FB2-49 "Dev Is Actually A Girl"

FB2-49 "Dev Is Actually A Girl"

A Chapter by dw817

"Just testing yas." Lemonie said in a more cheerful tone. "Yes Dev, I forgives yas, you are after all, a stupid little girl, and yas don't knows noes anied better - Ise tell yas whatcha needs to do."




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© August 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 49 - "Dev Is Actually A Girl"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

I shuddered under Lemonie's touch.

Despite all this, I REALLY didn't wanna get a swirlie right now ! It stank in there ! I wanted to go back to the gym, to have some sweet vanilla cake, to have some fruit punch and talk to my friends about the tournament and the incredible chess moves I made like I did 3 months ago when I won.

I was the winner after all, again ! It's my right as the victor !

I struggled against the girls holding my arms and legs thinking of the terrible thing she had in mind for me right now.

But then she changed her mood again, pulling back and starting to stand back up and adding louder, especially making sure the other girls holding me down could hear, "You shouldn'ta won tho, Dev. You mighta walked outta here a MAN when we was done with yas."

She lowered her voice slightly with a more sinister tone, "But since yas did win, I got something better in mind than that, something more PERMANENT !"

"Oooh..." one of the girls said and another was doing the rising pitch game of, "Umm.." like I was in deep trouble. And perhaps I was.

Then Lemonie pulled out a pair of small sharp yellow scissors from her pocket.

"Remember I told you NO MAN could ever win against me ? Well, Ise not convinced yas are one. I think yas are a GIRL in disguise, and Ise going to find out for myself ! And if I find out Ise wrong, then Ise gonna correct dat little situation once and fer all !" and she clicked the scissors noisily.

Before I could object she rubbed her hand on the front of my chess shorts, obviously feeling my equipment there. The other girls giggled, but I didn't know why, and I jerked my legs at the unexpected touch. Then she snipped away at the bottom of the fabric to my shorts and felt her fingers in again.

She felt under the shorts but above the underwear, touching my junk again. Then she snipped away at the underwear beneath that.

She pulled back the scissors for a third time and I felt her fingers work their way past both holes in the fabric to tickle over my exposed wiener.

"Well, well, what do we have here ?" she said slow and syrupy for a moment as she caressed it. I moaned in confusion, jerking my legs at the unwanted touch. "Sharon" and the other girl holding my leg pulled hard on them until I cried out in pain and stopped fighting them.

The other girls giggled at my discomfort, Lemonie continued to caress my wiener for a moment more, and I could tell she was waiting for me to react in some way.

All I could do was squeak, confused at what she was doing, or attempting to do. Then she grunted angrily and squeezed it hard until I cried out in pain and agony. The tears came out of my eyes yet she continued to mash down on it.

"Looks like yas notta man after all, but a BOY, welp, we can change that. Affer todays I gets to call yas my GIRLFRIEND !" and she reached back around for the scissors to reach in and cut again. I looked to her face. She wasn't joking ! She was serious ! Then I would have a terrible gash once she snipped it off ! Like I saw on Lilly a few days ago !

My brain reeled in confusion, was that all girls were then was a boy that got his wiener cut off in a terrible fight with scissors ? Would I have to wear a dress after this ? I didn't want to !

Then I heard my voice crying out in defense in a high-pitched and scared whine, "I'm a girl then Lemonie, I'm a girl I guess, just like you, but I don't know what to do ! Please tell me what to do so you don't have to cut me !"

I cried it so loud I heard someone in the hallway. I had hoped Lemonie didn't hear what I did so I kept looking at the floor as I waited to see what she would do next.

Lemonie pocketed the scissors finally, apparently delighted for me to say something like this.

"Just testing yas." Lemonie said in a more cheerful tone. "Yes Dev, I forgives yas, you are, after all, a stupid little girl, a c**t, and yas don't knows noes anied better and Ise tell yas whatcha needs to do for me now."

She sat closer. "Wese gone to get yas fixed up in your head. Yas think yore a boy and that's all wrong. Ise know these things. It don't matter what yas got between yore legs and wese going to get yore brain on the right way. Yas does everything I tell yas, got it ?"

* * *

Now it was my turn to be confused, "I'm a girl after all then, despite ... ?" and I looked down to the spot between my legs. I felt tears come to my eyes. Was everyone on Earth a girl then, but ... But ... ! But Dad said ... ! Mom said ... ! My head reeled in misery trying to figure it all out.

She smiled at the look of utter confusion in my face and stood up looking at me, "Gawd you are such a f*****g C**T. You really DO need my help, don't yas. Yore lucky to has met me." and the other girls laughed cruelly at that last statement.

I puzzled my forehead for a second on that word she emphasized, "c**t" not having heard it before, and as I did she got down on the floor between my legs and started to pull my chess shorts off of me completely, easier to do now with the cut she made in it earlier, and the other girls giggled as my tighty-whities underwear was exposed to them.

The other girls continued to hold on to my arms and legs as she did so but gaped in obvious delight at what lay beneath the underwear. I was still completely confused. So maybe some of the girls that were holding me down had a wiener too ? Maybe they would show me if I asked nicely ? Maybe Lemonie had one ?

Girls had always frightened me ! But maybe If girls had a wiener, was it okay for me to like them then ?

Suddenly the bathroom door slammed open and I nearly jumped out of my skin in fear, but craned my head around to see Lilly standing there. "What's going on in here !?" she demanded.

Oboy was I glad to see her ! She could answer my question cause she was a girl I think and she would know !

"Lilly," I began timidly before Lemonie could say anything, "Am I really a girl ?"

Lilly listened to what I asked and dropped her jaw in shock to what I was asking, realizing I was utterly confused and gullible as ever. Good old Dev.

"Are you a WHAT !?" she asked incredulously with obvious mirth in her voice, and she couldn't help but smile at my supposedly innocent question.

She bobbed her head up and down, trying hard not to laugh out loud and finally, controlling herself, she replied with a combination of kindness and amusement to her voice, "GAWD ! I'll tell you later, Dev."

Then she saw I was being held down on the floor against my will and my underwear was exposed. Her face vexed up in liquid rage now and she snarled, "What the F**K are you doing to him !?" This furious tone was directed specifically to Lemonie.

Lemonie spat in rage back at her, not at all happy of being interrupted, "None of your beeswax, b***h !" and then she directed her fingers to the others and then I was let go of and the four girls launched into an attack against Lilly who jammed her foot into the first one in the chest with an amazing high karate kick !

I crawled over to the side being free now and pulled back up my shorts feeling terrible pain from Lemonie's earlier squeezing there and tried to catch my breath and not think of the weird feelings I had earlier. Was I a girl ? Suddenly Lemonie had her arm wrapped around my neck in a tight headlock and squeezed hard, cutting off my air.

I fought and coughed for a moment, but then felt my muscles start to relax from being unable to breathe for a moment. "Goes to sleep, Dev. Ise gonna help yas like ise promised." she said quietly and squeezed a little tighter. My whole face felt like it was going to explode with pressure and then I felt my muscles give out completely.

Lemonie then staggered her legs and dragged me by my head with some effort to the commode in one of the stalls as I felt like I couldn't move now and gasped for breath. She wasn't strong enough to put me in though and I was a deadweight to her at the moment so she growled at me.

"Get in there, where yas belong and drink your medicine, d****t !" and kicked my leg with her sharp sparkly shoe to rouse me and she let go of my neck.

I moaned in pain, up in a crouching position. Then she waited for me to try and raise up to get away and then used that against me, standing up with me as I did, punching me hard once in my chest to double me over, and rotating me at my waist as I was half-standing already and kicked out my legs from under me behind my kneecaps.

My head dived at once towards the bowl as I was facing it, losing balance in my knees. But I kept my head out by catching the sides of the slippery bowl as I fell, and twisting my shoulders away at a painful angle. I actually heard my back pop I jerked away so hard.

I looked out of the corner of my eye to the nasty opening, not giving her a chance to put me back in that terrible place again. I didn't care if what she said was true. I would NEVER let anyone do this to me again !

Then giggling like mad she leaned down close to me and reached between my legs with me already in a kneeling position and gripped hard at my already aching junk through the fabric of my torn shorts. I squeaked in pain at the unexpected attack.

"Hey, quit it," I started to say angrily and, confused at what she was doing, tried to knock her hand away with my own from the side, looking at her fingers from the side.

She let go of my bundle and pushed her hand under my legs moving them like a spider climbing up the sides of the bottom of the outside of the bowl. For a moment I was curious why she was doing this. She even playfully dabbed her index finger on like it was sniffing the surface.

I smiled at how silly this looked and straightened my head up to look, peering down between my legs. She even made little snuffling noises like her "finger-spider" was sniffing it. I leaned my head down for a closer look and that was what she was waiting for.

As I was distracted and my head in the right position now, she forced it into the bowl with the flat palm of her other free hand and then quickly jumped up and sat her full weight on my back so I couldn't get out now. I arched my head up high to pull away but then she mashed down on the back of my head with both hands to make sure she was in control.

My fingers to the left of me flailed on to the sides of the toilet paper dispenser and it clattered away as I broke it loose from the flimsy screwed casing, but still she sat on my back. She laughed at my frustration.

"Take a look at this GREAT VIEW, Dev." she said straddled above me, obviously pleased with her victory, "Cause yas gonna be here till yas learn to LOSE next time like yas sposed ta." she said.


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