FB2-36 "Contract In Blood"

FB2-36 "Contract In Blood"

A Chapter by dw817

I started to yell out but he reached out a finger to touch my lips to keep me quiet and I noticed that he had strange needles on the tips of his fingers. He could've easily jabbed me with one of them.


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© May 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 36 - "Contract In Blood"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

The ripple distorted into a strange circular disc presenting itself longwise in my room having finally found enough space.

It looked like a swirling mass of blue but before I could really tell someone stepped from inside to the out. A strange fellow in a high-tech black outfit much like a gunmetal trenchcoat, looking rather gruesome yet handsome himself.

I started to yell out but he reached out a finger to touch my lips to keep me quiet and I noticed that he had strange needles on the tips of his fingers. He could've easily jabbed me with one of them but fortunately he didn't. I looked at him. It was obvious he was a warrior in every possible way, with a long scar running up and down the side of his face.

Finally he pulled away his finger and stared at me with an intense gaze.

He asked the first question, "Who are you ?" The Gate he had stepped out of vanished promptly with only a puff of ionized air to register its previous presence.

"Dev ?" I asked, not entirely sure myself, or where I was as everything seemed to be functioning at a dream level. I mean, here was someone who stepped in my room from a strange circular portal only by telling SIM about the future ... The future !

My face lit up with understanding and he seemed to smile at that. "Dev, I was expecting you. Where is Tyr ?"

I nodded speaking quietly and carefully. "She's at Arkos, they have her held prisoner there."

He grunted slightly and clicked his needled fingers together thoughtfully. "Where is SIM ?"

I couldn't deny him an answer to that. I pointed to the computer behind me. He glanced over my shoulder, only appearing half-interested in it.

"What are your plans with the Achilles Project ?"

"SIM ?" I asked confused, having not heard the other term before.

He nodded.

"I'm gonna integrate it as part of myself so no-one can take it from me and I'm gonna use it and rescue Tyr and we're gonna live forever and ever in LOVE in our own perfect little world that I build with the help of SIM !" I answered truthfully.

He smiled wide, apparently aware that I WAS aware of the ultimate power SIM had and that I could actually accomplish this very thing, given time.

Then he asked an odd question, "How big is this perfect world of yours. How much space do you need in it ?"

I paused in thought. "Maybe a mile across ?"

"A mile radius sphere, perhaps ?"

"Sure." I said.

"No more than that ? What about your loved ones ? If they aren't part of yours and Tyr's perfect world, do you have plans for them ?"

"My parents ?" I asked fearfully.

* * *

He nodded tersely.

"Utopia ?" I said uncertainly.

"Define this utopia, Dev."

"Somewhere to place them where they'll be eternally happy throughout time and neither need anyone or anything."

"They won't be on Earth ?"

"No, somewhere REALLY happy though." For a moment I felt I was going to cry, and I wasn't sure why. I think it was the insistent questioning. I told him what I wanted. But did I know what HE WANTED himself ?

He frowned for a second, amazed I guess that someone as young as I appeared was going to attempt something so complex and unplanned. He leaned forward to look into my eyes. My shoulders shook at his intense stare but I held my ground.

Finally I thought I heard him chuckle slightly, "Well, Dev. That is quite a project and I do love a challenge. I think it's a great way to rescue her, and I will help you in this so you two can be together forever in your own perfect little world, as you said."

"Really ?" I asked now thoroughly confused.

"Yes." he said succinctly. But then he looked at me. It was odd, it was like what I requested was so very little yet to me it would be a lifelong dream. "Anything else you want ?"

Well, if this was wish-making time I added. "To be superman !" and I bobbed my head up and down excitedly.

He didn't smile but seemed confused, "Super - man ? What is that ?"

And then I explained how he was bulletproof, flew through the air. Faster than a speeding bullet. Jump a building in a single bound. He could see I was excited now in my descriptions and held a single polite hand up to stop me from carrying on like a chatterbox.

There was a moment of silence and a slightly imperceptible smile as he spoke, "I don't know about that Dev, how about everlasting immortality for you and Tyr plus one other person of your choosing, will that be enough ?"

"Sure." I said and wondered if there was a darker side to that coin.

He nodded and then pulled out a piece of paper from his dark trenchcoat's left pocket. It had flowery writing all over the top of it and a different pen with creepy spidery writing below that. Both were definitely not in English, but I recognized a signature line below.

There were some blanks space above and he quickly filled them in with a simple pen from his right pocket. I noticed they were digits alone, at least 15-characters across along with separation marks. Galactic coordinates, perhaps ?

"Sign here." he directed and pulled out a different stranger looking pen transparent from his left pocket.

As I reached for the pen he jabbed it's sharp tip against my finger and then tapped the button on the back. I felt suction on my finger as my blood was visibly sucked from the finger into the hollow tip in the center. Then he handed the pen to me. I looked at it for a moment seeing a pencil thin line of red in the middle of the glass handle.

The strange pen was ready to write now - with my own human blood ! I shuddered at the sight of it.

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that was really good :) it was very descriptive :) great job :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

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6 Years Ago

Thank you, Justin. And - welcome to my world ! :D

6 Years Ago

your welcome, your world is pretty awesome

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