FB2-71 "The Terrible Truth"

FB2-71 "The Terrible Truth"

A Chapter by dw817

Tyr, eager to be Polly Rocket's friend, told the complete story of how both Dev and herself came into contact with the PLUGIN. "With this power she could rule the world !" Stefani thought to herself.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2016 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 71 - "The Terrible Truth"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

As Stefani tied her down, Tyr was bouncing her arms up and down in excitement for the 'rocket ride' to commence.

Just then, Stefani recalled what Arkos told her to do earlier. "Dear, I understand that you can lift things with your mind. I can use someone as brave and noble as you in my team. But I need to know how you received this ability."

Tyr, eager to be Polly Rocket's friend and team member blurted out the entire story complete with how they originally got the plugin, how it reacted, the forcefields, everything.

Stefani's face entered an unbidden gloat. "My god !" she thought to herself. With that kind of power she could rule the world !

"Where is the plugin now sweetie ?" she said and stroked her hair as she was strapped to the table.

"It's at Dev's." she said and struggled with the bonds a bit as she was feeling a little nervous now that dear sweet Polly had an odd look on her face of utter greed.

Stefani went back into character, "Okay ! We are about ready for take-off ! I'll be right back." and she left to enter a restroom just to her left. In there was already a bottle prepared with solution, an IV needle and connecting rod.

She returned back to where Tyr was and hooked up the device. Suddenly she jammed the needle straight into Tyr's left arm. "Ouch !" she said angrily. "What are you doing ?"

Stefani already had a reply ready, "Sweetie. In order to travel to planet Voovah, your blood must be adjusted for the coldness of space. You wouldn't want to get sick, would you ?"

"No ma'am." Tyr said quietly. A moment passed in silence when Tyr spoke again and her eyes got wide staring at the ceiling. "The stars are moving !"

Tyr looked up, it was a pitch black ceiling. Apparently whatever Arkos had her hooked up to was a strong hallucinogenic and would doubtless put her to sleep.

"Yes." Stefani said. "We are now leaving Earth's atmosphere."

"Waaow !" Tyr said and as before, opened her mouth as wide as humanly possible. "Blast off !" and she made a wet motor sound with her mouth spraying saliva all over, but then consciousness rapidly left her and she was soon asleep from the invasive drug.

Stefani heard Arkos' motor of his wheelchair behind her. "Is she asleep ?" he asked her.

Stefani replied, "Yessir. What did you give her ?"

Arkos rubbed his misshapen hands together, "An experimental cocktail of mine. Basically it let you see whatever you want with an added effect of knocking you out a few minutes later."

"I'd like some for my own research with my clients." Stefani said.

Arkos waved his hands as if it were unimportant, "Yes, yes. Whatever. All you want. Now step back. It's time for Tyr to be relieved of her troublesome telekinetic ability."

Stefani took a few steps back and she was puzzled herself, "What ? How are you going to do that ?"

Arkos replied, "The table you have her strapped to is composed of composite Beryllium, the one substance in the world that can tap and take Horas energy directly from it's source.

Stefani wasn't a scientist, but she knew Beryllium was poisonous to people. "Won't that hurt her ?"

Arkos fluttered his frail hands in front of his wrinkled face like shooing a fly, "No ! It's not that kind of Beryllium. Now please be quiet as I extract her Horas."

* * *

Stefani nodded her head like she understood, though clearly she did not. She puzzled her lip for a bit wondering how Arkos could know so much about things of this nature which sounded perfectly otherworldly, but was shaken from these thoughts when Arkos had switched on something from beneath the table.

There was a hum of machinery and a few whisps of rampant energy sparkled around the table to especially hone in on Tyr's little forehead. Tyr moaned slightly in her sleep at the bright sparks. Arkos slid out a meter to read from beneath the table. His gaze was amazingly intense on it.

As he hummed contentedly to himself, Stefani started giving some wicked thought to things.

There were obviously no security guards anywhere in Arkos' room or office. He was small and decrepit. Frail, easy to overcome should she decide. And she did. She carefully stepped behind him, out of his view, and waited for him to finish his work.

Silently, she kicked off her shoes behind her showing the strange tattoos on her heels again and steeled herself, bouncing on her heels impatiently, preparing for her next move.

A few minutes later the table powered down and Arkos pushed the meter back into the table.

He cackled to himself, "Stefani, I have what I need here. You have done very well for me. You will receive a pay raise plus an ample supply of the Cherish drug to do with as you like, and you can take Tyr back home with you as well."

He looked around for a moment confused. "What - where you are ?" He started to rotate his chair around but Stefani was ready and leapt forward with a vice-like grip around his neck in an attempt to pull him out of his mechanized wheelchair.

"What are you doing !? Stupid girl !" he spat angrily as she tugged, and he brought up his withered hands, which of course, were no match for her much stronger arms. It was odd, it was like his legs were caught on something inside but she pulled hard and he grimaced in pain and coughed but was finally pulled free and the wheelchair tipped over.

She had him on the ground ! She moved in but was stopped in horror ! Arkos was clearly not human ! Not even a birth defect could do this ! His lower torso which was earlier hidden by the wheelchair was perfectly that of a wet earthworm with his tail ending in a three taloned and barbed tip !

And it held a futuristic looking gun in it's clawed grip that he apparently retrieved from inside the wheelchair ! And the gun was designed for a 3-clawed grip so it was clearly not of this Earth !

Arkos coughed for a moment but held his aim directly on Stefani. "So, you had to find out the truth. You couldn't be satisfied with what I gave you - and I gave you EVERYTHING !" he screeched and hissed. Stefani could also now clearly see his tongue was forked, which is why his voice sounded odd earlier.

Stefani raised her hands defensively and stepped back. Arkos followed her wiggling on his worm-like torso with frightening speed and accuracy, backing her against the wall.

Arkos continued and sneered at her, "So maybe I lied to you a little. I'm not actually deformed from birth, I am from the Spectral universe, a Cylureon, and this cover of an underground organization to experiment with gifted children was used to collect Horas to overthrow Earth for my race.

His narrow eyes squinted keenly at her and she saw with added horror that the eyelids were clearly horizontal, the opposite of humans. He continued, "But NOW I know where the source is which will save me years of research and collection, the PLUGIN !"

He fired the gun at Stefani and circles of blue enveloped all around her. She collapsed suddenly, her heels kicking out from under her as she sprawled on the ground, knocked out from the beam.

Arkos continued to himself, "And I'll be damned if a girl such as yourself, even if she was tortured in her youth, can think she can overthrow my empire. We still have much work left to do. I will forgive your actions, sweet Stefani, but you will learn respect !"

And with that he coiled his torso and lower part of his wormy body around Stefani to drag her away in the looming darkness making raspy little sounds as her styrofoam outfit dragged on the floor in her unconsciousness ...


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This concludes the 2nd book of Future Barrier.

Once I have fully moved into my new residence

I will continue here and begin with the 3rd book.

Hope to see you there !

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© 2016 dw817

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Beautiful ending to your second book. Can't wait for the third one.

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3 Years Ago

Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I'm just now getting around to re-reading all my chapters... read more

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