FB2-29 "The Magic U-Bend"

FB2-29 "The Magic U-Bend"

A Chapter by dw817

"Well of course we are ! And don't you usually see the best magic tricks at night ?" and as Stefani spoke she pulled a pair of pretty white sparkly gloves out of her skirt pocket and put them on.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 29 - "The Magic U-Bend"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Stefani tapped her foot angrily.

"Dev," she finally said politely trying to control her rage. "Didn't your Mother teach you the difference between a boy's and girls' restroom ? Do I HAVE to show you ?"

I floundered for a bit trying to get out, but I was stuck tight. "Cancha help me please, Stefani ?" I implored.

She folded her arms angrily and spoke quieter with more venom in her tone, "You didn't answer my question, Dev."

I raised up for a bit by arching my back and sure enough, my butt squorped out of the water for a bit, but then I felt something painful in my spine and fell back in the bowl, stuck again. Stefani was close enough that the water splashed under my butt on her perfectly dry skirt.

I looked down in horror. As pretty as Stefani was all the time, and I just splashed her with ... I looked down at her waist and gulped in fear. I saw her take one hand down and touch the wetness there. Then she looked at me, okay, I knew I was in for it now.

But then she smiled surprisingly and spoke in a nicer tone, "Dev. Why are you here spending our nice date soaking your butt in this toilet instead of eating your vanilla ice cream outside like a good little boy should ?"

"Beats me !" I offered and held my hands out for her to help me. This time she didn't ignore me and pulled on my hands. I squorped the bowl one more time and was out getting more water on her. This time it splashed on her shoes and legs and she was wearing thigh-highs. They looked awful when they were wet, like she didn't make it to the bathroom herself.

She patted me on my head very friendly like. I'm glad she wasn't mad at me. Then she said something odd, "Dev. This place is kind of like a carnival for kids, you know that, don't you ?"

"What ? You mean in here ?" and I pointed to the concrete restroom. I looked around now. It really was nasty. I realized each stall was slick with pee on the concrete floor, and with that one light above it was hard to see much. The toilet seats looked used and worn and there were stains in the bowl she just pulled me out of.

I wrinkled up my nose in disgust at the sight. She laughed slightly, "No ! Not here, silly. I mean outside, didn't you see the pretty stars in the sky ?"

"From the night sky ?" I asked. She nodded. I added, "Stefani, I'm not that dumb. Those weren't real stars, they're lights or something. We're underground, right ?"

"Well of course we are ! And don't you usually see the best magic tricks at night ?" and as she spoke she pulled a pair of pretty white sparkly gloves out of her skirt pocket and stretched them on. Then she reached for a little magic wand she had in her skirt and pulled it out.

It was a classic one. The black stick with a white tip on the end, although it looked grooved with rubber.

"And for my first trick !" she said with a dramatic flair waving it in front of me.

I smiled. I was gonna see a real-live magic trick ! My eyes got wide with delight and I clasped my hands watching eagerly.

Then she turned the wand around in her hand and I could see it was actually just a flat-head screwdriver with a painted white handle. A screwdriver ? She then stooped down on her knees under the commode to turn something with it. I heard a soft squeaking and then she grunted to tighten it.

"What are you doing, Stef ?" I asked genuinely curious.

* * *

"It's a magic trick Dev." she grunted, still turning the screwdriver. "You stay right where you are because I'm going to need a volunteer here in a minute to make the trick complete."

"Okay." I said, and looked around, hoping no-one else needed the restroom at the moment. Then my wet butt started to freeze through the shorts I was wearing as air blowed through the restroom, I guess from an artificial means. I was pretty sure she wasn't responsible for that.

Then she said, "Look in the bowl for the trick !"

I remembered the last time she showed me a "trick" where she had my head in the toilet and wanted me to drink it down. I gave her a look like I remembered that and kept my distance. "Oh, c'mon, Dev. This is a REAL magic trick ! You won't want to miss it !"

I peered in but didn't let her get me too close to it. Then she flushed. It had a lot of power and flushed normally but then the water didn't return. It was gone ! The bowl didn't refill. Super ! Now =THAT= was a neat magic trick !

"Wowee !" I said and clapped my hands as she took a mock bow turning around the screwdriver to show it looked like a magic wand again waving it in my face like she just did an incredible sorceress's spell.

"Thassa neat trick, Stef !" I said. Then I puzzled my lip looking at the empty bowl, "Where'd the water go ? How dju do that ?"

"Take a look and you'll see." she said generously and leaned me close so I could look. She couldn't do anything to me with no water in the bowl so I smiled and leaned to look really close but still kept standing, ready to back out if she had something else in mind.

I looked in. The water really was gone. I knew all magic tricks had names to them, so maybe by knowing the name I could learn how she did it. "What's the name of this trick ?"

"It's called the Magic U-Bend !" and she put her hand on my head so she could scoot me even closer to the bowl. I guess she really did want me to see there was no water in there and I still knew she couldn't do anything to drown me without it so I let her push me in for a close look. It still looked nasty inside.

I screwed up my face puzzled for a moment. What was that word she said ? "Whassa U-Bend ?" I asked sincerely curious.

"I'm glad you asked, Dev." she said and then as she was behind me, kicked out the back of my knees from behind me so I fell to a kneeling position, then she grabbed both my arms behind her with an iron grip and shifted her hands so they were both held solely by her left hand. With her right hand she grabbed my hair hard and mashed my head all the way to the bottom.

Then I smelled something - really - bad. Like crap a hundred years old. The worst ever. The scent was so terrible I gagged turning my head to get away from it, but Stefani was already ready for me to fight back.

She squeezed my hair painfully and carefully jammed my nose and face all the way down to the empty hole so I was forced to breathe in from there. She leaned her full weight against me. And, I had to ask. How could I breathe !?

There was no water. Finally Stefani chuckled and spoke, "Dev, the u-bend is the bend just before the sewage collects in the bottom. And there's no toilet water there. It's just methane and sulfur collected from ample defecation and urination. Quite possibly the nastiest air you will ever have the pleasure to breathe. I hope you enjoy it's unique fragrance."

Then she gripped my hair harder and held me in. I couldn't back out now and felt myself breathing shallowly in panic. But the more I breathed, the more foulness entered my nose and mouth. I couldn't rotate my head and my nose and mouth were completely up the hole. She made sure of that and she watched carefully to see I got no leverage in my head at all.

It was definitely the worst smelling air ever. I coughed which echoed in the pipes and she continued to hold me there. I actually felt weak and dizzy from breathing the fetid air. The stench was overwhelming and I was tasting it in my mouth now. She held me firm for several minutes. I didn't even bother to fight back knowing she'd hurt me if I did.

I coughed again quieter and felt the muscles in my shoulders give out, I guess from lack of breathing real air. Then I felt her let go of my arms and they fell loosely to the sides of the bowl. I reached up weakly to hold my hands on the sides but was not strong enough to pull out.

She then gently closed the lid on top of me wedging it up against my neck. Without any strength in my arms to raise the lid again I couldn't pull free at all now !

I moaned pitifully, disgusted at the smell. Finally my breathing started to slow down, and my brain felt like it was swimming through a mountain of crap and pee. It was overwhelming and I vibrated my head in a last ditch effort to escape. Then I felt my legs give out and my head fell even deeper inside.

Another minute passed and I had no fight left in me and continued to breathe in that putrid air like a man starved for oxygen, which I guess I was. I heard her laugh cruelly at the position and predicament I was in.

She leaned into the bowl and whispered in my ear, "Nasty boys belong in nasty places. You remember that Dev, the next time you feel like spying on me. Because if I do catch you again, I'll tie your head in here with a towel under the seat and leave you and that's all the air you'll ever breathe again. Doesn't this sound like a good place for you ?"

"I tried to shake my head but felt too weak. The disgusting smell was everywhere. My eyes felt like they were burning from horrible flatulence so I crinkled them slightly and they teared up. Finally I spoke quietly, "Yes ma'am." and then breathed even more shallowly. I actually felt sleepy, my eyes closed completely, my senses drowning in the horrible stench of the u-bend.

She must have heard me though because she commented, "Good boy. Now you stay there for a moment." and then I heard her stand up and start to brush down her skirt. My strength was completely gone and it was all I could do to continue to breathe shallowly out of that nasty little hole.

I sighed deeply and finally lost consciousness. Too much methane and sulfur and not enough oxygen.


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