FB2-42 "Incident In The Reading Room"

FB2-42 "Incident In The Reading Room"

A Chapter by dw817

I felt a hard pinch with sharp nails this time on my shoulder and he left his fingers there, tapping them impatiently, like deciding if he should do it harder if I didn't agree to the terrible dare.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© July 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 42 - "Incident In The Reading Room"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

One of the bullies standing nearby was a really fat fellow with a wide bottom.

He shifted his feet to the right of me like he was restless, giving him an excuse to stand closer with his back to me as I was still sitting in the little chair with my book. Trying not to pay attention, I hummed innocently and reached over to scan more passages of where I was reading.

I then relaxed my legs under the small table again waiting for Scant to return back.

Just then the fat bully walked by and brushed his bottom up against my right arm; I could tell the material he was wearing was some kind of gym shorts by how thin it was. Clearly he was trying to annoy me so I paid no attention.

He didn't like that so he turned around and leaned his butt back up against my right shoulder. I was really beginning to regret sitting in such a low chair now. Despite this, I continued to ignore him hoping Scant would return soon.

Seeing I wasn't going to do anything, he scooted back a bit, sighing like he was trying to get comfortable until his bottom was mashed up against my right ear. It actually felt warm and weird there.

I shuddered, unable to read anymore and set my book down just staring ahead, clearly distracted by what he was doing. The others just laughed at my discomfort.

Finally I lost my temper and jerked my shoulder to get him off of it. Laughing, He jumped easily and away. I picked up my tiny chair with me in it and scretched away from the kiddie table rotating it to my right to face him completely. Still low to the ground I craned my neck up to glare at him angrily.

He turned his head around to peer back at me and there was a terrible smile on his chubby face.

I was still mad though so I whispered harshly, "Just what do you - " but that was as far as I got cause right then with slow deliberateness, he took one big step back. The whole room seemed to get quieter and froze up like time was winding down as the bulk of his butt confronted me.

My gaze dropped from his smile to the back of his shorts and I swallowed hard, horrified at this new development. A curious confusion flooded my brain and all I could do was stare at the deep crease in the middle, terribly afraid.

Two others took advantage of this momentary hesitation on my part to quickly get to the sides of me, holding down each of my shoulders to prevent me from getting up.

Once the others saw what was going on, they quickly looked around, scanning intently for anyone that might be looking this way.

But aside from them, the librarian was still busy with Scant and two younger girls I saw earlier were huddled over in an opposite far corner both reading and giggling over some romance novel clearly too mature for them that they must've gotten out of a regular library. Aside from this there wasn't anyone else to notice.

They were either still having lunch or already outside playing at recess.

Realizing they were in the clear, I saw the third out of the corner of my eye go to the back of my chair and turned his back to me clearly to keep a lookout for anyone else entering the Reading Room's main doors as they were behind while the other two faced me from both sides.

The bigger boy seeing he could continue now, took another scary step back towards me and this time, the edge of his shorts brushed up against my nose.

"No." I moaned quietly, not believing what was happening but still found myself unable to look away. I wrinkled my nose in nausea feeling really queasy now.

The other boys just smiled wickedly at where this sick game was going.

So now I knew it was fight or flight ! I never was a fighter, not a good one anyways, so I jerked up out of my chair to get the hell away. I chose flight !

But the boy to the right of me apparently was ready for this and pinched my arm hard and painfully undoubtedly leaving a mark and pressed his hand there, letting me know it would be much worse if I tried to get up again.

I swallowed hard twitching in fear, and as I slid back down in my seat I whoofed out my air and my assailant took that as an invitation to walk another scary step back and my face disappeared up into the material with the sound of stretching fabric, like a zipper on a camping tent. Some kind of camo design I noticed since I was so close to them now.

And although I couldn't see the others from where I was, I could tell they were pushing in closer for a better look by feeling them crowd right up against me.

I moaned uncomfortably, feeling more than a little ill now.

"Had I been sitting in the RIGHT chair this wouldn't have happened !" I thought to myself miserably, concentrating on my legs to keep them from shaking, betraying more fear than I was already showing.

I then darted my hands up in a reflex motion to push him away, but I couldn't get enough leverage and my hands kept sliding on the slick material of his shorts.

Then I reached for the front trying to find something, a loop from his shorts, anything - when my hand brushed up against something from inside. like a small handle.

Quickly I grabbed and started to pull on it when my assailant's hand suddenly covered over mine, keeping it there. I was perplexed by this and a long moment passed in strange silence as he continued to press his palm against my hand, holding it in place.

I then started to feel with my fingers, probing around, trying to figure out just what the heck I had in my grip when he locked his own fingers around the top of mine and coaxed me to rub the protrusion back and forth.

This went on for some time when I realized the thing I was rubbing was now getting warm and growing hard.

Finally someone watching this laughed, "What a dick !"

It was only then did I realize that after all this time I was stupidly caressing his ... !

With some effort I pulled my hand free from his as he and the others laughed at me for being a total jackass to grab his in the first place.

After that my fingers flexed the air confused, finally contacting his waist, but there wasn't any strength in them for me to push him away now that I was feeling so sick to my stomach and with everything that had happened so far.

I finally let them fall to my sides, useless, where I swung them back and forth anxiously, trying to determine what to do next.

I groaned in frustration and he must've thought that was the okay to continue because then he pushed me back against the little chair, creaking the cheap plastic, making sure to grind his butt right up against me, and the others laughed softly at my discomfort.

There honestly wasn't anything I could do, not without getting physically hurt. I knew how these things worked having been pushed around and tormented by Scant and his cronies for several years now it all beginning back in 3rd grade no less.

Now being bullied by a bunch of mean kids may sound silly to you I know, but they were still bigger than me and I suspected they always would be.

* * *

This was due in part to the fact that they were kept back a few years for failing in their academics and I always wondered if they did that deliberately to ensure they would be bigger and older yet still be in the same grade as I was so as not to lose track of their favorite victim.

Returning my hands to my lap I folded them there, unable to think of or do anything to get out of this. I was quiet and lay still just hoping it would end soon. The fellow who pinched me earlier patted me comfortingly on my shoulder like I was being a good boy for behaving now.

A long minute passed in silence with him comfortably rocking back and forth against my face and me grimacing at how strange it made me feel, like a seat cushion.

Just then, the one to my right, obviously wanting to see how far this wretched game would go, whispered all buddy-like to me, "Kiss it ! You know you want to."

And apparently my antagonizer heard him because he added in a thick voice, "Yeah," and he stopped rocking to pull up a few inches away from me so I could see.

Then I saw the light shift around me and get darker as the other boys quickly stood up so I totally vanished from sight in the reading room as they stood towering above me as I stayed seated in that stupid pre-schooler seat.

"Go ahead." I heard my assailant propose, attempting to goad me on, slightly muffled from where I was.

My eyes focused ahead, and for a moment I thought I could just make out his own button pushing against the fabric, much like like Tyr offered me several days earlier, but his was clearly larger than hers. Or it could've just been my fears running away with me.

Now while I MIGHT have been able to consider Tyr's cause I knew she was just being silly and teasing and that was her way of winning an argument against me, by frustrating me in this way, my own brain reeled in confusion and panic seeing his somehow similar offering.

I shook my head in revulsion and felt my throat tighten up even considering it. Then I put that thought way in the back of my mind and focused on what the others were up to.

Now it looked just like a bunch of boys were standing around the reading table looking at the shelves, maybe trying to pick out a book for their sibling as I was nowhere in sight.

They had all huddled up so close against me with their mean stares looking down at me, it was clear they were waiting for me to do the dirty deed.

I felt my belly flip flop in torment even thinking about it. And with all of them watching ? I was dizzy and nauseous to top it all.

Suddenly my hearing shifted. I guess having my sight blocked for so long, my instinct was kicking into the other senses. And then I could make out Scant still getting mouthed off to by the Librarian. My, she was chewing him out good, what was it - minutes now ?

Obviously she couldn't see what these mean boys were doing or she surely would've stopped it by now !

Then I felt a hard pinch on my shoulder again from the same boy to my right, causing me to jump in surprise bringing me back to my surroundings. He used his sharp nails this time and he left his fingers there, tapping them impatiently, like deciding if he should do it harder if I didn't agree to the terrible dare.

Because it finally sank into me and I knew that's what this whole thing was now. A terrible awful dare.

"Kiss it. You know you want to." he repeated with a grin. I turned my head slightly to my right to gaze up at him as he loomed over me.

He smiled wickedly, seeing I was looking at him now. His eyes glittered black against the neon strips of light in the ceiling. The chair creaked again as my assailant shifted himself ahead of me slightly so I could carry on a better unmuffled conversation.

I continued to look at him, afraid of the terrible position I was in now and even more afraid of what I would likely have to do to satisfy them to leave me alone at this point.

Seeing I wasn't going to reply, he added quietly in a soothing tone, "Go on, no-one's looking. What are you waiting for ? Kiss it !" Then he nodded in the direction I was supposed to be facing.

Despite the apparent kindness in his voice, his shadowed eyes glared down at me betraying his compassion, or lack thereof.

But what choice did I have at this point ? My assailant, apparently impatient with the proceedings leaned back slightly against the side of my face and if anything, the fabric seemed warmer on my face, as if he were starting to sweat or something. Was it possible that he was as afraid as I was ? I could only hope.

"Kiss ... ?" I finally asked in a very scared and trembling voice. Surely they weren't serious !

"Yeah," the boy I was addressing nastily replied, "kiss that fat bee-hind." And then he pursed his own lips together making a wet smacking sound to demonstrate as if my own unconscious mind didn't have enough fuel for the nightmares I would undoubtedly be having tonight if I survived this ordeal.

The other boys snickered at the rude demonstration, eager to egg him on.

My assailant stepped ahead a bit to give me a better view, and, unbidden I faced forward to look at - well, to look at what they wanted me to do.

A quiet moment passed as I stared at the cleft of his shorts. I felt sick now and swallowed hard again, grimacing, tormented in my head. But my resolve was spent at this point and I felt my head droop forward in resignation, leaning against his waistband.

I coughed unpleasantly which turned into tears and they were were easily coming out of my eyes now, trickling down my face.

Ever so slightly I nodded, watching them fall against my own blue shorts leaving small dark spots in them.

I was then patted nicely on my shoulder by him for accepting the dare, "Thattaboy."

Then he leaned forward to whisper something in my oppressor's ear.

He grunted in satisfaction to it and straddling his legs, leaned forward slightly to grip the top of his legs, adjusting himself on his feet widening his stance, making certain I would kiss him straight on his button, shorts be damned.

As I looked back up he suddenly backed into me, burying my head in there again squeezing a quick gasp of panic out of me causing my legs to twitch and tremble, unable to contain the terror any longer.

And while I steeled myself to do the dirty deed, I clearly couldn't see anything because it was so dark in there and with them crowding all around me. Then it felt like the fabric was being shifted to the side and it felt warmer than before like I was somehow near an oven door.

For a moment I couldn't even feel the shorts anymore and I imagined I was getting ready to kiss him on his nasty and naked butt instead.

But I knew that was just my mind playing tricks on me, trying to make this harmless dare worse than it actually was. Wasn't it ?

The other boys crowded in even tighter to get a look. I closed my eyes, eager to be rid of the terrible event, eager to be rid of everyone watching. My legs were shaking, but I steadied myself and started to purse my lips together and lean forward to kiss the side of his shorts on the cheek, hoping at least they were washed the day before.


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