FB2-59 "When Dev Met Tyr (Part 2)"

FB2-59 "When Dev Met Tyr (Part 2)"

A Chapter by dw817

One cute girl I recognized from my math class, obviously enjoying the show looked right at me and yelled, "Kiss it Dev !" I shook my head vehemently to her. She fell over tittering in giggles.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© December 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 59 - "When Dev Met Tyr (Part 2)"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Then I heard Marty crumple papers and collect my schoolwork from the grass before it blew away. I still had my backpack on but it was now empty. If he was a REAL friend, he wouldn't have wanted this fight between Tyr and me to begin with !

I was curled up on my side clutching my chest, my eyes still closed, and finally straightened out, my back on the grass and looked up for a moment, my eyes relaxing their sight on the pleasant clouds in the sky. I could just go to sleep now watching them. A moment passed in silence. Maybe Tyr had left and forgotten about the fight ? I didn't want to get up and look.

I noticed my glasses had almost fallen off, so I scooted them back up on my nose with one finger. As I lay motionless enjoying the clouds, I felt the ground shift beneath me and new cheering from the crowd who had obviously not left.

Then Tyr was suddenly standing over me with her sparkly shoes straddling my shoulders, squatting over me so I could see the front of her panties, inches from my face, and she was blocking the sunlight over me. I coughed, still hurting and tried to look like I was in more pain than I had so she wouldn't hit me any further.

"Say it !" she said angrily, almost spitting down to me in her rage. I looked up and with my blurry vision could barely see the top of her head and eyes over the cotton globe of her underwear, some kind of princess design I noticed.

"Say what ?!" I asked ?! I couldn't even remember what we were fighting about I was so dizzy right now. I tried to focus my blurry vision on her eyes and finally succeeded. She was apparently waiting for my full attention before she proceeded.

Then smiling wickedly she turned around to hike up her blouse and tie loosely around her front. ALL the students got dead quiet when they saw her panties sticking out from her back in plain sight.

I was both horrified and mesmerized at what I was seeing. Then Tyr backed up and sat down comfortably on my face with her fabric against my nose so I was buried up in her. The first thing I noticed it was quite warm and actually comfortable, like a nice soft pillow.

The students watching quietly suddenly exploded and howled with laughter, especially the girls. They were screeching in giggles and pointing at me with ridiculous smiles on their faces. I choked with embarrassment. I had to get free !

As I coughed and struggled to get away, she was apparently ready for this and quickly unbuckled the belt from my shorts to slide it free and swing it around for everyone to see, like a wrestling trophy, before flinging it away out of my reach.

If I tried to wiggle out from under her now, my shorts would come off and everyone would see me in my Captain Circumference underwear my Mom bought for me ! I was gripped in panic and didn't know how to get out of this !

There was another cheer from the students gathered around. More were arriving to watch this bizarre scene of her uniquely original proposal to me. Then she grabbed both my hands which were still clutching where she punched me earlier pinning them both down on either side of my shoulders leaning her own weight and knuckles against them.

Tyr, now fully aware of her audience smiled up at them, mashed my hands hard into the grass, and with great deliberation swalloped her butt left and right over my face like she was spreading butter on bread. My head rolled from left to right as the cotton from the panties rubbed against me.

* * *

The boys were all saying, "Eww ..." and the girls were all giggling like mad. Some of the younger girls fell over losing their balance laughing, they thought it was so funny.

After a moment of doing this, she finally yelled down at me, "Say you're my boyfriend FOREVERED AND EVER. Say it so ever-one can hears ya !" and kept rolling my head around with her butt. I was more than dizzy from the movements and actually felt quite sick now from them.

It was quite a show so there was some half-hearted cheering for her to do even worse to me as she continued to pin me down this way. I turned to hold my head in one direction to look helplessly to the teachers leaving the building, but they knew well enough to avoid Tyr outside her studies fearing retribution (see Character Synopsis) and ran around the spectacle to get into their cars hoping someone ELSE would stop her abusive behavior.

I was really crying now at what she was doing to me !

"No ! No !" I started to say and struggled to get away, but as I did so, my shorts started to slide off, the hem of my Captain Circumference underwear in plain sight, so I stopped moving. Tyr then put her full weight on my head. Everyone else cheered and clapped at Tyr's bold approach to find a boyfriend with these unconventional means.

Realizing she wasn't going to let me go until I relented, I finally turned my head away disgusted and sobbed quietly, "I agree to be your Boyfriend FOREVER AND EVER now PLEASE GET OFF !"

Tyr wasn't satisfied. She raised her pantied globe up to hover an inch over my face and shrieked, "Promise !?"

I sobbed with my face still turned to the side, spitting at the tickling blades of grass up my nose, "I promise !" and coughed, because my chest was still hurting, especially with her added weight on it now. I struggled to move my hands but she held them firm against the grass and further wrapped her fingers around mine squeezing them painfully letting me know I had better not try to move them again.

I continued to look sideways back at the entrance to the school and saw two teachers talking angrily at the front door. One pointed at me in the grass, finally running back inside, to get the principal, I hoped. The other teacher watched with her hands on her shoulders. She was furious, but she didn't interfere with Tyr's matchmaking ritual.

Tyr smiled magnanimously to the crowd of students that gathered and added in a syrupy voice, "Promise to kissed my bootie iffen ya don't ?" and she wiggled it for effect. I looked up at the cotton globe she hovered over my face, horrified at what she offered. The other students were now hooting in laughter and pointed directly at me, daring me to agree.

One cute girl I recognized from my math class, obviously enjoying the show looked right at me and yelled, "Kiss it Dev !" I shook my head vehemently to her. She fell over giggling, apparently delighted at how uncomfortable I was at the moment.

It got quiet for a moment as Tyr waited for an answer. While I was deciding what to do, she shrugged her shoulders like she was disappointed and lowered her butt back onto my face again and rolled it around my nose. But something wasn't right. The fabric was somewhat moist and felt stickier and nastier now. I moaned uncomfortably starting to smell what was beneath there as I had been under her for so long.

Most of the girls had stopped laughing and all watched, deeply fascinated at what Tyr was doing. I noticed some older girls from classes more advanced than mine stopped to watch the spectacle and smile too. Wasn't ANYONE going to rescue me ?

Now the principal was outside. I turned to look at him, as Tyr pressed her full weight down on me again. The cotton felt squishy and wet now, but I tried hard not to think about it.

The other teacher, holding onto the principal's shoulder, angrily pointed at what that horrid young girl was doing to that nice young boy on the grass and to additionally wave her hand plaintively to the crowd of students gathered around to heckle at the sight.

There was a faint trace of a smile on the principal's face before he pointed to the watch on his wrist and mentioned something about fights not being his responsibility after school hours, and that if the teacher was really concerned, then she should call the girl's parents.

I blubbered in fear. That would be too late ! I'd be a big smeary pancake. Wasn't there anyone ELSE to help me !?


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