FB2-31 "Dev's Oriental Cleansing"

FB2-31 "Dev's Oriental Cleansing"

A Chapter by dw817

Stefani read the label quietly to herself, "Morphine - benzylisoquinoline. Hmm, I guess Dev will learn what the term means to be, 'high on his a*s !'" and she laughed at the joke.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 31 - "Dev's Oriental Cleansing"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Stefani spoke, "Dev, can you finish up here ? I need to go answer the door. I think that's Umeko, and I think she brought a gift for you."

I grimaced thinking of seeing Sally earlier, "I wonder what that would be." I envisioned my own personal 'oriental cleansing' kit. Yuck.

Stefani changed her tone to innocence, "Oh, I don't know, maybe a video or two ? Let me go find out."

Videos ? I thought to myself. That could only be one thing ! I wrapped the towel around myself without even bothering to dry and and ran into the living room dripping water where I stepped.

"Hey, what's this I hear about a present for ME !" I asked greedily.

Umeko was there and she was really pretty. Wearing a form-fitting brightly-colored and flowery furisode she also had brought a small medical briefcase and a present, wrapped quite nicely, with bright red and yellow streamers, also flowery I noticed.

"Dev." she smiled looking at the trail of water from the bathroom to the living room, "Don't you think you should dry off first before I tell you ? And ... maybe some ... clothes ?" and she covered her mouth to hide the laughter.

Stefani smirked at me angrily and grabbed me by my exposed ear and marched me back in the bathroom. "Ow ow ow !" I said painfully tilting my head to lessen the pull. Once we were there she flung off the towel and smacked me hard once on my bare bottom. I was a big boy I guess so I didn't cry. Much.

"Dev," she said crossly, "Get yourself dried and dressed first. If you looked around, you would've noticed I had put a nice change of clothes for you THERE." and she pointed to the top of the commode with the seat down, fuzzy side up, and had neatly folded clothes.

Well, FORGIVE me for avoiding the toilet completely as I've had two bad run ins with them due to Stefani's unusual disciplinary actions with them. And one was earlier that night ! "OK." I sniffed but held back the tears. Stefani didn't wait for another signal and grabbing the towel hurriedly dried me herself.

Then I went to dress myself but Stefani helped me with that too. There were panties again instead of underwear, some kind of colorful paisley design. I sighed. I guess I would have to expect this from her. I was too eager to get my present than argue so I dressed quickly. The rest of the clothes were nice, just the regular Arkos' outfit but predominately blue in color.

Instead of shoes there was a kind of foot covering that was socks only with a hard sole to them. I looked around for shoes but noticed that Stefani had changed from her high heels to wear the strange socks also. They were really comfortable. I slipped them on, she brushed my hair, and I was soon ready for her guest.

Stefani looked at me, "Now you're ready, you eager beaver !" and tousled my hair smiling widely at me, though she just brushed it.

Then we stepped out. Umeko had just made herself a cup of tea from the microwave. She smiled seeing me come out. "Now, Dev. That isn't a much more attractive a young man for me to be seeing, is it ?" she said and sipped at her tea adding something from her briefcase to it.

I nodded definitely realizing now that English was her 2nd language. She walked up to me and my eyes said it all. Where's my present d****t !? She grinned and reached from the dining room table to hand it to me. Without waiting for a signal I eagerly tore into it finding it to be, awright ! Captain Circumference Limited Edition Season Finale !

I eagerly ran out of the kitchen into the living room without even bothering to thank her and popped it into the player and watched a bit, my attention completely distracted by the colorful adventure show. Umeko took Stefani's hand and they both went into the kitchen to talk quietly to themselves without my hearing.

Stefani whispered first, "Arkos needs him returned tomorrow, but I think he's hiding some information that could be useful. A device, perhaps."

Umeko nodded and whispered back, "That is why I brought this, dear Stefani." and she reached in her oriental dress to pull out a small glass bottle of clear thick liquid.

Stefani read the label quietly to herself, "Morphine - benzylisoquinoline. Hmm, I guess Dev will learn what the term means to be 'high on his a*s !'" and she laughed at the joke.

* * *

Umeko smiled politely but held her tongue. Then she went to Dev's bed and reaching into the closet attached a metal pole to the side of it, snapping it in place it clacked with a metallic sound. Then she pulled out a bottle from an additional larger case she brought and clicked it into place.

She attached a soft rubber hose from the bottom of it and rotated a bit on the tip of the jar to lock the contents.

She then pulled out a metal clamp that heated up to attach around the bottle to keep the contents hot while in use. She plugged that directly into Dev's bed which had ample outlets for additional apparatus such as this. She kept the switch off.

Then she went to the sink and poured water in the top from a disposable cup until it was half full. Umeko looked at me for a moment to see that I was fully absorbed in watching the cartoon and didn't pay them any mind at all. She shrugged and reached in her dress for the morphine and oozed the concentrated gel through the top of the glass jar.

Then she pulled out a chopstick from her furisode to stir it vigorously for a minute. I heard the ting-tinging of the glass and turned to watch. Umeko regarded me, "Dev, don't look at me while I do this or I'll make a mistake, and you wouldn't want me to do that."

"Hmm ?" I said and then went back to watch my cartoon show.

Umeko stirred it again but kept quieter. She pulled out the stick and tapped her tongue to it. "Perfect." She then turned on the heater and set it to 99 degrees. A little thermometer near the heating brace showed it would take a little time to heat the cold water and solution.

Then she went over to see me watching the cartoon. "Dev, how long is this episode ?"

"Oh, hi Miss Umeko ! Thank you SO MUCH for this great video gift !" and I gave her a hug. She halfway returned it, then looked at me seriously.

"How long, Dev." she repeated, a little crossly.

"Oh, ahhm. There's the credits now." I said, sounding deflated realizing they weren't going to let me watch another episode right after this one.

"That's fine." she said and hummed melodically rubbing her long-nailed hand in my hair gently and passionately, tipping the sharp edges against my scalp occasionally, which tickled.

Then the menu on the video returned. Umeko snapped off the video and looked to me. "Dev, we're ready for you now."

I looked to her. She was really pretty but I was nervous. I remember the way Betsy or Cheani as she said her name was, looked as she was getting an 'oriental cleansing' done to her. She was sweating so much. I didn't want to do that.

Realizing that I wasn't going to voluntarily go with her, she called out once, "Stefani, I may need your help."

She was there in a heartbeat and looked at me with the cross face I was so used to. Then she offered me her hand. I sighed and took it. I knew if I didn't she'd do something terrible to me again, and I had all the nasty I wanted for one day. Stefani led me to the bed and had me sit on it. "Take off your clothes." she said.

"I just got dressed !" I told her angrily.

"Well, now you're getting UNDRESSED, Dev." she said and then took off my soled socks followed by my shorts and shirt. I hurriedly pulled the covers over me when I saw Umeko come in from the living room to smile at me. She went over to the covers and rolled her sharp fingernails along there, feeling my small body beneath under the material.

It tickled where her fingers were but I held my expression. She reached down lower caressing between my legs until I finally covered my hand over there while giving her a fierce look.

"I'm not going to hurt you, Dev, don't you know that ?" and then she looked straight into my face. My brain burned in the beauty of her amber eyes. "Yes, ma'am." I felt myself automatically say. She then took off the protective coverings. My hands were still covering my private area but my face went red with shame.

"Roll over." she commanded.


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