FB2-45 "Dev Is Accused Of Cheating"

FB2-45 "Dev Is Accused Of Cheating"

A Chapter by dw817

Then I saw the board, every possible move before, like I did when I was playing Dad. My fingers twitched excitedly in Lilly's grip and she massaged my wrist with her delicate fingers encouragingly




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 45 - "A Very Sore Loser"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Lilly sensed my uneasiness and stepped away from my Mom and approached the table.

A big guy you wouldn't wanna mess with wearing a bright red T-Shirt that read, 'Waialaia Chess Tournament Security" stopped her and said only contestants may approach.

"But I'm his girlfriend." she said innocently and twirled her toes like it was embarrassing to say that.

The security guard puzzled up his face for a second, then looked at me. I waved her over and that was an indicator she was who she said she was. He let her through.

I swallowed hard. If Tyr wasn't recovered because of some terrible accident, I wondered if she was being trueful and really would be there to support me in her absence. I still had to wonder about that wound on my leg when the pair babysat me.

Was it really accidental as she said ? I somehow cut it falling back on the couch passing out from too much of my milkshake, that was their story ? Absent-mindedly I scratched my thigh in painful memory of it.

Lilly flickered her pretty green eyes down for just a moment to see me rubbing there and looked back straight into my own narrowing her for a bit and then bit into her own bottom lip hungrily. Hokay ! NOW I didn't know who was scarier, my opponent or Lilly right now !

Lilly put my fears at rest however and sat in the chair to the left of me. There was a solid white cloth covering the square table hiding her hands which she ducked underneath the material. Suddenly I felt Lilly's delicate cool fingers tickle the top of my bare kneecap, inviting for me to hold her hand for support, like before when I played chess against Dad.

I coughed in embarrassment and hurriedly reached my hand down to tap her with my own finger, but rubbed it for a bit, letting her know I would appreciate her support again, but only once the game was underway. She got the message and retracted her hand. I put both of mine back in my lap waiting for the announcer to introduce both of us to the crowd.

Two people approached me and the Queen, making sure our microphones were fastened to our shirts correctly and the wires were out of the way of the playing field. Then there was a whistle in the main announcer's microphone from magnetic feedback and a clear voice rang out echoing around the gym.

"Welcome everyone to the 10th event, Chess Championship of Waialaia," there was soft applause so he added in a voice that sounded surprised and excited, "3rd year running, can you believe it ?"

That last bit worked to engage the crowd. Then there was thunderous applause, several people stood up to clap loudly, and there were a few silly whoops and hollers from kids, on the lower bleachers, eager to be heard on live TV as this was definitely going to be on television. I recognized one from Marty who sat close to the front grinning idiotically.

The announcer continued in the echoing voice that vibrated through my shoes to my toes, "For the undefeated champion with 10-straight wins, let's hear it for Dev Borne !" and someone behind me tapped my chair for me to stand, so I did.

There was more booming applause in the audience and I heard my Mom cry out, "That's my baby out there !" My ears pinked red with that statement and I hurriedly sat down again staring down at my lap suddenly.

There was muffled laughter at that and then it got quiet again with soft murmuring, others talking about the tournament.

The announcer spoke again, his voice echoing louder in the gym, "His competitor, an unknown person, going simply by the name of The Queen. Folks, let's give it up for her !"

My opponent stood up expecting the same degree of applause, but it was distinctly different. I think even they agreed it was not only cheeky for you to come dressed as a queen but to call yourself one as well with no wins to your name. There was some half-hearted applause.

She scowled and sat down.

The only one not applauding at all for either for me or her was Scant who I noticed sat near the top of the bleachers, away from the whole thing, and he was with his buddies, the ones that gave me a hard time in the Reading Room earlier. I could see he really wasn't interested about the actual playing of the match itself, but did want to see the outcome.

I also knew he'd thoroughly enjoy it if I mopped up the floor with this snotty girl, and I might earn points with him as a new friend. While he might still call me a sissy, he would still have to acknowledge that I was a mean and tough guy for the intellectual stuff like this. A broadcast Chess Challenge ! So I would certainly give it my best effort.

Suddenly The Queen spoke out loud breaking the moment of silence, "I want the black pieces."

Everyone grumbled uncomfortably at the request. Anyone new who challenged the last winner was always given the white pieces as an advantage, and yet here she clearly said she wanted the black ones to apparently give herself a handicap ?

An attendant rushed up to my chair and spoke quietly in my ear, "Sir, is that alright with you ? You don't have to if you don't want to. It's not written in the rules."

"Sure, that's fine." I said weakly, not really understanding her strategy. And realizing just how loud my voice was on the microphone even though I barely spoke.

The attendant then looked at the Queen with an agitated and ugly expression and neatly rotated the board clockwise a full 180 degrees. I had the white pieces now. I clearly had the advantage, but the training my Dad gave me was to work with black pieces. Somehow I think she knew this. But I would be fine with this.

* * *

I would open with my left king's knight. That would confuse her. It was definitely not a standard move in any professional chess opening and it might throw her off guard, and I always won after that, with a few exceptions from playing my Dad who got used to going straight after my knights once I had them out of their protective edge.

Then it got quiet again. A woman, also dressed in the appropriate red T-shirt showing she was an official of the tournament approached Lilly and whispered in her ear. Lilly whispered back to her in reply. She nodded at Lilly's answer, then she whispered in The Queen's ear.

Instead of whispering back The Queen stood up suddenly directly facing the camera in front of her and said loudly so everyone can hear in her microphone, "Dev here may need a nursemaid to support his ego," and motioned to Lilly, "but I gone to play without anies help !"

The audience laughed pretty loud on that one, even my Mom noticed. It was obvious The Queen was trying hard to throw me off my game. I felt my ears pink red again which stretched its warmth across my cheeks, but Lilly looked at me which caught me from feeling totally ashamed.

There was real confidence in her facial expression. "You can win." is what it told me. I smiled and she returned the smile.

The audience got quiet again. The announcer spoke, "Folks, we are ready to begin. Challengers, are there any questions you have about the rules before we start ?" and as he spoke another attendant, a young boy, ran out and hurriedly sat in the chair to my right, the opposite side of Lilly, and put his hand on the chromatic timer. It would be speed-chess after all.

I shook my head, and preparing, put my left hand subtly under the table where it disappeared under the white cloth, keeping my right hand in plain view for moving my pieces. Lilly already had her hand under the table so it met mine. Then she delicately took my wrist and cupped it in hers squeezing it gently for encouragement.

I marveled at her warm touch which was cool earlier and felt slightly light-headed but fully energized ! There was an awkward moment of silence as the announcer waited for perfect silence. Then he spoke shrilly and loudly, "Players, begin !"

It was my move ! I hesitated for an instant thinking. I had the white pieces. The fellow controlling the timer had already started the timer ! There was a soft click from the clock. 9-seconds remaining for my move !

I picked up the knight and started to make my move when my nerves caused me to klonk and drop it on the table on its side, it rolled in a semi-circle on the smooth board. There was a groan of disappointment from the audience members.

My opponent, The Queen was completely unsympathetic and crossed her arms with a cruel sneer on her face. Oh she would like it that I missed my opening move because of my clumsiness and I doubt I would EVER be able to live down THAT kind of record !

Lilly fidgeted her hand in mine, also nervous, but I quickly picked back up the piece, insisting I use one hand to do it so I wouldn't betray my other hand holding Lilly's for support.

I balanced it back on the board with the tip of my finger.

The timer was down to 4 ! Then I quickly picked it back up and set it down quickly where I wanted it, thumping the velvet bottom of it on the wooden board to assure not only the Queen but myself of the move. 3-seconds remaining and now it was her turn and the girl to the right tapped the clock to reset it back to 10-seconds.

The Queen looked quickly at the board and grabbed her pawn, opening up her queen to move out. I realized right then, the queen was her important piece ! Surely it was ! She looked so stupid dressed like a Halloween reject it was obvious ! I knew I could use this to my advantage. Then it was my turn again.

I felt a yawn coming on but suppressed it. Then there was like a slight pinkish hue to my eyes. I blinked them confused for a moment, and looked at the clock. I waited for it to click. When it did, it seemed like a dull echo. I counted a good 5-seconds yet only one second had elapsed showing 9 still remaining on the clock. I was startled, what was happening ?

I felt Lilly's fingers, and they were heavy and solid like rubbery concrete. I tried to bend one gently and it was like stone ! I looked to her expression and it was glassy, like she was trapped in time. Was I trapped in time myself ?

Then the pinkish hue vanished like water washing away and I was back in the game. Lilly's fingers felt normal and comfortable again. 8-seconds. I quickly moved out my other knight to the start of the board.

Then it was her turn again. She moved out her queen, as I suspected. Then it was my turn. Then it happened.

Suddenly I saw the board, every possible move before, like I did when I was playing Dad. My fingers twitched excitedly in Lilly's grip and she massaged my wrist with her delicate fingers, still warm to the touch.

Lilly smiled at me and I returned it. I was going to win after all ! I made my move before a single second elapsed. Then The Queen moved, and it took her several seconds. Then me again. I was a blur, already moving before the clock could even count off a click for me.

She was sweating now, wondering how I was doing this; how I was moving my pieces as quickly as I could !

The game got heated, she lost her queen after several attempts of mine to corral it. As I handed her queen to a fellow standing on the side who was keeping track of the capture pieces, she did something unexpected and stood out of her chair squeaking it against the surface of the gym floor.

Then she cried out, "TIME !"

The announcer coughed on the microphone not expecting an interruption in the game as there never was one before and quavered back, "Err, umm, Time is called, Miss Queen. Is there a problem ?"

She stood up purposefully and walked to my left over to Lilly and reaching her hand under the white tablecloth, grabbed her hand snapping it free from mine, and holding it in the air for everyone to see said, "She's giving Dev moves with her fingers under the table !"

She whirled to face the audience and yelled, "DEV IS CHEATING !"


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