FB2-20 "Party Plans"

FB2-20 "Party Plans"

A Chapter by dw817

"Poor thing." Sally said with false kindness and gently took Jeffrey's hand in hers, rubbing it sympathetically. "Don't cry. Toddle along now sweetiepie, and Mama will get you a fresh diaper."


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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© January 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

CHAPTER 20 - "Party Plans"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: TEEN

The elevator finally reached it's destination.

"Jeff ?" Sally asked him timidly.

"Yeah, Sal ?"

"Don't forget the party tonite ! That's about 30-minutes from now ! Ok ?"

"Don't worry, Sal. I won't." and to make the picture complete he hugged her back, convincingly, he hoped. She giggled in a strange high-pitched sound that was quite annoying but he found the strength to smile back at her, sincerely, like it was cute.

She squeezed him one more time and headed out to get things ready. He watched her on the way out. She really wasn't that bad to look at. Had he not met Jennie it was certainly possible he could be dating her as she was cute in her own way. But not with this awful blackmail she held over him.

He looked to the Gate and went over to the console. Just to make sure no-one could use it, he took out a vital component, a hyperbolator, and they were hard to come by. He took the small metal cylinder out, twirling the moving pendulum in the center before putting it in his pocket.

Now if someone tried to use the Gate it wouldn't work at all, and to his knowledge this was the only Gate accessible right now. He certainly didn't want any more accidents. He knew it would take some time for Cheani to arrive in the past and it would be tomorrow before they actually heard word from her. At least, that was their calculations on the time of arrival anyways.

He then turned out the lights and locked up as Learby asked him to. Then he walked to the Transit and went quickly to a 24-hour cash terminal at a closed money service department. He took out a single 1,000 credz chip from his account.

Returning home, he changed into some nice casual clothes, and reading the invitation again folded up an extra pair of clean clothes in a briefcase. He wondered why they were needed.

Then he looked around. On his dresser there was a pretty necklace with a complex triangular design and a 1/2 carat diamond in the center. It cost him a bit of money to buy this. He had originally planned to give this to Jennie as an engagement gift but he was certain that would never happen now. Might as well make it the present Sally is requesting. She'll like it.

He clapped it and the 1,000 credz chip inside a pretty jeweled box and then looked to himself. What on earth kind of party could Sally throw anyways ? He thought for a moment, she DOES have his 44,000 credz so it's likely to be a nice one.

He might as well have fun but also NOT forget that he needs to catch her off guard so he can find where she's got the blackmail videos and master coding for the auto-send programs stashed.

He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. Ok, he was all set. He started out his front door and was surprised to see Sally there. "Oh, hello, Sal." he said and smiled his best at her.

She whistled appreciatively. "Pheeoo ! Who's the handsome gentleman everyone wants ta know huh ? He's my boyfriend that's who !" and she took his arm in hers and spoke in the elevator in a false cockneyed accent, "Home, James."

The violet rays scanned over the Transit tube and headed towards her residence. When they entered, he was greeted with PINK. No, I mean PINK, like the whole place had been sandblasted in keo-pectate. Jeffrey knew you could change the design for your home with included crystal files but he had no idea just how "girly" her place looked.

How could she possibly live like this !? He coughed suddenly feeling slightly sick as his eyes were overloaded with the pastel paste. "Too much, hah pudding ?" she said and then tapped the console. A more pleasant earthtone surrounding the house and the pink was only seen in the kitchen.

"Better." he said feeling not so dizzy now. Then there was a pleasant chime.

"That'll be the other girls !" Sally said and twirled around him, nearly knocking him down as she turned to open the door, "Hiya Danny !" she said and a girl, almost in equal proportion to Sally stepped in. She was a bit heavier at the top he noticed.

"Wanchu meet my new boyfriend, Jeffrey !" she said and latched onto his arm as he stood there and returned a weak smile to her.

"Jeffrey, senior Engineer from Central ?" she asked surprised, "Sal, you dirty little weasel, how did you accomplish that !"

Sally felt a little insulted at the accusation, "Shup, Danielle, Jeffrey just realized he liked me better than that old Jennie, she was a scrawny old beanpole anyways. Jeff likes a little meat on the bones, doncha ?"

Danielle walked over to Jeffrey and spoke, "Is that right, you like her better huh ?" Jeffrey kept silent but continued to smile. "Oh, FOOD !" she said, completely distracted and and piled into a table to the right that was chock full of sweets and munchies.

She started horfing them down but was interrupted by Sally speaking to her in a loud cross voice, "Save some for our guests, Danny !"

"I =AM= your guest !" Danielle said, her mouth full of breaded shrimp.

"Yah, like the hell you is." she said and then laughed at her. Danielle swallowed hard and returned the laugh, cocktail sauce smeared on her face. But before she could finish her laugh, the door chimed again.

Sally was right there to admit the next guest in. "Hiya Pear ! Saaay, who's that with you ?"

* * *

"Oh, I hope you don't mind, Sal. This is Josh. He's my new boyfriend."

Sally, completely without tact questioned, "Whatever happened to - " but was cut off by Pearcie, who also noticed the huge buffet and pushed her aside to get to it. Jeffrey noticed that she, too, was built a little like a pear. Sally figured she had better grab something herself so she ran over to the table as well.

Jeffrey looked down at the 3 bulbous buttocks covered loosely by ill fitting skirts circling around the buffet table like hungry vultures.

He licked his lips feeling slightly sick in his stomach. Yes, it COULD be worse, he might have had to to slorp all 3 butts this evening and that could take all night ! He counted his blessings that he only had one woman to please of the bunch.

Jeffrey shook his head at the terrible display of the 3 girls feasting in their frenzy and turned to speak politely to Josh, "Josh Prenters ? In W-Build right ?"

Josh who had his mouth open in shock at the girls appetite held out his hand regaining his senses to shake his, "That's right. Say, you're Jeffrey, aren't you ? How goes it in your neck of the woods ? I heard they laid off Murphy. Man, but he had it coming." He scratched the back of his head almost apologetically in memory of him.

Jeffrey started to relax a bit and offered for both of them to sit in a chair to talk about work with Jeffrey commenting on the quality of the "river chocolate" and how Sally liked the flavor of it. Then Josh's eyes bugged out, "You're not supposed to eat it, Jeff, didn't you tell her that ?"

Meanwhile a good portion of the snack trays on the table were gone, gorged by the 3 rotund women. Finally Sally, licked her lips from the creme tartar and said, "We gotta watch a movie first !"

"What kind of movie, Sal ? You said there would be party games, hun ?" asked Pearcie who had discovered the liquor and was pouring herself a tall glass for herself and everyone else.

"Great movie, I promise ya, secret too tho so you gotta wait and see !"

Then she went over and touched a console on the far wall and the lights in the room dimmed. A panel then swung into view, freezing its movements waiting for Jeffrey to move out of its way.

As he pulled out of its path, he noticed it was nearly 10 feet across by 8 feet high. Movie previews suddenly appeared on it in a bright display. She touched another control and the couch receded into the floor and 5 chairs popped into view, comfortable with a spot to hold your beverage.

"Movie's on !" Sally screeched and took the middle chair dragging Jeffrey with her to sit beside her. The others, grabbed a few snacks from the depleted table and with drinks and munchies in hand, sat down to watch. The title of the movie appeared. "The Perfect Blackmail, starring Sandy Crushir."

Sally giggled and squeezed Jeffrey's hand who winced at seeing the words. While it appeared to be a harmless rated-R movie, it was obvious to him that it was going to be about something similar to that kind of vice that Sally had him in currently. He was certain of that. He coughed suddenly and got up. Sally said, "Where ya goin' puddin'head ?"

"Restroom." he said in a serious tone. She motioned for him to get close so she could whisper in in his ear.

"Need your hand held while you does it ?" she said and popped her tongue noisily in her ear and then giggled to herself at the evil thought.

He returned a dark look to her. "No thank you." he said curtly, and pulled away looking around the room, but the glare of the movie made that difficult.

Everyone seemed absorbed in the movie as it was apparent, the main part of the plot was going to be in the first 5-minutes of the beginning. Even Josh spoke, "Hey ! Get outta the picture, Jeff, this is a good flick !" Jeff moved to the side and watched them. They were interested in the film and seemed to ignore him.

"Sorry." he said quietly, and stepped away looking around the room. The restroom was to the left and her bedroom was to the right. The kitchen was behind him, still in its predominately sickly pink colors.

The movie spoke its dialogue suddenly, "We're through, Charlotte ! I don't know what you think you see in me anymore. You don't know the real me !" Charlotte held her fingers to her mouth, frightened at what he was implying.

Jeffrey looked away from the movie and then walked to the right to Sally's bedroom. He winced in disgust seeing the silly bears dancing around each other on the walls. But looked earnestly for anything resembling a small computer. Then he saw it ! Sitting on her bed. He reached for it - but suddenly he heard a voice behind him.

"Doncha know where the potty is, little boy ?" It was Sally and she had secretly gotten up and followed to watch his movements. She knew exactly what he was up to. He could see that in the expression in her face. There was a moment of silence and she sighed at him in extreme accusation.

"Ahhm - I was just - I mean - well..." he began weakly. Sally held out her hand. Jeffrey looked at it, then to the expression in her face. It seemed apologetic and sweet. He looked down and wanted to cry. He realized he might never be free of the terrible blackmail she held him under. He wiped his eyes and surrendered his hand to her.

"Poor thing." she said with false kindness and gently took his hand in hers, rubbing it sympathetically. "Don't cry. Toddle along with me, now, sweetiepie, and Mama will get you a fresh diaper."

Then with his hand in hers she dragged him in the opposite direction of the bedroom. They walked behind the 3 guests she invited that were still seated and watching the movie. Sally walked deliberately to the bathroom door. He thought she would then let him go to do his business, but she didn't.

She walked right inside dragging him with her but it was pitch dark so he couldn't see. He looked behind him to the lit room and with his back turned, she tapped a console he didn't see in front of him, and the door quickly closed behind them so it was pitch black. He fumbled around a bit for a light switch but then she grabbed his hands to keep them at his side.

"Sally - " he began in a panicked voice and then he heard something snap noisily and there was a painful flash of light around his chin that temporarily blinded his eyes. And there was a burning sensation in his neck. He reached up to his throat and felt something thin and metallic, and it hurt his fingers as if it were electrified.

"What's this ?" he asked confused and tried to laugh like there was a joke, but found he couldn't. Then it was quiet and the pain stopped. He swallowed hard. He was certain Sally knew he really didn't have to go to the bathroom after all. Even in the pitch darkness he could see the evil reflection in her eyes, and they were looking right at him, hungrily.

What did she have in mind for him now ?


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