tub and Stefani was standing over me with a washcloth squeezing out the warm water over my face, I guess to wake me back up. Then she rubbed my face with it. When I didn't wake she raised the temperature a little more and continued. Finally I coughed hoarsely and opened my eyes.

I felt terrible, like my lungs swam through miles of crap and pee combined. My breath had to stink like nobody's business and every time I breathed it smelled and tasted like the bottom of a toilet.

"Welcome back, Sleeping Beauty." Stefani said leering down at me.

"Huh ?" I asked.

"So what was it like down there ?" she asked and continued to wash me as if I were her own little boy, reaching for soap and shampoo.

"Like where ?" I asked. My brain still wasn't connecting.

"At the bottom of the U-Bend ?" she said and squished soap around my armpits.

At those word I started to cry. I put my head down in shame and wept real tears of sorrow. What she did to me AGAIN ! She rubbed my hair comfortingly for a moment and didn't say anything.

Finally I bawled, "Smelled so bad, and tasted terrible !"

Stefani softly laughed, like I was familiar with. The kind of laughter I recognized now she did when she had just done something severely nasty to someone. I suspected it was not the last time I would hear it.

"Well, Dev. You really did ask for it. Spying on me, your own girlfriend ! What were you thinking ?"

* * *

"I heard a man's voice talking." I said, defending myself.

She squished shampoo in my hair and started to work it in my scalp, "I don't want to hear anymore about it. If I you do tell anyone what you heard, there are things nastier than a u-bend and I'd be only to happy to introduce you to them."

I shuddered and my shoulders trembled in fear. "Okay, hun ?" she said, her tone changed completely to a babyish voice and then hugged me like I was her own boy.

I nodded and put my head down, resigning myself to whatever fate she had planned for me. And right now, it was just to wash my hair and get me cleaned up.

"Mmm hmm.." I said and still felt ashamed at what she did. New tears rolled down my face.

"There, there." she said soothingly, "It's all over. Umeko will be here within the hour, you'll get your wonderful oriental cleansing, and then be in in tip top shape, we'll release you to be back with your family. That's the best I can do for now."

I reached out to give her a wet weak hug, grateful to finally see my folks again. She commented, "There, there. Everything's going to be alright. You just listen to me from now on and don't go wandering off on your own, or you'll get in TROUBLE." and with that last word she took the bar of soap and jammed it in my mouth as I gagged on it.

She then wiped my face clean with a washcloth and paused to let me spit and cough the gooey soap into it. Once I felt I wasn't eating soap anymore, I stayed silent. She reached for a toothbrush and put some toothpaste on it.

"Big mouth, Dev." she said. I pulled back to reveal my teeth and she scrubbed away on them. As she did so she asked a little quieter, "Dev, what did you hear me talking about in the bathroom ?"

She scrubbed my teeth hard for several more moments but then paused so I could speak. I thought for a moment and realized I had better be careful about what I say or she might not be so eager to be cleaning me up right now. "Something about having fun and releasing me in the morning ?"

Stefani rotated my head to face hers and she looked intently at my eyes, "Is that ALL you heard ? And don't lie to me because I'll know !"

It was hard to lie under her piercing gaze but I managed anyway. "Yeah, I musta gotten in late cause it was a quick talk you had."

"Hmm.." she said thoughtfully and finished brushing my teeth. Then the washcloth again so I could spit out the excess toothpaste. Then she took a big cup and poured the warm water over my head several times to get the suds out as my hair was fully washed. She really was taking care of me.

In a way I would miss this kind of attention as my Mom stopped doing this when I was 4 years old. "Thank you." I said quietly.

That shocked Stefani. She stood up suddenly and angrily suspecting a trick, "For what !?"

I had an answer ready, "For taking - care of me. That's very kind of you."

She tapped her wet fingers on her arms for a second thinking. "Reeeally." and then poured some mouthwash in a cup for me to gargle and spit, which I did. Then she sat back down and grabbed my legs to take a soft scrubber to my feet. I had to giggle as she did it because I was so ticklish. Hearing me laugh, she smiled herself.

"Oh, Dev. If you could just stay with me, I'd take care of you like this forever or until you felt you were big enough to be on your own, wouldn't you like that ?"

What about my own parents ? But I didn't answer her. Which was apparently the right answer, as she continue to scrub and wash my toes, back, legs, arms, hands, neck, armpits, fingers, and finally behind my ears. It was the greatest bath I ever had and really wondered if she was going to give me such a thorough one every day.

I doubted it and realized she just wanted me to look nice for her best friend, Umeko. Then there was a pleasant chime and Stefani stood up suddenly, "I'll be right there !" she called out politely.


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