FB2-32 "An Orifice For Morphine"

FB2-32 "An Orifice For Morphine"

A Chapter by dw817

"Yes ma'am." I said and closed my eyes. I felt like a delicious snow was covering me over and it was fiery hot, like cinnamon. Umeko rubbed her hands both on my back and buttocks now.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© April 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 32 - "An Orifice For Morphine"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I looked up at Umeko. There was a stern look about her face that was countered with kindness.

"Roll over." she repeated, this time placing a hand on my shoulder.

I continued to look at her eyes and did so, so I had my tummy on the bed and my bare butt was out in the open. Then she looked to the temperature gauge. It was just reaching the desired heat level. Stefani had reached over to caress my hair.

I knew something was going to be uncomfortable because she not only caressed it but held my head tight in the same grip.

I recognized the same tight grip on my head from days earlier. I had difficulty remembering what was happening at the time but I knew she wouldn't let me get out - of something.

I then felt Umeko finger the rubber tubing for a bit and then went to my bare bottom with it. I squeaked in fear for a second wanting to pull free but Stefani gripped my head harder. I froze my movements and she released my head to caress the hair gently again for not fighting her.

Then Umeko had pierced my bottom with the rubber tip and pushed it a little ways inside. I groaned uncomfortably and Stefani stepped closer to hold onto my back with her free hand. She continued to softly caress my hair. Then she spoke. "It's okay, Dev. It will feel better soon. What you need to do is hold the liquid in as long as you can."

Umeko returned to the bottle and reached down for a little rotating switch below it and opened it partially. One bubble appeared in the bottle and the solution was on its way into me. Stefani caressed now both my hair and back. I leaned my head up against her, frightened at the weird feeling I was having now.

Stefani pulled back and Umeko pulled up a chair to sit so she could meet my eye-level with hers. I stared intensely into her own eyes and she caressed my face with her long and pretty fingernails. "This is so very good for you, Dev, concentrate on my eyes, you will feel better soon." she said quietly and wet her lips again, delighted at what she was doing.

I moaned for a bit uncomfortably and then I felt a strange sensation. It was both hot and cold, soft and hard, wet and dry, all at once. I shivered for a moment. The morphine was going in. Umeko lifted my chin gently with her nails and made certain I was staring into her beautiful eyes again.

Then it seemed like hours passed though I knew at some level it was only minutes. Delicious pleasure oozed up my backside, like soft kisses from a thousand lips, all around me. The morphine was finally taking effect. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open. I smiled and moaned pleasurably. Umeko leaned close so I could see her eyes better.

I drowned in their depths. My eyes glazed over and dilated and my breathing slowed. She was fully aware of this and smiled back at me.

"Goooood." Umeko said suddenly and got up from the chair to look at Stefani. Stefani nodded to her and sat down where she was. Umeko got up and caressed my back and hair.

Stefani spoke quietly and firmly, "Dev. Can you hear me ?"

"Uh huh." I said sleepily. I yawned and felt pleasure shoot from around my buttocks all the way up my back and arms. I shivered again. The delicious sensation of the morphine was hitting every one of my nerve endings now.

"Dev. How did Tyr get her telekinetic ability."

My senses tried to snap me awake for a second, refusing to answer, but wasn't entirely successful, "Wha ?" I asked confused, and then laughed. Why should I keep any secrets from someone who was giving me such delicious feelings as this ?

Stefani didn't get mad. She smiled and rolled her fingers sensually on my forehead. Umeko shifted her hands to caress my buttocks. At the touch of her fingers there where the morphine saturation was the highest I gasped in delight. A single lone bubble gurgled up the bottle. Umeko reached over to the bottle to increase the flow, speeding up the morphine drip.

Stefani asked again. "Dev. How did Tyr get her ability of telekinesis ?"

* * *

I felt like my brain was burning in pleasurable fire. I was frozen to the core with it. "Ohh ..." I said trying to think for a moment. I had to answer now. The pleasure, the FEELING ! I couldn't let it end.

"From the plugin !?" I gasped, my brain was drowning in endorphins and had difficulty concentrating on much else.

"What is the plugin ?" Every time she spoke there was a noticeable pause before I replied, as if my brain had been slowed down by the morphine.

I would answer anything she wanted now. "It goes in the computer, in the USB."

"Where is it now ?"

"In my secret brick."

"Where is that ?"

"In my bedroom."

Stefani spoke, almost as if I were a computer now and she was giving me a new program to run, "You will get it for us, Dev. You will retrieve this plugin and then - and then you can return to get another 'cleansing.' Would you like that ?"

"Yes, please." I said automatically. I was hooked. Addicted to the morphine. MY GOD nothing ever felt this good. She could ask anything she wanted. I would answer. No question was forbidden now.

"You will get it for us. You will have it on your person when we pick you back up this Saturday evening."

I had to think for a moment. I knew today was Wednesday from seeing the calendar on the video player when I played the video earlier. "Yes ma'am." I said and my strength seemed gone. My eyes wilted, exhausted at the pleasure my brain was going through. My own endorphins dripped in my brain much as the morphine did inside me.

"You will get it for us." she repeated quieter.

"Yes ma'am." I said and closed my eyes. I felt like a delicious snow was covering me over and it was fiery hot, like cinnamon. Umeko rubbed her hands both on my back and buttocks now, shooting pleasure all over my brain. More bubbles trickled up from the bottle as it drained neatly up inside of me. I could pass out the sensation was so strong.

Stefani was insistent. "You will get it for us."

"Yes ma'am." I said quieter, and me eyelids started to droop.

Stefani leaned close to my ear and whispered directly into it, "You will get this plugin for us, Dev."

"Yes ma -..." I said in my quietest voice and then shuddered violently for a second before falling completely asleep, the morphine overloading my brain, and then I started to snore softly.

It was like being a ray of light. Pulled through shiny crystals. Shimmering up in the light, dazzlingly brilliant, rainbow colors in all directions. Refraction diffusion and sparkling and blinking in a cacophony of a mesmerizing symphony of beauty. I gasped. Suddenly I couldn't breathe, I was so caught up in the hypnotic and blinding display !

Then I blinked my eyes to find myself on the steps of my little house. Somehow I was standing and knocking on the front door waiting for someone. My Mom answered the door. It was sometime in the morning by the look of the light outside. "Dev !?" she shrieked in surprise.

"Harold ! Dev's back ! The angels have brought back Dev !"

"Huh ?" I asked intelligently. Then looked down. I was wearing the same original clothes I was when I was first kidnapped. I fingered in my pockets for my wallet, keys, nothing was there. I looked up the street suddenly to see if there were any cars or anything.

I may have seen a car drive away, but it wasn't in a hurry, so that might just be a regular driver and not someone who dropped me off.

"Harold !" My Mom cried again.

"What is it, Suzy ?" he said and had obviously turned in early as he was in a robe.

He saw me and his mouth dropped open. "Son !?"

"I'm back !" I said and with tears in my eyes, I buried myself in the warmth of his arms. He hugged me and Mom hugged him and me.

"Where have you been, honey ?" my Mom cried.

"I - don't really know." I said trying to remember. I realized that SOMETHING - a lot of something happened earlier. I was gone for days, I knew that. But I had to have been given something to forget. I tried to remember and felt pain in my head.

That was familiar. Then I spoke finally remembering the chemical name, "Sholu."


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