FB2-47 "A Very Sore Loser"

FB2-47 "A Very Sore Loser"

A Chapter by dw817

She also couldn't capture me with the knights either as I had carefully positioned my other pieces around their influence. The audience suddenly grew completely quiet. "Checkmate." I heard myself say.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© August 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 47 - "A Very Sore Loser"

* * *

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To top it off, outside of the rudeness The Queen was showing me, I was certain I had seen her from somewhere else before.

The attendant controlling the clock, unaware of the subtleties she was using to throw me off my game, clicked it so I could make my move after she captured my knight. I looked hard at her as she smirked at me with a new look of confidence. There was no doubt in my mind, she knew me even if I didn't know her.

I tried to remember back to when I was 7-years old, when it was only girls then.

Was she one of the girls there ? Was SHE one of the bullies from my past ?

I imagined myself holding Sharon's hand again for comfort and got lost in thought for a few seconds almost hearing the commode's horrible gurgling noise and lulled into envisioning a beautiful waterfall scene, as I always did, anything, to get my mind out of the nightmarish place I was so often placed in.

Suddenly I was aware of the clock ticking down ! I had been daydreaming for a good 7-seconds and had less than 3-seconds to make a move or forfeit it !

I felt a tightness in the back of my neck and rather than letting the clock run down on me I hurriedly picked up the closest pawn and captured her diagonally opposing pawn, vowing to concentrate better on my next move.

It was only after I pulled her captured pawn away to hand to the attendant, that I realized the stupidity of my folly. I left my remaining single knight wide open to capture !

The Queen was giggling like mad now and hurled her castle in a tight vertical line to capture it placing me directly in CHECK for the process !

She lifted my last knight up close to her lips and closing her eyes started to wet raspberry nasty on it but didn't get very far as the the attendant nearby snatched it out of her hands, tired of her stupid games, wiping it with a towel someone had handed them.

"Hmm ..." she said disappointedly. Then into her microphone, "Well, whatcha gonna do now knight boy with NO KNIGHTS !?" and gave me a pouty face whining like a dog, rubbing her curled knuckles on her cheeks, encouraging me to cry. She whispered, "You gonna be a crybaby now ?"

But I didn't grace her with a reply.

I knew what my problem was. I always expected people to be nice to me. And when they weren't, and teased me or were cruel, I somehow directly blamed myself - venting my own anger inward. I knew it was stupid to do that, but I always wanted to give everyone the benefit of a doubt of being a good, honest, sincere, and caring person, even if they weren't.

I also knew that my gullibility in wanting to believe everyone had a good heart would also get me in serious trouble later in life. Why couldn't I hate anyone ? I HAD to eventually believe you couldn't talk your way out of any argument. You couldn't just shake hands and be friends all the time. I had to learn this, and yet, I felt, I never would.

I couldn't be a crybaby all my life when someone teased me or hurt me. I just didn't know when it would happen, that day, when I was grown up. It might be never.

I felt my legs shaking in rage and fought to control them. I looked to the board. A second clicked off the clock. 9 remaining. I didn't know why I was so frustrated ! I was clearly winning. I still had one bishop, both castles, my queen, seven pawns, and the king.

She only had her two knights, her two castles, three pawns, and the king. I had captured everything else and was closing in to win the game. it was clear to me she wasn't going to even bother moving her knights. I could use that to my advantage, I thought to myself.

I looked to the position of check she placed me in. I saw a way to get out of this ! Another second ticked down. I hurriedly moved my bishop in diagonally to capture the offending castle, but didn't think of the pawn she had been creeping across the board !

In her move that followed, my queen was not ONLY captured by her pawn in the next move but became a queen itself, having reached the opposite side of the board !

NOW there was appreciative applause from the audience for my opponent ! Indeed it was an excellent move on her part.

I lost my queen and knight in two moves, and she had a new queen back to replace the one I took from her earlier and its arrival had placed me in immediate check to boot with her queen facing my king horizontally, and it was my move again.

The Queen was certainly living up to her name ! For a moment, I wondered if I truly was outclassed by her. Then I saw my bishop which could block her, but not capture the new queen. I moved it into place.

She couldn't capture my bishop because if she did it would place her new queen one space away from my king and then my king could capture it and I knew she wasn't stupid enough to do that.

Sure enough, she wasn't. She pursed her lips up in frustration and backed her queen away as it was getting dangerous for her to be so close to my key remaining pieces now. I looked to the board and saw that, if she continued to ignore her knights, I could corral her king into a checkmate.

* * *

So I went for it. Baiting her with one of my castles, which she eagerly devoured, forcing her right where I wanted her. I knew she was weak in her bishops as she used them only when there was a very clear opening for a capture and not a take-me take-you capture which was harder to accomplish.

It would all come down to just how "wuthless" she really thought her knights were. I moved my castle into place, placing her in check and it was defended by her bishop. Hokay, so far so good. She still hadn't moved any of her knights. And there it was, the winning move !

I sliced my bishop neatly through her pawn and got the king in check. He couldn't capture the bishop because I had a pawn to defend it. Her king couldn't move away because she used a "castling" move earlier putting him in the corner, and he couldn't slide under a piece because one of her knights was in the way !

Her other knight also helped me, preventing her castle from coming in and capturing my piece that was placing her in check !

Those "wuthless" knights had trapped her completely and prevented her from making a counter-move because she was too stupid to make an opening for the king to escape the pin I made for it ! And she had two moves to do it in too and she blew it !

She also couldn't capture me with the knights either as I had carefully positioned my other pieces around their influence. The audience suddenly grew completely quiet staring at the board in wonder.

"Checkmate." I heard myself quietly say, barely audible on the speakers.

The Queen sat and raged, looking at the board. The timer started going down on her. She put a nervous hand on her mouth and glared down turning her head left and right trying to find a way out. 4-seconds. I heard her moan uncomfortably.

Then the timer hit zero. There was a little bell that went off as the metal ping in the device rattled back and forth showing she had gone over 10-seconds.

But still she continued to look at the board, incredulously; not believing it was possible I could have beaten her.

The announcer's voice came on then. "Hokay folks, since The Queen forfeited her turn being unable to move during check, I think we've gotta checkmate here. We're gonna let our chess expert look it over for a moment and see if that's the case."

A woman, older than my Mom with gray hair went over to look at the board where we both sat. The camera panned around the board showing the pieces close up. The audience murmured in excitement for nearly a minute. The Queen kept looking at the board, pointing at pieces and muttering under her breath, unable to make a move.

While I clearly saw the checkmate myself, we had to be official and go by the rules and let it be ruled in my favor first by someone trained to confirm this sort of thing.

There was a tight, quiet minute. The woman looked up finally and nodded, speaking with a slightly puzzled tone in her own clip-on microphone, "Dev has clearly placed his opponent's king in an unbreakable checkmate. It was rather well done the way he did it, too, with a bishop; not an easy maneuver for most."

"Congratulations, the game is yours, son."

She then reached out with a finger and gently knocked over The black king's piece. It rolled lazily to one side.

The game was over, I had won !

"No !" The Queen shrieked bouncing up so fast from her chair it clattered to the side. Then she pointed an accusatory finger at me, her shoulders shaking in rage, "You cheated ! I swear you cheated ! I demand a rematch, from the beginning, WITHOUT your nursemaid."

But then her voice got quieter, getting drowned out by the thunderous cheering from the audience, and she realized how stupid she was sounding right now. It was obvious I had won, fair and square. And that she just couldn't accept it.

Then she surprised everyone, and growling, took the really pretty tiara off her head and dashed it to the floor where the rhinestones and pretty little plastic jewels rolled in all directions, then she huffed off in anger towards the exit to the gym ignoring everyone who wanted to ask her questions on her defeat.

I was really puzzled. My other opponents in the past had always shaken my hand, very sportsmanship-like and appreciative of the fact we played a difficult chess game, and had a clear winner besides. She was having a temper-tantrum ! How spoiled can one girl get ?

I stooped down to pick up one larger pretty plastic green jewel that was near my feet from her tiara, as I was always attracted to anything free and sparkly ... and then I saw her.

It was Sharon ... !

The girl that held my hand years ago during the bullying when I was in 2nd grade ! I knew it was her ! She had the same style of hair, the pretty little blue-plastic bobbies in her hair, and she was even wearing the same style outfit ! She was standing right there in front of me ! And she held her hand out to me !

I saw Lilly bounce out of the audience and started running up to me, confused as to who the girl was that I appeared to have such a familiarity with.

"Dev ..." I could barely hear Lilly above the loud roar of the audience's excitement for my winning.

"Hold my hand, now." Sharon said quietly, and even though her voice was softer than Lilly's, it sounded louder in my ears. I felt like I could faint, all the blood rushed up in my face and I felt light-headed. I weakly put my hand up to her and she cupped it lovingly around her own.


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