FB2-52 "The Anvil Cracks"

FB2-52 "The Anvil Cracks"

A Chapter by dw817

Lilly spoke, "Sure ! I happened to be one at the school I was going to before I transferred here !" "Lilly !" I said angrily. "What ?" she replied innocently. "Sometimes it's the best way to fit in !"




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F U T U R E   B A R R I E R
( The 2nd Novel )
Secret Technology, Unrequited Love, Absolute Vengeance

© September 2015 Written by David Wicker
Please do not reprint without permission

 CHAPTER 52 - "The Anvil Cracks"

* * *

This chapter is Rated: EVERYONE

After a moment I felt Lemonie fall off of my back to the side, crumpling partially under the raised stall's walls.

I raised up my head but couldn't find the strength to stand up yet. I stared down in disgust, delighted apparently the light had given out so I couldn't see the water and jerked away from the terrible visage.

Then I looked around. It was pitch dark. I fished out my keychain and used the little flashlight on it to look around. Apparently there was a power outage. The commode I was in was somehow cracked and had water spraying out the side of it. I opened the door to the stall for a better look.

Panning my little flashlight around, I saw that everyone seemed to be fallen over and was unconscious ! I stood up on shaky legs and looked around, Melonie was to the side of the cracked commode, her legs at a terrible angle, obviously twisting them when she fell. Her friends had fallen down too, even Lilly.

Lilly ! I walked shakily over to her, my face dripped water down on her face and I shook her. Somehow she wouldn't wake up ! Was everyone dead ? I shone the flashlight in her eyes and put my fingers near her mouth.

She was breathing ! Just unconscious. I tapped a finger to the side of her face several times and tried to wake her. She did and coughed for a moment.

"What happened ?" she asked intelligently and as she spoke, the power was restored. There was a flicker of the lights and everything came back on full. Melonie and her friends remained unconscious.

I clicked off my flashlight and looked. The other girls were sprawled next to her, apparently asking her all kinds of questions. There were also a few bruises on Lilly's face I could see now that I had proper light showing me that she didn't answer all of them as well as they would've liked.

"Are you okay ?" I whispered breathlessly.

"Yeah !" she said, and then got up shakily to look around. She went to the stall where I was and saw the broken commode. "Did you do this ?" she asked.

I shook my head. "No, I don't think so."

"What's the last thing you remember ?" she inquired.

"Well, she was LYING to me." I said and scrunched up my face in misery at what I was told earlier.

Lilly was patient with me, "What happened THEN, Dev ?"

I looked up at the light for a moment, "There was a bright flash of light and a sound of thunder." I looked at her, "Did lightning hit the school ?"

"Dev, be reasonable." she said and put a hand on my shoulder. "There wasn't any indication of rain when we left and neither was there any on the news." she looked to the door. "Something else happened." and then she faced me again pointing a finger in accusation, "Is it possible it's the SIM you said that's inside of you now ?"

I nodded, half-agreeing with her. I stepped back from her for a moment and addressed the empty air around me, "SIM ?"

* * *

I listened intently for a moment. As I expected, there was no reply.

"No, I think it's something else." then I remembered the question I asked her earlier, "So offhand would you say I'm a girl then ?"

Lilly put her hand on my shoulder and had difficulty suppressing a grin and had obvious amusement in her voice. "Dev, because I don't want to break this magic moment, as I told you earlier, I'll help you with figuring that out later - but not here."

"That's a no, isn't it ?" I pushed.

She sighed, "C'mon, Dev, we need to get back to the gym and see if everyone else is alright."

I nodded and pushed the question to the back of my mind. Still ...

We walked out of the bathroom and heard a voice on the PA speakers they used to make announcements from the principal's office, "Attention guests of the chess tournament. We have recently experienced a power outage. Please everyone return immediately to the gym for your safety. That is all."

"That's us, Dev. C'mon." and she put her hand around my shoulder and we walked together. We turned the hall.

"Say, Dev. Ahhm, why did you go running off like that ? And who was the girl you were with anyways ?"

"It was Sharon." I said, but then I realized, that wasn't entirely true. It was a girl that looked like her.

Lilly pulled away for a second suspiciously, "I thought you and Tyr were an item, you're not already looking to another girl, are you ?"

I held my hand up in defense, "Nono.. I knew her when I was 7-years old."

Lilly looked over her shoulder to the restroom left far behind. "Funny how a person changes. So she hates you now ?"

"No !" I said exasperated, "It wasn't her, they tried to make it look like it was, but it wasn't."

Lilly was now really confused, "Why would they do that ?"

"Well, you know about ... Ahhm .. bullying, right ?"

Lilly puffed out her chest, "Sure ! I happened to be one at the school I was going to before I transferred here !"

"Lilly !" I said angrily.

"What ?" she replied innocently. "Sometimes it's the best way to defend yourself is to fit in."

"By being a bully ?" I asked incredulously. "I can't believe it."

"It's true." she said, "Oh, but don't worry, I don't ever hurt anyone. I don't even touch 'em. I just take the video."

"The VIDEO ?" I asked, now this story was getting crazy.

"Yah," she said. "It's a little video-camera they give me so they can be posted in Youtube. Some bullies getta real thrill out of posting themselves abusing kids there and enjoy the rude comments by parents in there who can't figure out who they are. I think it's stupid, but I get paid too."

"What do YOU have to say about that, Lilly ?" I asked and gave her a serious look.

"Well, lookit." she said, "All I do is record it on video. That's all !" and she paused in thought, "Though maybe I keep a few of them too." and she giggled.

"You're gonna get yourself in trouble, Lilly."

Lilly countered back, "Well what about you ? Tyr is all kidnapped by Arkos and what're you doing about it ?"

"Touche." I said emphasizing the long "A" at the end.

"Hey, sorry." Lilly said and put her hand around my shoulder again and we started walking towards the gym again. "I've gotta bit of a past, I'm not all proud of it, but there it is."

"Me too." I said.

"So were you ever a bully then ?" Lilly asked, and I could tell she would think higher of me if I said I was, but I told her the truth.

"No, I was always the one being bullied." I looked down to the floor and sighed uncomfortably.

Lilly tugged on my sleeve and hugged me, "Poor little Dev. Well now that I'm here, I'll keep ya out of trouble, deal, 'kay ?"

"Sure." I agreed and there we had it. A friendship.

"So who's Sharon ?" Lilly asked, remembering her initial question.

I kept silent, not finding an easy way to explain it to Lilly. What could I possibly tell her about my past ?


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