FB2-04 "A Message From The Past"

FB2-04 "A Message From The Past"

A Chapter by dw817

Murphy continued, "As you know, it was an illegal project to begin with. Time Transport being deeply forbidden since the Gate Wars. It was modified to work with computers for that time period. (more)


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© September 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Jeffrey continued to watch the image on his wrist. No walls, wood, brick, stone, or mortar. No chairs, tables, anything. Everything was a hologram or vectored lines somehow.

People sat behind Murphy on comfortable holographic discs in little rectangular rooms for themselves. Buttons floated ahead of them inside their cubicles. Some had little glowing rings around their ears, listening to something, possibly dictation.

All were typing on the holographic keyboards that floated in front of them. A few switches stuck out to the sides of their cubicles, controlling ambient background music, temperature, coffee and snacks, and other office features. They looked ahead to their viewscreen which was just a floating rectangle with images appearing in it, helping in their work.

Occasionally they would stop typing to touch something on the screen a few times to get further information about what they saw.

Murphy coughed and spoke seriously, "Jeff. Sorry to interrupt your vacation. You were interested in what had happened to the Achilles zero-two Project. As mentioned, someone, we suspect a criminal now, had modified it and sent it back in time. We were investigating that at your request, remember ?"

Jeffrey nodded, still watching the girls. He wondered for a second if Sally could breathe under all that goo Jennie had buried her under. He shrugged, she could always eat her way out. He thought for a moment about the threat she made earlier. Surely she didn't mean it.

But with what Jennie was doing to her now ? There could be a real vendetta brewing in that little brain of hers.

He heard Sally moan somewhat loud and pleasurably from the river where Jennie continued to squish mud easily past her skirt and now up her panties and down her shirt to her breasts. He could hear the soft flupping noise of the mud from here as Jennie oozed it up every orifice on her.

Despite this, Sally still wanted to break free and he heard her struggle some more, still unsuccessful. Jennie had mashed her down good.

He smiled back at his girlfriend, noticing with a smile that Sally's skirt had now floated away down the river to stop against the riverbank, undoubtedly removed by Jennie.

He was almost a little afraid of what she was doing to her now, watching her pushing the mud with the flat of her hand in and out deliberately around her panties, and what revenge Sally planned for him later as this was OBVIOUSLY his fault.

Jennie, seeing the look of shock on his face waved back to him cheerfully. "Hiya !" she said sweetly, her voice full of purest innocence.

Sally replied by splashing the water petulantly with one hand, more ashamed than angry now.

"The Achilles Project." he repeated, "What did you find ?" he asked Murphy, concentrating back on why he called.

Murphy tapped the air ahead of him and a transparent piece of glass, thin as paper appeared like a flash of light and floated a few inches off his holographic table in front of him. He read the text off of the message.

Murphy continued, "As you know, it was an illegal project to begin with. Time Transport being deeply forbidden since the Gate Wars. The project was modified to work with computers for that time period, which, of course, is also very forbidden."

Murphy paused for a second squinting his eyes confused for a moment at the hologram message, "Forgive me. This is written in the old script, I'm translating. A moment, Jeff."

Jeffrey nodded and let Murphy decipher the message. As he waited, Jeff let his eyes wander away from the girls playing to look in the distance on the other side of the river where he saw a nice cottage and some pretty girl in her 30s who was sweeping beautiful leaves and flowers from around the entrance to her abode.

The broom looked like it was made out of a bamboo rod and twined stiff hay. He knew metal was absolutely and completely forbidden so there wasn't any in that broom to bind the whisk.

He remembered, the dishes they brought were made from a hard crystalline, rubbery substance, but he couldn't put his finger on the name right now. The same material, though opaque, the bicycles were also made out of. And spongier for the tires for an exceptionally smooth ride.

The woman by the cottage had on a beautiful green colored single-piece of cotton clothing that started at the middle of her breasts and worked its way down just above her knees provocatively. She had a flattering figure besides, stretching the fabric suggestively looking quite pretty in it, and being barefoot besides.

She finally noticed Jeffrey gazing dreamily at her so she waved friendly to him. She looked for all appearances like a dryad from the mythical stories of lore. All she needed were fairy-like wings, and Jeffrey's imagination had already put those on her.

Turning her back to him and for his benefit, she bent over to pick up some flowers stuck in the broom's bristles and greeted him with a glimpse underneath her tunic showing bare butt, no panties beneath at all. He swallowed hard, having a difficult time of looking away.

He had to look away. If Jennie saw him looking at her, he REALLY would catch it, and it would probably be worse than River Chocolate had she her way with him later that evening.

She continued to pull pretty flowers from her broom quietly looking back occasionally over her shoulder with a bit of a shy, innocent, and playful smile on her face to see if he was still watching her. And he was, hungrily. She batted her eyes flirting them for a moment.

Jeffrey licked his lips interestedly, and bit his bottom lip as he continued to watch her.

Murphy continued speaking finally, bringing Jeffrey back in focus.

* * *

"Jeff," he said, "The package was sent to year reference 0-0-2010, planet Earth, via MAIL, an archaic way to transport items physically then. It was sent to -" and then he stopped reading to look horrified at the note and then slowly up at Jeffrey without continuing his sentence.

Jeffrey knew something was wrong and took on a grim expression, standing and turning away from both tantalizing scenes to walk back to the road.

Jennie then noticed Jeffrey had stopped watching her show to walk away. Concerned, she stopped the mud bath she was having with Sally.

"C'mon, Sally." she said tersely and bent down to splash water around her butt to free her from the stickiness and looked to see Jeffrey had a serious expression on his face and he was talking down at his wristcom. It had to be business.

"You are SO -" Sally began angrily, but Jennie still had time to shut her up by splatting mud, thicker than yogurt, one more time against her dirty mouth as she continued to free her from her sticky trap. Sally's voice spluttered helplessly again.

Jennie was more concerned what was happening with Jeffrey at this time. She walked over to retrieve Sally's skirt which was stuck in the mud near the edge of the river and handed it back to her.

Sally snatched it angrily and washing it in the clear water ahead, she hurriedly put it back on.

They both splashed out of the river to look at Jeffrey with concern. Sally had mud sticking out nearly an inch all over her face and hair, and Jeffrey, looking at them by hearing them approach, wasn't sure how Sally was breathing at all as her mouth and nose were completely covered in the stuff.

Jennie's blouse was torn too where sally fought her, revealing a bare breast as there was no bra.

Then he saw Sally dejectedly suck a bite out of the wet mud revealing her mouth and she chewed on it quietly before swallowing it, groaning uncomfortably. He smiled softly, well, it was just chocolate, but there goes her diet, and he knew she talked to him earlier that morning about going on one.

Jeffrey could see Sally's eyes easily beyond the mud though, and BOY did she look mad ! Her look seemed to say somehow this was all HIS fault and kissing her a*s may be the least of his worries.

He wondered how fast he could run away from her once he had heard what Murphy had to say.

Jennie spoke with a trace of distress in her voice as she walked up to him, "Jeff, is everything Ok, hun ?" Jeff waved his hand down politely, so they would be quiet as he tried to listen carefully to the message Murphy had. She nodded and grabbed her blouse squeezing it in a knot a little to get water out of it.

"What is it ?" he asked Murphy, and he sat down on the grass to focus intently on the message he was sending him. Murphy's appearance on the floating viewscreen looked down again and rubbed his lip for a minute thoughtfully, trying to confirm and be certain what was on the hologram note.

Sally, having had more than enough of this wretched mud, edible or not, went back to the picnic basket and pulled out a little glass rectangle, the size and shape of a tile in a bathroom. She tapped in the center of it and it lit up bright green for a second, like Jeffrey's invisible armband.

A floating keyboard started to appear. She hit 3 buttons on it, before it even formed fully and the keyboard vanished as a yellow glowing rod, the size of a flashlight appeared floating a few feet above her head.

She tossed the controller back in the picnic basket and then grabbed the floating tube with her muddy fingers.

She dragged it across her hair like an eraser. Wherever it touched, the mud vanished, not cleaned, vanished, like pixels in a picture. She smoothed it around, like brushing her hair and cleaned all the mud, caked on or otherwise in mere seconds. Her beautiful short chestnut hair once again shimmered wonderfully in the sunlight.

Done with her hair she started on her head. Her pretty, mud-free face shone beneath the process as if she had taken an hour long bath to scour it away. This process occurred in seconds as the mud vanished promptly requiring no more than one wave with the floating eraser.

She opened her mouth for a second to rub the eraser once across there voiding it perfectly showing flawless white teeth. She quickly looked to her shirt and skirt tapping the rectangle wherever she saw mud rubbing it vigorously around her middle, especially where Jennie squished it up inside.

Sally stooped down for a second to brush the eraser over her legs and toes. All mud vanished instantly.

In less than a minute Sally was perfectly clean with no mud anywhere on her at all and her skirt shone and reflected beautifully in the sunlight like it was just new and out of the plastic packaging.

Then she offered the floating eraser to Jennie as she had quite a bit of mud in her own hair and skirt, but Jennie was more concerned with why Jeffrey was upset right now.

Sally shrugged and flung the eraser-thing away where it vanished only a few feet from her but not before appearing to break up, as if laser-lines were deconstructing it, even down to the radius and diameter of its shape. She then tugged down a bit on her skirt as it was riding up again.

"It's no error." Murphy finally said returning back to Jeffrey, and his image wavered for a second as the girls stepped up to see the message, blocking the broadcast for a moment.

Sally went over to grip Jeffrey's shoulder rather hard letting him know that she hadn't forgotten her "idle" threat to him. Jeffrey gulped for a moment to look at her. Sally pursed her lips blowing a kiss to him and with her other free hand patted her ample butt from the back. Ample, Jeffrey noticed uneasily, and felt a twitch in his eye.

Then she met his eyes with hers. Little green coals of fire burned vibrantly there, Jeffrey noticed that too. He also saw her biting her bottom lip angrily. Apparently she didn't like her beauty treatment in the mud at all.

Suddenly he shuddered under her hold which caused her to grip him tighter. If he slept tonight, he had better do it with both eyes open, but then he tried to concentrate on the serious message Murphy was relaying.

Murphy concluded reading the note without meeting Jeffrey's eyes, "She's got this now, the Achilles Project. Your daughter has it, Jennie. Or well, who WAS your daughter." and he looked up momentarily to point to Jennie who was standing over Jeffrey's other shoulder, unaware of what Sally just did.

Jennie, who was fingering her hair where the persistent mud stuck suddenly looked to Jeffrey mouthing the words without saying it, "My daughter ?" and there was fear in her eyes.

Murphy read the last line on the message out loud, "Tyr."


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