FB2-06 "Volunteer For Time Travel"

FB2-06 "Volunteer For Time Travel"

A Chapter by dw817

"Let me remind you that the plugin was deliberately fitted to work for that time period, specifically for Tyr to return to her beloved. Were this not the case, the device could not be used."


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© October 2014 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission


* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

Jeffrey and Jennie faced the arrow and walked through the wall again and saw Murphy sitting at the far end of a holographic table along with several executives around him. They were all wearing the same outfit and appeared to be no older than 15-years of age. Only Jeffrey and Jennie appeared out of place being in casual clothing. No-one seemed to mind.

"Ah, Jeffrey !" Murphy began and motioned him to come to the other side to talk to him.

Instead of 4-walls around them, it was a ring, and a full display screen as information appeared all around them. Murphy got up from his chair to touch the side of the screen behind him. A rectangle opened up briefly showing a set of symbols in rectangles, a makeshift keyboard.

He rapidly pressed keys on it and for each keystroke the characters on the keyboard changed symbols. He hit the screen to the side of the keyboard and it vanished. A complex set of curved and wavy lines, a thousand deep, appeared on the screen bending in 3-D space.

They each bent and curved gently independent of each other's movements, crossing over each other occasionally like tendrils from a jellyfish.

"Here." Murphy said without pointing. "This is where the plugin is now." and as he spoke a bright circle targeted one pixel on one of the thousand tendrils. He tapped it and it zoomed in 3D space showing thousands of planets and galaxies whizzing by at nearly the speed of light.

Finally it stopped and the very clear picture of Earth was seen. "He's being clever," Jeffrey explained. "As you know, Earth is destroyed only 1000 years from then, circa 0-0-2010 due to the great Oil War.

"Which, as you know, seemingly makes this the perfect place for Central to Regress our criminals that are not capable of rehabilitation. They hadn't anticipated there would be problems after this, but Darceon, Tyr's husband, is determined to get her back and he doesn't care if he corrupts the timeline as he does it. He's clinically insane, the same as her."

"What we really want to do at this point is destroy the device without affecting Tyr's current timeline and find and regress Darceon. Those two can finally be together then." and he laughed at the cruel joke.

Finally he coughed and spoke again, "That's our best-case scenario and what we have planned right now. Questions ?"

Jeffrey listened intently and looked around to see if there were any comments. Despite the staff appearing as young as they were, their eyes shone with a wisdom and intelligent that far outweighed their innocent appearance. Jennie stood in the back and was quiet.

One "boy" at the far end of the table spoke. "What if it's not Tyr that has it, but someone else, and they're already using it ? What are we to do then ?"

Murphy tapped his hands together thinking for a moment as if that would complicate matters. "Well," he said and rubbed his chin thoughtfully, "That could make it more difficult, for both the person that has it, and us. Let's just hope that hasn't happened."

"Any other questions ?" Murphy offered. It was quiet then.

"Gentlemen," Murphy continued, "I don't need to remind you the severity of this situation. Affecting other timelines is grave business indeed. We can't let that plugin fall into the hands of someone that knows how to use it and then somehow wipes out the Earth before its time."

"If you aren't up to speed yet, let me remind you that the plugin was deliberately fitted to work for that time period, specifically for Tyr to return to her beloved. Were this not the case, the device could not be used nor could it be analyzed by any science existing there and we would not have the problem we have now."

"While there are several safeguards in it, under the proper handling, say by Tyr for instance since her engram is encoded on it, it could be examined, and new technology learned for this time period thereby corrupting Earth's timeline."

* * *

"Because as you should already know, that device is certainly capable of this, effecting the reagents for reality 01 on a molecular level and its ability to modify DNA combined for latent abilities which were severed from mankind 6000 years ago. Modern technology cannot get a hold of this or it would spell doom for us. Time waves are far reaching, friends !"

"I want a volunteer that will make the difficult travel back in time to destroy it at its source. We'll handle everything else up here to catch Darceon before he can act again. Anyone ?"

There was silence and the group talked amongst itself quietly. Finally it was silent, no volunteers. Murphy sighed tiredly and stepped forward, disgusted at their apathy. He was about to say something nasty but then one 15-year old girl at the far end of the table raised her hand politely. "I'll go." she said quietly.

Murphy nodded and bit his lip, "Very well, Cheani. We will use the Gate. I'll have to get clearance and paperwork through Central as that is obviously a highly illegal operation, but I think they'll bend the rules for us, especially if it means saving our own future."

He raised his voice and got even more serious, "I ALSO think this is an excellent opportunity for us all to petition the destruction of the Gate ! After all, it was the completion of the Gate that gave Darceon the ability to send the plugin in the first place ! We destroy the Gate and no more unwarranted time packages can be sent to our imprisoned Regressives !"

Jeffrey knew from the tone of voice that he was going to start to make some slurs against Central. Still quite punishable by Regression today. He put some fingers to his head as if a headache were coming on.

Murphy was now yelling, "I've been wanting to bring back capital punishment as you know, and I voted AGAINST Regression, but as you know, I was in the minority at the time ! Truly unrehabilitable criminals should be utterly destroyed !"

Murphy was emphatic with a religious passion now and had both hands on the table, like he was riding a wild horse, "A WEED, even if it is reverted back to a seed and planted in someone else's yard, will still grow up to be a WEED and eventually choke and kill the vegetation around it !"

Murphy slammed his hand down on the table for emphasis and shrieked out, "WILL WE PERMIT THIS !?"

Jeffrey stepped up to interfere as what Murphy was saying was quite blasphemous against Central and while it might remove Murphy for conspiring against them, it could also cause serious repercussions in the company Jeffrey worked for.

Murphy held his hand out to stop him, there was a bit of drool on his mouth from yelling earlier. Jeffrey sighed. He knew it would eventually come down to this.

The group around the tables eyes finally got wide and were listening, mostly with fear at what he was saying. NO-ONE ever went against Central's wishes.

And Central's wishes were that any truly deviant criminal would get Regressed and sent back in time. There was no room for argument there. Anyone not agreeing with Central usually had something nasty happen to them.

Regression was one of them, and no-one wanted that.

While this was still 1-million years in the future and technology was unprecedented and mind-staggeringly powerful, mankind was still plagued with greedy capitalists, lying lawmakers, and corrupt persons in power and authority. Jeffrey sighed. I guess we'll never be mature enough to get rid of those nagging vices.

Then someone else around the desk spoke, "In conclusion. Let's get on with the mission first and THEN deal with decisions by Central, if need be."

Jeffrey finally seeing that the meeting was over didn't wait for Murphy and stepped out as everybody got up to argue with Murphy about going against Central. Jennie joined him and whispered to his ear politely, "Murphy goes too far."

Jeffrey nodded and whispered back, "I'm aware of that. But he's also the best man to get the job done here. I think we should let him proceed, and once the Achilles Project is destroyed and our timelines are clean again, suggest to Central, Regression for him."


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