FB2-21 "Sally Asserts Her Authority"

FB2-21 "Sally Asserts Her Authority"

A Chapter by dw817

Sally folded her arms in front of her. Finally she spoke, "Jeff, these quarters are soundproof once you close the doors, you know that. It's just you and me and no-one's gonna bother us."


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© January 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

CHAPTER 21 - "Sally Asserts Her Authority"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The darkness was more terrifying than the silence.

"Sally ... ?" he said sounding fearful now. "Can you please turn on the lights ?"

There was a moment of silence before she complied, but when she did it was half bright with a decidedly pink glow. He looked ahead but didn't see her, only the commode and the sink.

He stepped forward to look, noticing she had one of those expensive larger commodes to accommodate a wider bottom. Suddenly he felt her grab his arms as she was hiding behind him.

He turned his head confused but not before hearing and seeing a new bright green spark of electricity as she suddenly held his arms together from behind and tapped two of the padlock boxes on his wrists. The green energy circles leapt out and locked his wrists behind him. She stepped away to look at him and survey her work.

"Sally ! D****t ! Lemme go !" he yelled and pulled on the bonds but they held him tight. Then he backed up to pound the back of his head against the restroom door. "Hey, someone help me ! Hey !!" The door didn't open. There was a button well out of his reach, shoulder height to release it and his hands were locked at his waist.

He stretched his arms painfully trying to reach it, unsuccessfully. He was trapped.

Sally sat there with her arms folded in front of her looking more cross by the minute. Finally she spoke, "Jeff, these quarters are soundproof once you close the doors, you know that. It's just you and me and no-one's gonna bother us cause they're watchin' that great move I put in for them."

Then she rubbed her fingers together and reached for his pants. Jeffrey knew what she was doing and spoke in a frightened tone, "Sal, ahhm, I don't need to go the bathroom now, Sally, please ! Ahhm, all gone. Can't we watch the movie together ?" He tried to look generous and hoped he had, "I'll caress your back if you like ?"

"Reeeally." she said and narrowed her eyes on his. Then she felt around his pockets and found the giftbox he had the single 1,000 credz chip in and the pretty jeweled necklace. She pulled it out and opened it up.

Jeffrey eager to get on her good side again spoke in his friendliest tone, "Sal. I got that gift for you. You did say bring a gift, didn't you ?"

She opened up the box and saw the necklace and money. "Awww, Jeff. That's so sweet ! Why thank you, it's beautiful !"

She pocketed the money but held the necklace up to her neck. Then he thought she was going to walk to the bathroom mirror to see it on herself but didn't. She stood over the commode then turned so he could see her. She gave him a completely disarming smile as she held it deliberately over the commode and then dropped it in the bowl where it splashed in the water.

"Sally !" he spat in surprise. "What are you doing ! That's valuable !"

"Valuable." she said calculatingly. "I suppose it is, since it was something you were ORIGINALLY going to give Jennie, admit it ! I don't want your damned fool second-hand gifts, Jeffrey Stansil !"

And as he watched in horror, she hit the flush mechanism and it vanished in seconds to the turbulent water. That was over $1,000 credz, literally down the toilet. Jeff sank to his knees, completely deflated at her lack of values.

"They only had one ! It was irreplaceable !" he cried with his eyes staring at the tiled floor, and collapsed to his knees in frustration, wishing he could reach his hands around to wipe his eyes, or strangle her, he couldn't decide which, but couldn't in both cases as the bonds held firmly in place.

"Jeff." she said and came up against him, her skirt bumping up against his nose. "It's time you learn your place in life, where you REALLY belong."

"What !?" he quavered in fear ? She stooped down on her knees to match his face.

"Oooh ? What do we have here ? Whattawe got ? Huh ? Huh ?" she said and fished for a control box out of her purse. She let him take a good look at it rotating it in front of his eyes. It appeared to be some kind of control apparatus for something remote-controlled, but he didn't know to what.

Then she clicked it on and heard a polite beep from his collar. He jerked his head up suddenly staring at her with a new malevolence. "What the HELL do you think you're doing, Sally Weirstrom !"

"Oooh.. Temper, temper." she said. "Ready for your first lesson. Now ?" she said raising her tone melodiously and then tapped a button on the remote.

Burning pain entered his neck from the collar. He reached for the collar but his fingers tingled in agonizing pain trying to touch it. He stood up suddenly and it stopped. Then he lowered his head testing and found the pain was still there if his head wasn't where she wanted it. She wet her lips watching him delightedly.

"You're going to learn something important tonight, Jeff." she said and then hit another button. The pain returned but it was doubly intense. He gritted his teeth and tried to kick at her but when he did the pain reached an agonizing level.

* * *

"Don't try that again." she said dangerously stepping away, and he noticed that she never touched the controller to cause the pain. Then she tapped the controller again and he felt the pain return. He backed up and the pain got worse. He stepped forward and the pain lessened.

"You're doing just fine, Jeffrey." she said and patted him on his head. He jerked his head out of her grip and accidentally knocked his head into the side of the bathroom wall, clonging it there. He shook his head dizzily and shuddered at what she was doing to him. Making him a little plaything for her.

She laughed at his frustration and raised the pain level another notch. She tapped the control again and he learned rather quickly where he was supposed to go. Finally satisfied he saw she had him in a kneeling position over the commode looking up at her with a fiery rage.

"Almost perfect." she said and then walked around him to push his head forward. Then she tapped the control again. The pain vanished completely. He blinked surprised and started to get back up out of the bowl but felt crippling electric pain in his neck. No, she wanted to keep him here.

He also noticed she had set the controller near the sink so it operated automatically without requiring her to hold a button to send an electric charge. He had no doubt in his mind the batteries in both units would run for weeks before requiring replacement, even if he struggled against it, and he doubted his nerve endings could stand that.

He looked down, disgusted at the bottom of the commode and realized she could keep him here indefinitely.

"Sit tight, Jeff. We're just about ready to begin." she said and rolled her hand down his back. He was so scared sweat was sticking to his shirt. Then she stripped out of her skirt and panties.

She walked in front and straddled the commode with her legs, her back facing him, and her undies rode up near his face. Remembering where she had him, he turned his head away disgusted and gritted his teeth trying to think of something - anything else.

"See anything you like ?" she added with a syrupy voice.

"No, I see NOTHING I want from you, you stupid f*****g B***H !" he yelled at her at the top of his lungs surprising her, and almost hurting her ears at his outrage as it echoed around the small tiled bathroom.

"Hmm ?" she said and nodded her head thoughtfully. There was a moment of silence. Jeffrey wondered for a moment if she was going to set him free ? "Ok, well, I guess we're done then." and she got her clothes back on looking at him for a minute.

Then she carefully removed his clothes, sitting on his back with her full weight, mashing him deeper in the bowl as she released the handcuffs for a moment only to remove his shirt around his wrists and then tap-tap-sparked them back on his wrists again. Then she got up off of him and sat his clothes in a pile in a corner to the right of the sink.

Jeffrey looked around for a moment to see how she left him. He was in his underwear, kneeling over the commode, his arms pinned behind him by the box-lasercuffs and if he so much as moved his neck an inch up or too far to the side, the collar she clicked on him caused him searing pain.

He did notice he could lower his head in the bowl lower if he wanted and he did so. Leaning the front of his collarbone on the edge of the rim to stare at the bottom of the commode was considerably more comfortable than straining and looking up at her from him being so low to the ground all this time.

He thought she was going to release him now but she turned off the lights leaving him in the dark. "Sally !?" he yelled in a panicked voice, echoing slightly around the edge of the commode. "What are you doing ?!"

"You don't want to play so we're done. Scuse me for a sec, poophead." and she emphasized that last word she called him as she spoke it. She unlocked and opened the bathroom door. Light streamed in.

"Hey, does anyone need to use the restroom right now ?" she yelled out.

Jeffrey choked on his tongue and felt like fire was being burned through his ears at what she just asked with the shameful position she had him in. He COULDN'T let anyone else find him like this, especially Josh ! He'd laugh himself silly and be CERTAIN to tell everyone at work ! He tried to raise up again and felt the burning pain. His neck felt like it was getting cut in two.

He gasped in agony and returned to stare back down at the commode where the pain ceased immediately. He definitely couldn't move away from here.

Josh spoke first, "No. I'm good, Sal. You're missing a great movie tho !"

Pearcie spoke then, "Maybe in a minute, that shrimp went straight through me. Are you done now, hun ?"

And then Sally turned to face Jeffrey who had his head ever lower in the bowl and whispered in his burning ear. "Well, Jeff, are we DONE now ?"

Jeffrey froze. His nose started to dribble and he felt tears stream down in face in utter humiliation, embarrassment, and misery at what she would let occur to him now.

He had NO doubt Pearcie would see him there, smile down at him, quietly close the door, sit her bare ugly fat butt in front of him and do her warm business right beside his face so he could see it all clearly.

If she was truly Sally's friend, it was obvious she would do this, and undoubtedly swirly him and his currently clean hair in the new mess besides.

There was a moment of silence and he could hear the movie playing in the other room as it echoed distorted in the toilet bowl he had his head in. Sally leaned down closer and spoke in a sensually wicked voice.

"I'm not going to ask you again, poophead. And you WILL be, if I leave you here." Without waiting for an answer she snatched the remote from the sink preparing to leave the bathroom allowing Pearcie to enter.


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