FB2-56 "Stefani's Trainee"

FB2-56 "Stefani's Trainee"

A Chapter by dw817

Stefani quickly punched Tyr hard in the chin to knock her out again. "Annoying little brat," Stefani said to herself, punching her own fist against the flat of her hand afterwards in irritation.




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 56 - "Stefani's Trainee"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Several minutes later there was a chime at Stefani's door and she went to answer it. It was a servant from the kitchen with her late night meal.

"Salad for Stefani Charteiris ?"

She nodded and let him in. He handed her the platter.

"Have a good evening, ma'am."

"You too." she said evenly. He left and she closed and locked the door for the night.

She brought the meal into her bedroom to set it beside her computer and brought up some information about Lilly Venier, whom Tyr told her in a half hypnotic state when she was questioned earlier.

She knew children. She expected that Dev would be feeling very vulnerable right now without Tyr so in order to cover all bases, she might have to go after Lilly in order to get to Dev, if he somehow went into hiding.

She finished her meal with a pill of Colace from her nightstand, as she did with all meals, and then turned in for bed herself.

As she lay in bed, she recalled what happened after Tyr was placed in the glass case back in holding cell #28 several days ago. It was such a clear memory for Stefani to recall:

(( Dempsey came for her the next day and wheeled the gurney along with the glass case and her in it into another room. Dempsey passed Dev along the way and apparently he didn't know it was Tyr that was in there, thanks to Stefani's fast action at distracting him.

Once Dev was asleep back in his own room, she returned back to where Tyr was and they woke her, to ask her a few questions before a proper interrogation. Of course she was crying and upset once she realized she was in custody of them, and then she started to levitate the apparatus and furniture around her in panic.

But Stefani quickly punched her hard in the chin to knock her out again. "Annoying little brat," Stefani said to herself, punching her own fist against the flat of her hand afterwards, to show her irritation at her.

Since Tyr was obviously going to be trouble with her telekinetic ability fully conscious, Petrov was called in and hooked up a combination of his unique Tangerine and an added Halothane flow to Tyr's nose by a standard breather so Stefani could hypnotize and question her about her friends, should they be needed to find the elusive PLUGIN Dev talked about earlier.

Unbeknownst to Stefani, the Director, Mr. Arkos himself watched the interrogation in a close-circuit camera, which were riddled secretly throughout the underground city of Arkos.

He was fully aware that many of the questions Stefani asked Tyr had nothing to do with the investigation at hand, and more to do with how close her and Dev were and what leverage could be used to separate them.

Yet no-one would dare challenge Stefani on that or really anything else for that matter. In any case, Tyr dutifully answered all her questions, including the important ones regarding her telekinetic ability and where she got it from.

During this time of extended questioning, Stefani received a message on her own bracelet that The Director, Mr. Arkos himself had developed in his own laboratory a limiter that would prevent Tyr from using her telekinetic ability, until needed, and it would be sent to Petrov to install.

With the help of the staff from Lab One, Petrov brought Tyr into surgery, knocked her out with a stronger variation of the Tangerine gas, which had an added benefit of numbing the entire body from pain, and then proceeded to drill little holes in her head with a stainless-steel surgical neurological drill to attach the Arkos device directly into and beyond her skull.

Petrov was sweating quite a bit as he did it as he had never done such a delicate operation before, but surprisingly did an incredible and successful job at it with Arkos instructing him from the speakers above. The only drawback is that it required electricity from her brain in order to function correctly, a strange arrangement to be sure.

What the Director made was a custom-made barrette, rather pretty for a little girl like Tyr really, but made out of a strong titanium based alloy, perfectly waterproof, and impervious to any damage or being removed once installed, with a complex and magnetic locking mechanism. It also glowed a slight golden hue in a pitch dark room to show its activation.

Its use was to ensure that Tyr could not use her telekinetic ability unless so desired and an added benefit for Stefani was that Tyr was also not fully aware of what was happening around her as not enough electricity could fire in the synapses in her brain to reach full consciousness since it ran on that.

Stefani was delighted at the arrangement and continued her barrage of questions regarding her relationship with Dev once she returned from Lab One with the limiter in place.

* * *

Tyr eventually started crying and having spasms, she was exhausted from it all, and had a throbbing headache besides, and Stefani finally relented at the insistence of Petrov to let her rest for the night.

Tyr was supposed to have her own private quarters the next morning, like Dev's, but at Stefani's insistence and pull in the company, that did not happen, and she was reassigned to live directly in Stefani's quarters after Tyr herself had presumably "signed" a safety form, saying she trusted Stefani to care for her in her own residence.

Obviously her signature was under duress, but no-one would question that.

The next morning Stefani let Tyr know where things stood. Whatever Stefani said, she would do, without question, for when she did question her, she treated her terribly and abused her.

She also set her about to do despicable and deplorable tasks completely inappropriate, like cleaning out the inside of all the public toilets on the floor her room was on with a small child's scrub brush for a regular bath.

She was also set to mop up all the bathroom and shower floors (there was always a shower stall area included with each public bathroom) with her own pretty red hair, a small ineffective soap bar, and water from the tap in the bathroom with a small cup.

In addition to this, Stefani did indeed sign a perfectly legal form with Arkos letterhead confirming authenticity that Tyr was getting properly fed and bathed every day but no-one really knew since this supposedly occurred in the privacy of Stefani's quarters.

Stefani refused for Tyr to associate with the other children and gave her no time at all to socialize with anyone else.

Those people who did get the rare chance to see Tyr working these terrible tasks for Stefani, usually around midnight, saw that her hair was not red and pretty as the initial computer profile portrayed her to be but dingy brown, and while her face was clean she smelled a bit like the inside of a toilet herself, not surprising considering the tasks she was doing.

She was undoubtedly getting bathed and fed everyday, as Stefani had earlier promised, but WHERE was she bathed and WHAT was she being fed was the question that people started to ask themselves as they never saw her in any of the public cafeterias or the walk-around area "outside." where events took place.

And those people in a higher status who could also retrieve computer records for anyone's clients, with a bit of investigation saw quite clearly that no food was being sent specifically to Tyr where she presumably was staying with Stefani.

Yet no-one dared stand against Stefani when they ultimately found out what she was doing, having learned that Stefani most definitely held a grudge and revenge was her middle name.

And when a newcomer, unaware of the menace Stefani could be, did come to Arkos, they did notice this poor girl's health and condition and commented on it, Stefani intervened by tucking a lock of her own hair behind her and and smiled casually and said she was being punished for being a bad girl, and it was only temporary.

That satisfied most of the people.

One such woman, a new arrival to the Arkos Institute, Sharon Elza, empowered in life, about the same age as Stefani, in her 20s, was determined to end the abuse to Tyr, once she found out TRULY what was happening to her and that it was most definitely not a temporary situation.

Her own friends in the organization who knew Stefani's ways warned her NOT to go against her as she might very well be in peril of her life, but she said they were exaggerating, for nobody was surely THAT evil.

Instead of talking to her in private, she waited patiently until there was a full board meeting with many important employees in it and, right there, confronted Stefani about the deplorable appearance of her client, Tyr, with photos she presented, and what was she going to do about it ?

Not one person in the meeting said a word about what she just did and acted like she hadn't interrupted the meeting at all. Stefani was the CEO, and her word was law, after all.

Unexpected to everyone, however, Stefani went over and put a friendly hand on Sharon's shoulder and whispered in her ear that she was right, and they can talk later about how to get Tyr transferred out of her care as she basically wasn't very good at that sort of thing, and better at handling Arkos' paperwork.

Outside the meeting, Stefani then went on to say to Sharon that things weren't going very well for her. That Stefani had a difficult upbringing herself and didn't really know how to take care of children and that Tyr was pushed upon her by the Director himself and that she was lost knowing how to take care of her.

Tyr continued her terrible lie and told her that she didn't want to take care of Tyr but that the Director was so insistent upon it as she was an important client but such a misbehaved child, so she did the best she could with disciplining her, and I'm so sorry if she doesn't look presentable.

Stefani even greeted Sharon with a few crocodile's tears, for Stefani could cry real tears for any reason, especially if it was for her own personal benefit at the time.

Sharon then saw Stefani in a different light now. As someone to be pitied and befriended. Sharon nodded her head and apologized for the outburst in the meeting against her, and told Stefani that she would be more than happy to take Tyr on and keep her healthy, they just had to do some paperwork to make it happen.

Stefani then invited her over for coffee later so they could sign the paperwork to this effect. Unknown to Sharon, Stefani had locked Tyr up in the "special" room she had downstairs behind the locked door on a slow Tangerine drip to keep her quiet as she continued to win over the trust of Sharon.


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