FB2-24 "The Morning After"

FB2-24 "The Morning After"

A Chapter by dw817

Sally took more pictures. "Jeffrey, I had NO IDEA how good you look in a dress ! We are going to HAVE to try this later for you ! Do you have any preferences ? Maybe a miniskirt ?"


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© February 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 24 - "The Morning After"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Sally spoke comfortingly, "Don't worry, baby boy, your mummy's gonna take good care o' yas tonite." and they entered the bathroom.

She offered him to sit to the right of her and he did, Indian-style on the cold tiled floor. With her free hand she lowered her skirt and sat on the toilet. As she did so, she took the same free hand to caress him on the head and hummed quietly.

He felt really odd. She was going to the bathroom right beside him, and she was here stroking his hair like everything was perfectly alright. She got up and he did so also. He couldn't pull far enough away to avoid seeing her wide naked bottom crouch over him as she reached for toilet paper.

He finally turned his head to look away. Sally seemed to not pay any mind to that and finished her business. Then they both got up together. She tapped the box-cuffs and they fell off. Jeffrey rubbed his wrist and looked around.

Then she spoke to him, "Jeffrey. I have your collar set on automatic. I can say two keywords anywhere in my home and they will be heard by the device. You will feel some pain or REAL pain. I suggest you don't test me on this. And I'm still gonna set some parameters later for it."

Then she took the controller and sat it next to the bed where there was a small table and a lamp. She added, speaking to the ceiling, "SAN, voice commands from me from now on, till you hear otherwise."

"Confirmed, Miss Weirstrom."

"You ready for bed, baby boy ? It's a bizzy busy day tomorrow. We gotta be at work tomorrow to help Cheani, remember ?"

He nodded. He stood numbly by as she undressed him, wiggling her hand around the band of his underwear. But he was distracted and not remotely interested. "Hmm..." she said disappointedly. "Guess you're tired too."

Then she stripped out into a pretty sleepshirt herself that had little teddy bears on it that barely fit her bottom. She climbed into bed and patted the side of it inviting him. "C'mon, baby boy. Time for bed."

He nodded and climbed into bed. "Closer." she smiled, "C'mon, I don't bite."

He sighed and got closer. He was now beside her and felt her warmth up against him. She then leaned over and tapped the controller. "You need to get out of bed, you check with me first, puddin'head."

She then gave him a nice kiss on the forehead. He looked to wonder with her eyes. She really was quite pretty in the soft pink light. He returned the kiss. She rubbed his hair and he buried his face beside her considerably warm breast covered by the loose sleepshirt. "Hmm.." she said delightedly and then said, "SAN. Sleep. Time 6.00. Now."

The pretty sparkling sleep-crystals trickled down from the ceiling and hit both Sally and Jeffrey. He drowsily looked up at the ceiling, then buried himself back in her warmth. She rubbed his hair fondly for a moment and then both were asleep.


"Ms. Weirstrom, this is your 8.00 alarm wakeup."

"Oh, yah, SAN." she said and yawned. Jeffrey was still sleeping. She carefully pulled out and left him there still asleep as she took a nice relaxing sonic shower and cleaned up. Jeffrey woke and heard her in the bathroom. He didn't know how long she would be in there. He looked to see she had left the collar's remote to his right of where he was on the table.

He reached to grab it but his neck suddenly burned in agonizing pain and he shrieked out loud, like being stung by a bee. Sally opened the door to the bathroom. She was brushing her teeth but paused for a moment to point at him and laughed. Then continued her teeth. She stepped out completely naked. It was now definitely obvious she was pear-shaped after all.

She went to the dressing mirror and spoke, "Dressing 41." and a pretty flattering business outfit appeared over her. The skirt still rode up a bit. She tugged down on it a bit muttering under her breath, "If I ever getta hold of who wrote that program, they did NOT allow for this."

Then she went to Jeffrey who lay in bed looking at her angrily. "Ready to get up, poophead ?" she said.

He nodded looking a little scared. "Right." she said and grabbed the controller off of the table and tapped a button. "OK, go ahead." Jeffrey got up in his underwear and ran to the bathroom like he was being chased. She smiled looking after him until he closed the door for privacy.

She went to the kitchen where there was a smaller display and watched the news. It talked a bit about Murphy being temporarily released from Central and the daring plan they had to send Cheani back in time to destroy the Achilles project. She gazed at it half-interestedly as she had some cinnamon cereal breakfast with coffee.

Jeffrey stepped out of the shower, into the living room naked as a jaybird. "Nice." Sally commented looking at him. "Your clean clothes are in the case you brought."

He picked it up and went to the dressing mirror and spoke absently into it, "Custom dress, please." and pointed to the briefcase without scooting it forward.

At once in a shimmer of light, a flattering dress appeared on him, bright pink with pastel highlights, a pretty light violet ribbon in his hair, and little-girl shoes sized just for him. He was wearing thigh-high socks, white with pink trim near the tops of them.

"OMIGOD !" Sally screeched from the kitchen to come look at him. Jeffrey held his fingers and arms out looking down.

"No, you piece of junk ! This is not what I wanted !"

* * *

"Hold on a sec, Jeff." Sally said and reached around for a camera to take a picture. "You are SO CUTE looking ! Yes you are ! My, that looks adorable on you !"

Sally went to the mirror and spoke to it as Jeffrey's jaw opened in shock, "Gimme a # 14 wig. Watermelon lipgloss." Jeffrey's appearance changed again. A pretty brunette wig appeared perfectly on him and he spit in disgust as the bright pink watermelon flavored lipgloss smeared over his own lips perfectly by the laserlines.

Sally took more pictures. "Jeffrey, I had NO IDEA how good you look in a dress ! We are going to HAVE to try this later for you ! Do you have any preferences ? Maybe a miniskirt ? Whadyu think looks SEXY on you ? Maybe we could go out to a club as best girlfriends forever, would you like to do that tonight ?"

She clicked some more pictures. Then she showed him the camera so he could see the pictures she took. The makeup and wig were flawless. He REALLY did look like a girl, and a hot and sexy one at that. He felt aroused looking at HIMSELF ! It was too much. He then felt rage welling up within him. He closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, balling his fists up in fury.

He had just about enough of this degrading game. He slapped the camera down hard out of her grip and it bounced on the floor. It took a lot to damage technology of that time period but Sally still didn't like what he did.

She blinked her eyes angrily for breaking the magic mood and slapped his face hard before bending down to retrieve the camera as he gripped the side of his face angrily. Then she looked to see it was okay, it was. She clicked it off and went back to her breakfast like nothing happened.

"I was just having fun, poophead. Sheesh ! Don't get your panties in a wad ! You don't look THAT pretty, don't let it go to your head." She scowled at him.

He looked in the mirror at how "cute" he was right then and felt that same tightness in his chest again. Then he spoke slowly and clearly into the mirror. "Custom OUTFIT, please, use contents of briefcase, d****t !" and he scooted the briefcase with his hand, whacking it hard into the mirror. A violet laser-line went over the briefcase and dressed him in the correct suit.

He looked really sharp in his business outfit. He adjusted his tie slightly and buttoned up his cuffs. "Breakfast, puddin'head ?" she asked now that he looked appropriate.

"Just coffee, black." he said gruffly. The food dispenser heard his voice and laser-lined a crystal cup fogged grey with steam from the heat of it. As he was drinking it, she walked behind him and gave him a quick relaxing massage. Despite her slapping his face earlier what she was doing now felt WONDERFUL. He couldn't help himself.

He knew she had him for life now. There was no way in hell he would ever catch up with all the incriminating videos and now PICTURES she had of him. He also knew she wasn't going to cheat and that she was going to play by the rules that she set.

As long as he did EVERYTHING that she said. He wouldn't give her a reason to blackmail him again.

He might as well enjoy himself. He turned around and kissed her.

"What's that for ?" she asked suspiciously pulling back and fingered the collar remote nervously she had in her blouse pocket wary that he was suddenly being nice to her.

"I just realized, Sally, I love you. You make me feel - special. And I've never felt that way before." and even though he was angry at her, he realized she could make his life hell and NASTY, or he could go along with her and quite possibly have a nice time at it.

She saw he was smiling and smirked, "Don't get too comfortable. I haven't decided if you're really gonna be my boyfriend or just a long term playdate."

He laughed at her skewed thinking and tried to sidetrack her, "Do I really cute in a dress ?"

She gave him a big hug and reached up to whisper in his ear. "You were delectable, puddin'head." and licked his ear again. He reached for a cloth to dry his ear but nodded and smiled at her. "So do you wanna try it on again tonight ?" she asked.

Jeffrey smiled as she leaned in close to hear his answer but then he pushed her head away roughly with an evil smile on his face. Two can play at this game, he thought to himself. She laughed and gave him a big hug, not at all deterred by his behavior, and apparently assuming that was a yes.

They were both dressed properly for work now. He drank his coffee, and it was time to go to work to see if Cheani made it to her destination. They left through the front door and Sally locked it behind her. The room was then quiet and still as SAN waited for their return, as SAN waited for anyone to make requests of it.

Almost like SIM.


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Masterfully constructed dw.

The structure flow and story telling is exceptional, along with your well developed story plot.

You have the gift of selecting words that enhance the deep emotions your characters evoke.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Well thank you, SP. This part of the story is really just to show corruption in a relationship. Chea.. read more

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