FB2-26 "Oriental Cleansing"

FB2-26 "Oriental Cleansing"

A Chapter by dw817

Umeko spoke, "Ah, Dev. It is normally reserved only for the richest of emperors. People pay hundreds of dollars to have it done today. And it has a powerful mystical meaning too."


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© March 2015 Written by David Wicker
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 CHAPTER 26 - "Oriental Cleansing"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Stefani grabbed her box purse and we were out the door. We passed by in the main hall and I recognized the same girl I saw when I first arrived getting an enema. I saw she had strips of what looked like paper over her mouth though so she couldn't talk. I didn't know what an enema was though, and it looked odd.

"Stef ?" I asked quietly walking quickly to keep up with her.

"Yes, love ?" she said as we walked to the elevator which was still several hundred feet ahead of us.

"What is that woman doing to her ?" and I pointed to the domicile to my left. I could hear the girl moaning tiredly and there were tears in her eyes.

She looked and laughed slightly but caught herself, "Oh, Dev ! That's a good friend of mine." and then she paused in thought as if she was trying to think of something.

She continued, "That girl is having a relaxing WONDERFUL Oriental 'inner cleansing.' It's warm sudsy water that gets you squeaky clean all inside. It's really quite healthy for you and feels delightful besides."

"That's her specialty." and then Stefani narrowed her eyes watching carefully. I looked on, the small girl certainly did not seem to be enjoying it herself. Stefani added, "Would you like one tonight ? I could arrange for it."

I shook my head, I knew something was wrong. "Why is she crying then ?" Stefani shrugged like she didn't know the answer.

I turned off the path and leaned my nose up against the transparent door and the little girl saw me and let go of the woman's hand who had it in hers and reached out to me for help. Her other hand was clutching tightly a Teddy Bear that looked odd, it didn't look very furry. Then I realized it was damp with what looked like water.

The woman didn't see me leaning against the door but seemed to have the same hard kind of beautiful face that Stefani did. I paused in my thoughts. Why is the little girl so upset ?

"Oh, Dev !" she said grinning with exasperation as she walked up to me, seeing I was no longer on the main path. "You're not going to be satisfied until you find out all about this, now are you ?" and she slid the door open with her security card so we could both enter.

Inside the music changed and had a slight oriental flare to it. Like a tea ceremony. As we approached I took the entire scene in now. The woman was sitting in a tall chair beside the smaller girl who was on a gurney, on her tummy side. Affixed to the side of the gurney was a long glass bottle that clearly had hot and soapy water in it.

I knew it was soapy because it had soap bubbles on top and the water was grey. And I knew it was hot because the top of the bottle was open and I could see gentle steam wafting out of it. Small little bubbles burbled from the bottom as the liquid slowly went down a soft rubbery tube, I noticed directly into the little girl's bottom. It had to be that.

I couldn't see for certain as there was a towel wrapped loosely around her waist but that was the only place it could go. She was talking quietly down to the little girl and rubbing her head, speaking in some foreign language. The girl moaned softly in reply. She really didn't look comfortable.

The woman looked up immediately with an angry expression to see who was interrupting but smiled in seeing Stefani. Stefani was the first to speak, "Hello Umi !" Then she looked down to me and spoke in a tone that told me to be on my best behavior, "Dev, this is Umeko Midori. She's from the Orient. Isn't she pretty ? Say hello to her, Dev."

I heard a nasty sound as more warm sudsy water quietly gurgled up the little girl's behind, though it was covered loosely by a towel for her privacy. I clutched on to Stefani's leg for comfort and spoke timidly.

"Hello, Ms. ma'am Umeko. Is that going in her bottom ?"

She turned to smile at me and then spoke to me in the beautiful native language. I didn't understand what she said so I shrugged my shoulders. She laughed and tried again speaking in English with a thick Japanese accent, "Yes, it is. It is Dev, isn't it ? Stefani has told me so much about you. I understand you two are going to be good friends now."

She turned her gaze down to regard the small girl she had on a table in front of her. While the girl had a pretty pillow for her head and she was clutching a small teddy bear, which looked a little damp as it I saw water drops around its now-not-so furry face. She still looked frightened and scared. Her red eyes were streaked wet with tears besides.

Umeko turned down to regard the girl with an angry expression and spoke crossly in Japanese again. I looked to the little girl. She didn't look like she had any oriental blood in her, but I could've been mistaken.

Umeko reached up her hand apparently to slap her but Stefani cut her off by speaking suddenly, "Umi ! Dev doesn't want to hear that ! I was just telling him about the beneficial properties of a good ORIENTAL 'inner cleansing' and that he'd like for you to do it for him later tonight, if you have the time ?"

"No I don't want -" I cried but Umi caught me off guard with her beautiful laughter. She had the kind of lilting voice that put you at peace no matter what you were thinking. She saw the look of confusion on my face and caught herself. Then she reached out her long fingernailed grip to me, which had similar holographic nail polish to Stefani, but her nails were considerably longer.

Stefani seeing I wasn't going to let go of her leg, pulled me off and scooted me forward roughly to greet her. She was really pretty with jet black hair that seemed to have blue highlights in it, and it was perfectly cut like a bowl was on her head as they did it. She had wonderful almond-colored eyes, like amber jewels. I blushed in spite of myself.

* * *

"Ah, Dev." she said caressing my face gently with the soft of her fingers, now that I was close enough to her.

"This is an ancient form of Japanese purification. It is normally reserved only for the richest of emperors. People pay hundreds of dollars to have it done today. And it has a powerful mystical meaning behind it, it's magical ! I consider myself an expert in this field." she lied.

"I would be very happy to give you one every evening before you go to bed as you are our special guest in Arkos. I will even include my personal and special mystical oriental ingredients in it, guaranteeing to give you good, beautiful warm sleep." and she looked to me while biting her lips, obviously eager to give me one and waiting for me to agree.

The little girl struggled in her grip and looked to me shaking her head hard left and right. Her hair was so wet with sweat that little beads dropped off to the sides of the gurney. Umeka smirked and grabbed her head to hold it still and laughed again, "Dev. This is Betsy Katelin, she is so very pleased to meet, aren't you midear ?"

I knew Besty couldn't speak because she had some kind of covering over her mouth. It had a strap to it from the back of her head too and it kept her from talking.

And then Umeka reached up to hold Betsy's weak arm to loosely shake my hand. I did so gently as she looked like she was ready to pass out. And her hand felt small, warm, and wet with sweat. I looked to the girl and she had beads of moisture on her forehead besides, and water, from the bottle where it spilled on her head, I guess, I wasn't sure.

Finally I had to ask, "Weren't you speaking to her in Japanese earlier ? She looks American."

Umeko clicked her pretty nails together thoughtfully, they were that long. "She is American as you suspected but she is also supposed to be gifted and highly - " and then she stopped to look down at me with a penetrating gaze. "Dev, it's a secret why she's here and I can't tell you. But you are here for the same reason."

I looked a little more. Betsy was sweating so hard the pretty pink nightgown she was in was soaked completely through, and there was a small yellow stain around the towel where she had undoubtedly peed from getting too warm inside there. My lip trembled in fear, not just for her, but for what could happen to me if I let Umeko do this strange thing to me.

Umeko was quick to add, "Dev, this is like a refreshing steam bath. You, what is the word, perspire, when you take a hot bath, don't you ? But this is so good and healthy for you. Purifying."

I didn't answer but returned back to Stefani's comforting leg. Umeko smiled and reached up to roll her long-nailed finger around the air where I stood earlier. "I will take good care of you, Dev, I promise you that." and she opened her mouth and licked her lips slowly with her eyes fully on mine. I then noticed her tongue was pierced with a piece of smooth metal on both sides.

I felt weak just meeting her powerful gaze. She had to have been about Stefani's age. About 30. She blinked her amber eyes slowly at me and I looked into them. For a moment I couldn't see any reflection, just infinite depth, and then I realized my breathing had slowed down considerably, and unbidden like sleepwalking, I felt myself step towards her again.

I heard more gurgling and watched out of the corner of my eye the bottle as two more small bubbles came up from the bottom to to the top of it. It had to have been a small tube as the sudsy water was entering her so slowly. I wondered how long she had the tube up her. A full hour ? I saw also there was a heating coil around the bottle to keep it hot.

Umeko reached out her hand to me again, knowing I was hypnotized by her beauty and, -something- else.

Stefani was apparently not enjoying the fact that Umeko was trying to horn in on her date and pulled my arm to yank me back and then shove me against my side to roughly push me behind her, out of sight. I felt dizzy and shook my head for a second.

Then I peeked tilting my head around Stefani's butt, hanging on to it to peek at Besty again, both fascinated and horrified by the 'ritual' she was partaking in.

Then Betsy coughed hoarsely. Was it possible she was tasting the soap inside her ? Then she suddenly started breathing hard in and out, and gripped her wet teddy bear closer to her chest. She moaned again, much longer this time, I couldn't tell if it felt good for her or not. Umeko could be lying about the whole thing.

Besty sounded so tired and sleepy. Then she closed her eyes, slowing her breathing. She seemed to lose consciousness.

The bottle on the gurney relentlessly trickled more hot sudsy water up into her. Umeko gripped the little girl's hand harder and spoke to her in her foreign language again quietly and rubbed her moist hair again, soothingly. Then I saw the back end of the towel start to get wet as the little girl couldn't apparently hold in the hot water up her butt anymore.

But Umeko didn't seem mad. She SMILED, watching it out of the corner of her eye ? What kind of madness was this ?

Stefani spoke quickly and suddenly ending the strange scene, "Good seeing you Umeko. We'll call you tonight." Then she whirled around to interrupt what I was seeing by leaning down and blocking my sight. "C'mon Dev. Let's get there before all the ice cream gets eaten !" and she gave me a big smile. Well, I DID like ice-cream so I wasn't going to argue with that logic.

We left and while I didn't turn to look, I could hear Besty moan again and it sounded like water was trickling off the gurney to the carpeted floor.

Then I heard a sharp slap as surely Umeko must've smacked the girl on her bare bottom and there was more crying from the little girl as she woke up, and more nasty gurgling. I still didn't turn around, terrified at what I might see now.

Stefani kept me facing forward and using her security card, opened the door and we returned straightaway to the path to the elevator. We passed by the boys' play area and I saw them on the inside exercise equipment and jungle gym. Then the girls' play area where the pink play house was. Then finally the elevator.

I sighed in relief. I was looking forward to refreshing Vanilla ice-cream after what I just saw.


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