FB2-03 "Salon De Mudd"

FB2-03 "Salon De Mudd"

A Chapter by dw817

Sally finally took a swing hard at Jennie who had another glob of mud in her hand. Jennie dodged her blow easily and dropped the mud, jumping back for a second and stood to tower behind her. (more)


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© September 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

Giggling softly, Jennie scooped up some of the soft mud with one hand from the ankle-high creek and smeared it all around the top of Sally's head making sure to "accidentally" squish it up around her eyes.

"Eww, quit it ..." Sally said miserably and wiped her eyes with her fingers to look at the gooey mess in her hands. She tried to pull away again but her butt was stuck fast. She wasn't going anywhere.

Jennie reached down and globbed another chunk, this time, deliberately lifting up the back of her blouse so it oozed disgustingly down her back. Then she cupped her hand over the back of her blouse to mash it against her, and recoloring Sally's outfit to a new putrid brown in the process.

"Looks good on you !" Jennie said nodding her head appreciatively at the very muddy girl now.

"No it doesn't ! Let me go !" Jennie said wailing pitifully and bounced her back to get free, but the suction on her butt refused to let go.

Jennie laughed at her plight and reached for more mud. She splatted the fresh glop on top of Sally's head and smoothed it around getting ready to start on her as it oozed down the front of her face. Sally continued to whimper and moan uncomfortably.

Jennie then began to wash her hair in the mud, as she promised, working vigorously for several minutes to smear the dirty, sticky mud in all of Sally's short pretty hair until her hair was the same nasty color as the mud.

Jennie then got up for a second to walk ahead of her to wash her hands where the river was a little deeper and then returned to rub her chin thoughtfully on what to do to her next.

Sally looked positively filthy, like she lived all her life in a sewer, and she knew it. There was mud all over her face, her hair was positively caked in it now, and she had big glops mashed up her front and down inside her shirt now, and some was even trickling and oozing down the back of her skirt.

To make it worse, the sun had gotten brighter as it was the middle of the day, and with as little water as there was around Sally, the mud started to warm up all around her causing her to sweat more.

"You're so pretty !" Jennie said unconvincingly as she smeared more mud around the hair near her forehead, smoothing it in, seeing she missed washing a bit there.

"No I'm not !" Sally said, not believing her for a minute.

Sally also knew Jeffrey was watching the show so she turned to raise her fist angrily at him. Jeffrey responded to this by touching his chest innocently with her fingers outstretched and then twirled them out facing up, shrugging, like it wasn't his fault she was in the predicament she was in now.

"You need a beautifying mud mask now !" Jennie said finally, nodding her head enthusiastically.

"NO I DON'T !" Sally cried starting to feel a little queasy at the thought of her face being buried in the river's mud now. She rocked from side to side to free the suction but it wouldn't release.

Jennie sat on her knees to her level and reached down with both hands for an especially big glop and started to smear her whole face up in the brown goo. Sally coughed uncomfortably and moaned miserably but Jennie continued her beautifying mask.

Sally pulled on her butt hard against it grunting and straining loudly, but this time felt pain. The suction was so tight, if she continued, she'd probably strain her back.

OK, she had had enough ! She took a swing to punch hard at Jennie who had another glob of mud in her hand. Jennie dodged her blow easily and dropped the mud, jumping back for a second and finally standing to tower behind her before speaking, "I can push you down deeper if you like, Sally."

And to prove her point she put her muddy foot back up on Sally's shoulder from behind to wiggle the toes there and push down on her shoulder. When Sally didn't respond, Jenny reached over to tickle Sally's neck with the muddy toe, smearing more mud there and spoke again, a little louder, "Much deeper, would you like that ?"

Sally's face blanched in fear seeing herself buried up to her waist in unyielding mud and she got really quiet, shaking her head almost imperceptibly.

"I didn't think so so." Jennie said and then walked around to stand in front of Sally again, sitting down herself in the mud in her lap, and straddle her waist again, this time jamming her own pelvis up against hers knowing there wouldn't be any more retaliations.

Jenny, seeing she could get away with this, scooted herself even closer by wrapping her legs around the back of Sally's skirt and squished herself forward until their middles touched. Sally squeaked, scared for a moment, but no further arguments.

Jennie smiled, then reached down for more mud to work with when a big chunk of it fell from the top of Sally's hair and went right in her mouth. Sally coughed and spit it out, thinking it was horrible.

Then she licked her lips thoughtfully asking no-one in particular, "Chocolate ?" and had an expression of curiosity on her face.

For a moment, Jennie turned her head quizzically to Jeffrey, who apparently had the answer to this puzzle.

Jeffrey was still watching the pair, leaning up against a tree and yelled from the river bank to them, "I think Josh Prenters in W-Build is responsible for that. Don't eat too much of it, it's mostly sugar, I believe. I think the simple name for it is 'river chocolate.' It filters and keeps the water clean for drinking all year round."

Then Jeffrey smiled, cupping his hands to his lips to yell louder, "Sally looks great, Jennie ! Give her a nice good mud bath ! Make sure to wash behind her ears ! She's such a dirty girl !"

Sally, still unable to break free from the nasty abuse Jennie was doing to her, turned her head to angrily look straight at Jeffrey, dry on the grass, all nice, and clean, not a spot of mud on him. She blinked her eyes furiously.

* * *

It was too much ! Sally exploded at him screeching, "KISS MY SWEET A*S, Jeffrey ! And when I get out of here, you're SO GONNA do it too, I PROMISE YOU, you B*****D !" and she tried to raise up again but still couldn't and whined at being stuck for so long now.

Jeffrey laughed at her threat and continued to watch them eagerly.

"Such language !" Jennie said, pausing for a second and acting astonished. She then clicked her tongue like she was terribly offended, "Guess I'm gonna have to wash your mouth out too, little missy !"

Sally turned angrily to say something equally obscene to Jennie as well, apparently, having had enough of Salon De Mudd to last her a lifetime, but was stopped suddenly by Jennie having already scooped up a huge glop of the warm mud to splat against her foul little mouth and rubbed it there for a moment.

Sally's voice was just an angry wet gurgle then, and finally was humbled and quiet as Jennie continued to wash her face in the mud. Every time Sally tried to say something, Jennie splatted the mud against her mouth with a cupped hand and rubbed it over her lips so she couldn't speak an intelligible word for several long moments.

Sally still furious, and realizing that Jennie was WAY too close to her personal space tried to push her away.

Jennie dropped the mud back in the water to give Sally a mean look which she understood perfectly now. She realized that Jennie could either free her when she was done playing here or leave her here to dry in the sun.

Jennie continued to stare with a piercing look at her. Once again, Sally gave that slight imperceptible head shake.

Sally finally sighed, coughing and spitting out the mud for the umpteenth time. It may be chocolate but it still felt nasty against her. Finally she put her head down in resignation and surrender, waiting for Jennie to finish her "bath" with her hoping she would leave her mouth out of it now as she obviously didn't want to eat any more of this "river chocolate."

Jennie, seeing that Sally had finally given in, rubbed her muddy hands together wickedly and smiled, "Attagirl, you wanna look pretty for Jeffrey, doncha ?" and patted Sally on her shoulders for conceding to the terrible treatment.

Jennie then scooted closer to her again and with renewed energy, continued to wash her face, hair, front, and back, in the mud, working towards getting bigger glops now using both hands now. She completely covered her in it. Sally just sat there looking down despondently and took it without complaint now.

The mud was now getting hot in the sun and was terribly sticky, and not overly sweet as Sally found out if you were forced to taste it for a long time. She spit it out several times as it trickled down her face. In only a short time, her face was coated fully and heating nicely in the sun, just like a mask, as Jennie had promised her earlier.

Jennie then left working on her face, to scoot back a foot to smear new mud all over her bare legs working her way up to her skirt, squishing it up inside the fabric to her panties.

"Hey !" Sally said angrily bubbling her voice under her gooey mask and slapped away at the intrusive fingers. Jennie ignored her, getting more mud, and started humming contendedly, tickling her fingers up there playfully and smooshing more soft mud up under her panties looking to her for a positive reaction.

Sally moaned, this time with not so much anger but frustration and put her head back down, which was still completely covered in mud. The mask stuck to her face heavily and had to have been pretty warm now with the sun beating down on it. It wouldn't be so bad if Jeffrey wasn't sitting there gaping in delight at her from the edge of the river.

This is NOT how she wanted him to see her !

Jennie smiled with a really mischievous look on her face and reached down for more mud carefully watching the look of distinct interest on Jeffrey's face in where she was putting it. Jeffrey conceded, she may be his girlfriend but that doesn't mean she can't have a little fun herself.

Jeffrey was definitely enjoying the kinky show now and smiled, letting go of the tree to sit down closer to the edge of the river for a better view. He looked at his orange for a second and bit straight through the juicy core. No seeds, lots of tasty pulp and pure citrus delight. He'd have to write a positive comment on who programmed the fruit on this holo-planet.

Suddenly a green rectangle of light, like a lit glass box, glowed above his wrist and beeped plaintively. He waited for 3 beeps before sighing and looking down at it. Finally, he tapped the floating rectangle with a finger and raised his wrist as if there was something on it though it showed only the mysterious floating glowing rectangle.

After a moment a control panel appeared there, opening up and jerking its stability suddenly to match the movements in his wrist. A small incomplete hologram keyboard with several controls and a floating screen appeared above it. He tapped the air above his wrist where the floating screen was, and a face appeared in it.

"Yes, Murphy ?" He asked laughing, amazed at what she was doing to Sally now. There was a screech of anger from Sally, an obvious vocal warning of proximity violation as Jennie continued to play in the mud.

It was a good thing that Sally had on a mud mask now as her face had to be bright red with shame and disgrace with what Jennie was doing to her now.

Jeffrey coughed distractedly, and looked back to the viewscreen on his wrist.

Murphy was in his early 30s and was himself dressed in some kind of business uniform which showed an upraised palm holding a ball as an izod on it. Behind him everything was lit up like a futuristic display. Nothing had any substance or dimension.


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